A New Modality Offered Now in Recording Format, and Books/Recordings Available!

"Rainbow Rays Reiki and Color-
Levels 1 through 3"
~~A One-of-a-Kind New Modality Featuring
the Merge of Color Energy and Usui Reiki ~~
Taught by Alijandra

On Line Webinars Available Now for Purchase

Rainbow Rays Reiki (The symbol in the painting is "Reiki" in Japanese

Near the final years of the second decade of the new millennium, we see these two towering healing and transformative disciplines finally merge for the first time into a new modality. Direct from Spirit around the beginning of 2018, came the guidance to now begin spreading this work. Previously taught on-line starting the first part of this year in three sets of 3 webinars each. Also, taught in-person classes in California. The mp3 of the on-line classes are now available for purchase.
  • New symbols. Not the original Reiki symbols. Light language.
  • New dimensions
  • New color rays/flames
  • New chakras
  • Personal transformation, ascension oriented
Alijandra is the founder of Healing with the Rainbow Rays, a pioneering form of color energy healing. She is also a Reiki Master and teacher, trained RN, visionary, mystic, medium, writer, teacher and mentor, artist. She is the founder and author of the book "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", her pioneering work into this style of color energy healing, published in 1995. Intuitive and empathic her whole life, she graduated from college with a registered nurse degree and one in English. She has focused her attention the last 34 years to the development and practice of color energy therapy, where she is widely seen as a pioneer in the field. Additionally, she trained in several other healing/ bodywork modalities, which she still uses, although her focus is now more on the spiritual, visionary side and how to effectively apply it to the holistic healing process. Twenty seven years ago, she became a Reiki Master in the original Usui method. About 21 years ago, she began to develop the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing", which continues to yield on-going, cutting-edge new material. In the last seven years, she developed the Rainbow Liquid Light work for ascension, which continues her work begun over 20 years ago on reversing the aging process and immortality. She is now teaching that material. Several e-books and many mp3s on her classes are available. After 31 years in the SF bay area, she is now based in Sacramento, California the last 7 plus years.

Requirements suggested: Reiki 1 attunement so you at least have a little Reiki background. But it is your decision. The attunements will be offered by Alijandra for a small additional fee ($20 per attunement) added to the class fee. (See below) The classes are $99 for each level (3 webinars per level).

If you are completely new to this modality of color energy healing, purchase of the first book by Alijandra ("Healing with the Rainbow Rays") is highly recommended to introduce you to this color modality. It is offered in ebook form for $15 only from her, or on-line with Amazon vendors in paperback at misc prices. To purchase here, go to the Store tab.

Fee: $99 for webinar package of 3 per Level. Three Levels total.

Reiki Attunement 1 is $20 by Alijandra done after the purchase of at least 1 level of the Reiki/Color on-line webinar package. (In person attunements available in Sacramento area with purchase of at least one level of the on-line package)

To purchase, see below. Choose fee link--you are getting the earlybird fee. Click on the link to go through to Paypal. You can opt out of Paypal when it comes up on the screen, and choose to go to the debit or credit card option.

If you haven't had Reiki or need a refresher, only Level 1 is needed. But you can request a Level 2 instead, if you already have Level 1. See below for discounted Reiki attunement cost. Same fee would apply to Level 2. Just send email saying which level you are wanting. If both wanted, click the link twice for $20 each attunement. Again, this is only offered with the purchase of at least one level of Reiki/Color webinar package.

Comments from students:

"Wonderful class! I feel this will help expand my healing work as well as accelerate my spiritual growth and healing. Color energy therapy is a very gentle, soft loving energy, but it is also a very powerful strong energy. A neat balance." ~Michelle W., Los Angeles

"You have amazingly original healing methods. Most extremely powerful. I like your personality in relating/teaching. No ego, very matter of fact; kindness. A very nice workshop that I’ll return to with recommendations to others" ~ Lynne Wu; Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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New Variations of the Transmuting Violet Ray/Flame ~ an ebook

The Mystic Merlinite Gemstone Ray/Flame ~ an mp3 (live recording)

The Lilac flower Ray/Flame and Its Variations ~ an mp3 (live recording)

The Peony Flower Ray/Flame and Its Variations ~ an mp3 (live recording)

The Lavender Flower Ray/Flame and Variations ~ an mp3 (live recording)

The Rose Flower Ray/Flame and Its Variations ~ an mp3 (live recording)

The Gemstone Rays and Flames--Part 1 ~ an mp3 (live recording)

Quan Yin and the Alchemical Mauve Ray/Flame of Compassion ~ an mp3 (live recording)

Atomic Acceleration--Part 1 ~ $20.00  ~ an mp3 (live recording)

Atomic Acceleration--Part 2 ~ $20.00  ~ an mp3 (live recording)

Rainbow Liquid Light XP: The Cosmic Heart and the God Brain Wave ~ 199.00 - special price saving $50   ~ four mp3s (live recording)
A four part webinar package on the new, cutting edge God Brain Wave, bringing it into the body and in resonance to the heart chakra, and taken into a deeper cosmic connection. (each 4 webinars are just under 2 hrs each)

Unusual Rainbow Rays for the New Age e-book ~ an e-book

and much more! See Audio/Podcasts page.