New Rainbow Mystic Arts with Alijandra

Tuesdays April 9, 23, 2019  4:30—7:00pm PST


  • Developing the higher senses (the clairs) to catch up to the minimum upper 4th and 5th dimensional and further up to the multidimensional levels
  • Bringing the subtle chakras into use from not opened or mostly dormant to open and empowered
  • New ways of doing the Basics
  • Finding the mystical in your so-called “unneeded” glands: the tonsils, adenoids and appendix. Note: they can be accessed even if they are physically removed.
  • Using new rays and flames in the Mystical Rainbow Arts
  • Venusian-based Etheric Healing to repair the body (physical and subtle)

Earlybird $49 due before or by April 5. $59 after.. Will be recorded as always, and put on an mp3 for each sign up. Online through Skype. After signup, make sure that we have your Skype contact name.

Here is the link to signup for the earlybird by April 5:

Here is the link to signup for the regular fee after April 5: