The Mystic Arts
Webinar taught by Alijandra
(Author, originator, and founder of “Healing with the Rainbow Rays”)

Friday, Saturday and Wednesday, August 8, 9, 13, 2014

Friday (8-8) Wednesday (8-13) 7:00—9:00pm PST
Saturday (8-9) 10:00am--noon PST

The Mystic arts can also be called the “Siddha arts”, after the advanced yogis and masters—past and present--who have begun to show skills in certain unusual abilities: teleportation, bilocation, levitation, invisibility, and more. They used to generally accompany the stages of ascension initiation. However, now that we are speeding through them so quickly, those abilities haven't had a chance to naturally develop. So, these techniques, when practiced regularly with humbleness and devotion, will enhance your evolution towards Oneness or God realization.
Class Subjects include:
  • Bilocation
  • Invisibility
  • Levitation
  • Teleportation
  • Atomic Acceleration
  • Attunements of a Multidimensional nature
All cutting edge material, with a very deep level of access to the multi-aspects of ourselves: etheric, cellular/genetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Praise for Alijandra's work:
"In the 15th century, intrepid explorers ventured beyond the boundaries of the known world, daring to cross untraveled oceans in their pursuit of knowledge. Today's explorers, like Alijandra, dare to enter untraveled spaces in consciousness, bringing back scouting reports from the frontier of multi-dimensional realities. Be transported to new worlds."~~~- Robert Rabbin, spiritual teacher, keynote speaker, and author of Igniting the Soul at Work, The Sacred Hub, and Echoes of Silence

The fee is $75 earlybird is due by July 31, 2014. After the 31st, the fee is $100. Non-refundable unless class is cancelled. To pay online: go to and find all the link there.

An mp3 is recorded for each webinar. They can be used for practice of the techniques.

Webinar information will be sent to participants closer to the event.

Paypal, debit and credit cards, and now checks made out to A. Claire are accepted and processed through Paypal, or credit cards can go in without PP. Contact Alijandra for mailing address for any checks. Call (408) 986-8550 or email.

Alijandra is an internationally known author, teacher, healer and channel for Source and ascended master St. Germain based in Sacramento, California. Intuitive and empathic her whole life, she originally trained as a registered nurse. She has focused her attention the last 29 years to the development and practice of color energy therapy. She additionally trained in several other healing/bodywork modalities, which she frequently uses. In recent years, her focus has been more on the spiritual, visionary side and how to effectively apply it to the holistic healing process. She is the founder and author of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", a pioneering work into a little known field. Several years ago, she developed the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing" from the ebook "Cosmic Chakras: Advanced Transfigurational Matrix™ Healing Techniques to Reclaim Your Divine Oneness", which continues to yield on-going, cutting-edge new material. Her third e-book is “Rainbow Dolphin Pod Healing”. She maintains three fan sites on Facebook that are very popular: "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", "Accelerated Manifesting, and "Rainbow Dolphin Pod Healing". She has two internet radio programs of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays" with "Universal Spiritual Connection Radio Productions" family on Mondays from 6-7:30pm PST and on Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30pm PST. She is also on Twitter as Alijandra7777. is the website.