Please know how much I appreciate your courage and determination to complete this life’s mission with consistency and love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Blessings and hugs, ~ The late Virginia Essene; popular New Age author and publisher; Sunnyvale, CA

I know of no one better suited to teach us how to work conscientiously and carefully with this blessed flame [the Transmuting Violet Flame] than Alijandra. She is without a doubt a master of color and knows each flame intimately. I love, admire, and respect her work and recognize her as a true Guardian of the Color Rays. She has brought through so much wisdom around not only the rainbow colors but the fruits, gems, metals and other rays of color that most people are not familiar with.

You can be assured that the work you will read here [Unusual Rays of the New Age] is full of wisdom, guidance, and love. For that is who the author is. A true pioneer in the field of color, a leader and guide, a teacher for the ages. ~ Diantha Harris, color expert, author, teacher, healer; FL

I love your work and people like it when they experience it...blessings and love, ~ Lauren Galey, Accoustic Health owner and host; Colorado

Alijandra’s work and influence on the healing community has been dramatic, because she has changed the way that we provide healing and energy sessions – in fact, she has changed the way many of us look at energy as a whole. I can't recommend Alijandra's books, courses and sessions enough. She provides you with comprehensive information, wonderful channelings and information that everyone can utilize. Her readings and spiritual assessments are deeply insight- ful and accurate. I am very proud to be able to call her my mentor and most of all, my friend. ~ Teri Van Horn, crystal expert, healer, teacher and author, Texas

Ever since my classes on ascension with you and on the Mahatma, you brought me to a whole different level. You are also bringing it into Creation, affecting all ~ RW; New Mexico

I have read everything on your entire website and loved it...took approx. 2 and a half hours. You are fabulous...God has blessed you with a wonderful gift...God bless you and the people you enlighten and heal. ~ Jane M.; Fort Lauderdale, FL

You are love and light in this world. ~ goodvibeclub (from Instagram)

I have watched the trajectory of your work through the years, and I want to send you my heartfelt appreciation for all of the light you bring into the world. I send you my best wishes for continued success and joy in all that you do. With great respect and love, ~ Robert Rabbin,  Authenticity Accelerator; Los Angeles, CA 

That's quite a site you have! Well done. All love. Wm ~ William Bloom; Glastonbury, England

SUCH AN AMAZING HEALER, TEACHER, WOMAN ..Mary Flaner Halverson; Mt. Shasta, CA

It was great meeting you on the online healing retreat with Lauren last night. I learned so much that is seems by body's inner self already knew. In the supernova portal I saw kids about 4/5 years old...interesting. I am grateful that my path crossed yours.~ A.W., email

We both praise the loving work you're doing as a gifted 'Lightworker' and 'Rainbow Elder' Revs. Patricia and John Johnston, Folsom, CA

I was trained by Alijandra in Color Energy Healing. If you haven't looked at her website, do it now! She is an amazing teacher and has a passion for sharing her knowledge with us :) ~ Rachel Provost, Nova Scotia, Canada

I’m very excited about finding you. How timely of Spirit to give me your book 3 weeks before your class!. This is awesome. ~ Rev. Joy Kachel; Unity Church of Peace Spiritual Director, Walla Walla, WA  

Alijandra is an amazing teacher/healer whom I worked with many years ago. I have been richly blessed with many great healers over the years and still value their teachings and impact on my journey...namaste ~ Mary Flaner Halverson; Mt Shasta, CA

Thanks for your "rainbow rays" hands. You have been a very special healer to me for many years now, and I am grateful. ~ Laura,  Milpitas, CA

Wonderful class! I feel this will help expand my healing work as well as accelerate my spiritual growth and healing. Color energy therapy is a very gentle, soft loving energy, but it is also a very powerful strong energy. A neat balance. ~ Michelle W.,  Los Angeles

I want to thank you many times for a terrific life-changing color class. I have great admiration for your gifts and for the special goodness of your intent....I love your color material, and I think it is a splendid and essential contribution to the energy adventure. ~ Wendy F., Mountain View, CA

Alijandra’s unique experiential workshops have provided me with practical tools which have allowed me to make beneficial changes in my life. Her creative approach to clearing and healing are outlined in her book, Healing with the Rainbow Rays. She provides many innovative exercises which demonstrate how our bodies are portals to other dimensions and how to access these dimensions to heal body, mind and spirit. For example, her "multidimensional chakra linking" connects one to different universes. This is a powerful technique which immediately allows one to feel more powerful and energetic. For hands-on healers it dramatically increases their energy potential and allows them to access deeper levels of healing with their clients. Color healing provides so many helpful tools which are useful in a variety of situations. I often use the aura protection and cellular footprint techniques which are calming strategies that provide clear boundaries and a feeling of safety and comfort in overwhelming social situations or when dealing with difficult or angry people. Allie’s down to earth style and innovative approach to healing creates a safe and exciting atmosphere in which to develop one’s healing potential. This has allowed her students to improve and heal relationships, break unhealthy patterns, focus on intentional choices, and lead a more balanced life. ~ Sherry B.; San Jose, CA

