Quotes From Alijandra

(Originally Posted on the Facebook page "Healing with the Rainbow Rays")

"Good way to start your week: Feel the Radiant Rainbow flame underneath your feet and flaming up through your body and through your auric field, clearing away any debris or no longer needed energies from your body cells and your auric field. Its sweeping motion cleans, clears, balances. All that you no longer need or want because it does not define who you are or who you are becoming, is effortlessly consumed by the Radiant Rainbow flame from Source. Upon finishing, we thank the Source and the Source co-creator essences for Their help today. Feel the New You!"

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"To be fully human is to accept one's idiosyncrasies and shadow emotions, but being committed to healing and balancing them with the rest of Self. It means to be fully present in the NOW. It is being grounded, balanced, compassionate and passionate. It also means to bring in Spirit to everything we do; to see ourselves as connected to every other living being on this planet."

"I hope you realize that you, as the healer, do not really 'heal' the client. You present a mirror to him or her to show imbalance. You help the recipient move back into a state of balance and wholeness by reflecting wholeness back to the client."

"'When the cells of our bodies store old debris---things that no longer define who we are currently and who we are becoming---they take up valuable room. It leaves less space for the higher resonance energies"

"The attitude of Gratitude, when deeply felt and expressed on a regular basis, can become part of one's DNA"

"Point to ponder: If we do not have a loving connection to our environment it stands to reason that sooner or later it will no longer support us"

"What we are, do and think impacts everyone. We must even take responsibility for all of the emotions we feel."

"Point to Ponder: Until one is honest with oneself and consciously aware of yourself, you will be unable to honestly relate to others. Rather, you are likely to project onto them your insecurities and prejudices".