Two New Announcements!

Announcing A New Webinar

The Lilac Ray and Flame of Compassion
by Alijandra of Healing with the Rainbow Rays
August 23, 2016 Tuesday 5:00—7:30pm PST

The Lilac Ray and Flame is our first Flower ray and flame we are introducing. An exceptional flower and an even more exceptional energy.
It signifies new beginnings and new love. It also is an energy of compassion, and helps one suffering from loss or hardships.
We will be getting initiated in the different aspects of the Lilac energy in this webinar. Also, we will be involved with various techniques using the Lilac energies.
A recent channeling for this webinar was given to me by color expert Diantha Harris, author of "Simply Color". I asked her what she thought of Lilac as she worked alot with flowers. She hadn't worked with it before, so went into a channeling for me. I thank her for the most wonderful message from Spirit.
"Lilac is closely related to St. Germain and those energies and flames. We (the guides) feel there is a bit more pink brought into lilac, especially when you consider the flower of lilac. Those hues range from white through pink to blues and violets. The colors ultimately are affected by nutrients available to the plants and so it is with actual hues. They depend on the energies brought into them for their colors.

"Thus, lilac brings forth the energies of compassion especially around the concept of loss. Lilac relates to memories, to lost loved ones, to honoring those who have gone before us. In its challenge it would relate to holding on to a memory too long such as those who create a museum type of memory to a loved one, being unable to let go and move on, staying stuck in the relationship that is no longer vibrant and alive.

"As relates to these times, lilac is needed to honor the past but to also move ahead so it is wise to use it with more pink (red:action/energy) added. There is no doubt that you are being asked as a species to move forward with courage and determination (realm of red/pink) even while not knowing what lies ahead. And while you will be asked to let go of the past, it is well to REMEMBER the past for that is your origin, your place from which you came. How can you know how far you have come if you do not remember?

"We hope you find this helpful, Angel of Color, to your examinings of color. We trust you to bring forth the new rays, the new information too that is being released into the cosmos. Your antennae are primed for this. Much new information is ready to be downloaded. .. Honor this as these are the times the information will be coming to you...We love you."

Details: 2 1/2 hrs. $20 earlybird due by Aug. 18. After, $25. See for the links under the event to register. Hope to see you there!

Lilac Violet Flame

Unusual Rainbow Rays for the New Age!
A New eBook from Alijandra

I am so pleased to announce that I have finally completed my e-book on the New Rays and Flames of Creation. The great thing about e-books is that you can freely use color within the pages where when you publish a hard copy, it is usually very expensive to use color. Also, no shipping charges!

After your purchase, allow up to 12 hours if you order during my Pacific time zone's night hours. During the day, allow a couple of hours if I am in session... or class. Often, it is much shorter.

You can use either Paypal or bypass it using a debit or credit card. It is $15.00 US.  Go to the Store page and scroll to the link. Click on it, and it will take you to the page to order.

Tell your potentially interested friends!