[During a class] I felt like I was being plugged into a light socket---it was an amazing experience. If I had not personally experienced this, I would not have believed it. What a trip!!! Thanks. ~ D.H.; Seattle, WA

Thank you, Allie! Another enlightening webinar with new rays! No one else does this. Feelin' the healin'! ~ Rohana; Chicago, Ill

In 77 years of age at last I have learned to meditate and found it a wonderful experience---thank you, Alijandra, and come to New Zealand again. And heaps of blessings. ~ Helen Collier; Auckland, New Zealand

I'm very grateful to you for sharing your work with us! I have been using the 7 rainbow colors in my meditations and chakra balancing with great success. Spirit nudged me the other morning in my waking sleep with the message "broaden your spectrum". When I ran across your article today I was thrilled - your exercise with the 13 rays is what they've been leading me to. Thanks again for sharing and helping so many others on their path through your generosity. God bless you, ~ Rise Harrington; La Mesa, CA

I just bought your "Rainbow Rays" book, and I am savoring each and every page.  I am reading it slowly so I don't go through it too soon. I have been involved in metaphysical work, especially healing, since the mid-70's, and I have read and own a wealth of books, but yours has something I can't name, but that I love.  From the first, I could tap into the essence of the book, and I got a feel for the kinds of classes you offer, and I knew it would be a book I would not want to put down.  I just wish I could take one of your classes. ~ Loretta C.; Indiana

The pot of gold at the end if the rainbow - and I'm swimming in it!  The healing techniques brought forth by Alijandra, both in her book, and in her classes are like nourishing water to one who thirsts for answers to the rarely conveyed how of moving forward through blocks and into healing.  With the plethora of information about how to be ("in the moment"), what to focus on, and how things work, so many times I've been told what but not how.  If you think you're ready, hang on to your hat and take a ride on the rainbow - things will happen. ~ Gina Vance Modesto, CA

I feel like a million dollars! I had the same feeling when I lived in Sweden [my home country]. It’s like I can move mountains. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I feel. [following class] I got this beautiful, loving, strong and powerful energy that I was living with before in Sweden. I feel like I’m coming home again! ~ Margaretha Bergstrom, RN; Mtn.View, CA

Holy smokes Alijandra! What an awesome amount of information you possess. Absolutely incredible. Do you change into a light body at night or something? Sheesh! So much Universal awareness. What ever do you do with all this?  I keep it ["Healing with the Rainbow Rays"] out so when I get a couple of spare moments, I can pop it open and read a little bit of it. I have to say it continually amazes me the depth and the quality of your writing. It does not matter where I happen to open the book to, there is always material presented with that deep dimensional knowing that is such a gift of yours. I have to re-emphasize that every section, so far, has just been filled with such wonderful information. I personally don’t feel you give yourself enough credit for the wealth and magnificence of information you present...you have put your heart and soul into sharing this work with anyone who could benefit by it. I truly want to thank you for it. ~ Tom James; San Jose, CA

Thank you for all of your wonderful work, spreading light through this world. Much love, Robert. ~ Robert Rabbin; robert@radicalsages.com

Thank you for so many miraculous awarenesses and lessons! ~ Rohana Wolf; Chicago, IL

[the class] It was a wonderful opening to my heart, soul and energy. Very moving experience. Thank you. ~ Heidi Arriza, San Francisco, CA

I am in deep gratitude for meeting Alijandra and taking her classes in healing with the rainbow rays. It opened me up and brought clarity in my life. I notice a big shift in my energy and life. Thank you. ~ Diana Bluer; San Jose, CA 

Enjoyed the class [A Transfigurational Matrix class in Massachusetts] immensely. Techniques were easy to learn and so powerful. The change happens easily and quickly.~ Donna T.; West Springfield, MA

My total sense of well-being has improved dramatically since coming to Alijandra. The clearing effects of her color energy therapy remove the blockages that hinder my growth, freeing me to take great strides in my own personal development and self empowerment. ~ B. Andrego; San Jose, CA

Alijandra is a very wise teacher. I found that working with certain rays were very powerful in healing and I am amazed in learning and am excited to assist with healing. Thank you, Allie. You are very knowledgeable and it's like you are a master from out of this world. Lots of love. ~ A.G.; San Jose, CA

