Quotes From Alijandra

(Originally Posted on the Facebook page "Healing with the Rainbow Rays")

Wheel of the regular and physically seen color spectrum. Great! but it leaves out all the typically unseen radiant color only seen with inner sight.

Today, I will access new areas within the vibrational spectrum of the Universe, and allow them to flow unimpeded through my essence and to the planet, bringing a state of wellness to both.

copyrighted art by Hannelore Fischer for Alijandra's ebook "Cosmic Chakras"

Like a flawless diamond, our souls are beautiful, resilient, multifaceted and priceless!...feel yours today and everyday!

And there is no impossible! If it can be thought, it is.

Dive into the color vortex, feeling the colors sweep through you and around you! When you come out "the other side", expect to see a different reality.

Reality, as you experience it, will conform itself to what you believe.

Allow wellbeing into your life! Allow it to flow unrestricted through your energy field and through your body. Resistance restricts the flow of wellbeing.

Today, and every day, say "Yes!" to really living, laughing and loving!

"Going with the flow" doesn't mean paddling upstream!

I choose to feel peaceful in this present moment, regardless of my outer life experiences.