Two New Announcements!

 The Mysterious Peony Flower Ray and Flame
and Its Variations
A New Webinar with Alijandra
Tuesday Sept. 20, 2016 5:00-7:30 pm PST

The Peony Ray and Flame is our second Flower ray and flame we are introducing. Another exceptional flower and an even more exceptional energy.

It signifies mystery, as well as solace and support for the Lightworker. He/she has accepted a huge task agreed upon when coming to the planet at this time. Because of this fact, they will often become worn, tired or depleted even discouraged at times, in severe need of rest and healing. This flower energy is here for them.

We will be getting initiated in the different aspects of the Peony energy in this webinar. Also, we will be involved with various techniques using the Peony energies.

A recent channeling for this webinar was given to me by color expert Diantha Harris, author of "Simply Color". I asked her what she thought of Peony as she worked alot with flowers. She went into a channeling for me. I thank her for the most wonderful message from Spirit.

Peony. An ancient bloom with mystical origins. Each petal is unique like each individual on the planet. Each petal is created by our Creator to be special, to be uniquely itself. Each bloom has several petals. Each bloom is part of the bush. Each bush is part of the garden and so it goes from small to large, from large to small.

"And so it is with Creator's people. Each person is unique. Each one whole in itself, each one a part of the whole. Each person is so utterly exquisite just as each petal of the peony is.

"Peony holds within it the energy of the sacred. The energy of the oneness of the Universe, yet the energy too of the uniqueness of each cell. Peony teaches us the mystery of going from the smallest atom to the eternal design of the Universe. It is all the same path, but each step is unique.

"The ancient vibration of wisdom and sacred feminine energy unfolds within the peony blossoms. There is mystery here, in the folds of the blooms. Not everything is revealed, there is mystery, mysticism, and layers and layers of meaning within the flower. She speaks to us of oneness, uniqueness, layers, the unknown, the unknowable, generosity, spirit, serenity, showiness, yearning, completion...She holds within her layers the energy of both duality and oneness. She holds within her the very mystery of the Universe.

"This one is a bloom you can love but never truly know completely. There will always be things hidden within her, secret yearnings, secret knowings, secret designs within her seeds. She opens to receive, but never fully reveals, keeping the mystery to the end of time. This is where you must learn to trust, that all you need to know will be revealed but there is a veil over things you needn't concern yourself with. With Peony, if you force her petals wide, to see within, it will be destroyed in the process. You will still not be able to discover or see the mystery and along the way you will become the destroyer of life. Many colors reside with peony but pinks and magentas seem to be seen even in the whitest of blooms. There may be a pink edge, or a tinge of pink in a petal here and there. You see, love resides in Peony. She has a heart that beats with the rhythm of the Mother's. You can never truly separate pink/magenta from the whitest of peonies.

"We think this channeling is not totally clear. This is correct. We do this so that you might experience a bit of what Peony brings forth: the mystery within its deeply loving petals. For love is never fully known until you merge with The One.

"That is all. We love you."

Details: 2 1/2 hrs. $20 earlybird due by Sept. 16. After, $25. See the Events Training page for the links under the event to register. They are also listed below.

Hope to see you there! If not, you will still be signed up and will receive the recorded mp3 along with the live attendees.

Peony earlybird until Sept 16:

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