Two New Announcements!

An Amazing Journey with the Goddess Quan Yin and Her Alchemical Mauve Ray/Flame Webinar with Alijandra

Join us for a special event to connect deeply, and even a chance to merge, with the cosmic energies of Quan Yin. There is the more personal being of Quan Yin, goddess of compassion, where you may have had visitations or meditative connections in the past. And that will most likely happen... again in this sacred webinar. She walked this planet in the ancient past.

But there is also the Universal Cosmic Energy of the full being, still referred to as Quan Yin, but so huge it is unfathomable for most of our minds on this earth to comprehend in its entirety. She has many multiple aspects, some embody a very tiny slice of this energy on earth and other dimensions.

The galaxy Andromeda, way bigger than our Milky Way galaxy, is a good place to start with connecting, and potentially merging, with the incredible Being.

In the 1990s, I had an intense, but wonderful experience in one of my advanced color classes where she unexpectedly merged with me to the point my auric field temporarily had no layers(Layers in our auric field are usual for us incarnated here); just her energy. It was incredible and memorable. I would like to facilitate the potential for all of you to have that experience as well.
The mauve ray and flame will be introduced to newer people, and for those familiar with it, used to help us connect. There will also be some new variations on the mauve ray and the mauve flame, that are just being developed and never given out until this webinar.

 An mp3 will be recorded and sent out following the event.
Earlybird until July 6 is $15. After that until the event, $20.Even if you can't come live, sign up anyway to receive the prepared mp3 after the event. It then will be for sale in the Store.

July 12, 2016
NOTE: link here early bird ~ $15 by July 6
NOTE: link here ~ $20 after July 6
5:00-7:00pm PST

Unusual Rainbow Rays for the New Age!
A New eBook from Alijandra

I am so pleased to announce that I have finally completed my e-book on the New Rays and Flames of Creation. The great thing about e-books is that you can freely use color within the pages where when you publish a hard copy, it is usually very expensive to use color. Also, no shipping charges!

After your purchase, allow up to 12 hours if you order during my Pacific time zone's night hours. During the day, allow a couple of hours if I am in session... or class. Often, it is much shorter.

You can use either Paypal or bypass it using a debit or credit card. It is $15.00 US.  Go to the Store page and scroll to the link. Click on it, and it will take you to the page to order.

Tell your potentially interested friends!