Got my book today!!! Am thrilled and can hardly put it down!!! YOUR BOOK IS MARVELOUS!!! Seems like everything I learn from it leads me to more questions, though. Well, I guess I wouldn't be "learning" anything if it didn't propel me forward to other things, huh?  You are a very NEAT lady and a VERY OLD SOUL!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN SUCH A WONDERFUL BLESSING IN MY LIFE. ~ Lynne D.; Burleson, TX   

All the tapes, dolphin CD, and the book have helped me cope with all the problems in my life. The class [last April] was very wonderful. ~ J. Hernandez; Toronto, ONT, Canada

Really informative -- excellent. A nice balance [of practical hands-on work] to go with the theory. I liked it all. The group as a whole was enjoyable and time went fast. ~ Val Brown; Gladstone, Australia

Alijandra is absolutely amazing and that word doesn't even come close to actually expressing the magnitude of what this young lady has to offer humanity, and this means worldwide. She has a keen understanding of the responsibility and the accountability she has as that divine vessel to bring forth this information. Otherwise, it never would have been given to her in the first place. She has that great understanding. I love her thirst and her excitement that she shares with everyone she comes across. It's very refreshing. May Leilani Graham, CEO and host; Universal Spiritual Connection Radio Productions; Mesa, AZ

Still love your website. It's so magical. It always makes me smile with joy. ~ Sharon Russell; Rainbow Sound healer, composer and musician; Toronto, ONT, Canada 

I really enjoyed the course, and feel I learned heaps. ~ Jan W.; Gladstone, Australia

Just read the announcement of your new workshop. Light, love, enlighten-ment 
poured through the words, around them, through them. Knowledge from so many times and places, from Source....so much love and clarity....I am speechless.  Thank you for the Light of your mind and all-encompassing love and blessing flowing through your heart! ~ Cynthia Rose; Spiritus Sanctus Angel Messages 

Wow!  An excellent day! [Matrix] Some pretty talented healers!  Alijandra does it again by opening up the healing abilities in all of us.  Thank you Alijandra for making the trip to our area to teach us Healing with Color!! ~ Dr. Susan Duve, DC;  McAllen, TX  

It was an amazing experience and I am grateful everyday to have had the opportunity to participate. [The Connecticut Transfigurational Matrix class) ~ Laura Turlington New Haven, CT

Thanks for being there for me and teaching the class.  I have been following through on grounding myself, and protecting myself several times a day.  I balance my chakras every morning, and cleanse myself in the morning and several times a day.  I have really noticed that I am protected, and I feel safer to be open to intuitive influences more and more on account of this protection.  I think your class offers a great deal of benefit to non-healers who want to learn more about protecting themselves.  I have been intuitive all of my life, but have never had guidance in how to use my abilities.  Your class has provided me with a sound foundation, and given me insights in what I can do, and how to shield myself.  You are a wonderful guide. Many blessings! ~ Karen J.; McAllen, TX  

I love to see your name as I have indeed had much joy from your book. I'm sorry that the timing has not as yet been right for us to meet when you visited Australia. With love as I honour the heart and soul of who you are from my heart and soul. ~ Gaele Arnott; Brisbane, Australia

I carry "Healing with the Rainbow Rays" with me at all times. 24-7. I don't go anywhere without it. ~ Rosie Salinas; student of the classes and healer in practice in McAllen, Texas

Have been playing with the sine wave energy. [taught in class] People are saying that they feel lighter afterwards. One lady muscle tested positive for mercury before the session and negative afterwards. Interesting, will play with that some more. Have been using the stuff I learnt from you on a regular basis. My clients and myself love it... I think the greatest things to happen for me since your workshop and healing session have been a calmness and acceptance of myself and a recognition of the ego and its control in my life. Has been an exciting and rewarding time for me. With love and appreciation (and looking forward to you returning!) ~ K.L.; Gladstone, OLD, Australia

You have amazingly original healing methods. Most extremely powerful. I like your personality in relating/teaching. No ego, very matter of fact; kindness. A very nice workshop that I’ll return to with recommendations to others. ~ Lynne Wu; Gold Coast, QLD Australia

The website is brilliant. I was shown and told about you in meditation/dream state and then searched for you online. I have been doing the rainbow healing on myself since and love it. I extend much gratitude to you for receiving and spreading this gift. ~ Deirdre O. via email

I found the course very useful and helpful. Between the material and the other students, it opened up my mind and it taught me new techniques. The fact that you went with the flow of the class instead of pushing your schedule was great. It gave us a chance to learn in our own way, at our own pace. It also gave us a chance to learn more about each other as well, example, Sharon's Sound Healing. Thanks for a great course. ~ Diane Pascos; Toronto, ONT, Canada

Have thoroughly enjoyed the work. Look forward to Master class. ~ Fiona White; Adv 1 & 2 Color class Gladstone, Australia

Was great to be challenged into really tapping into another's energy and having the freedom to go with intuition. ~ Pixie Cranny; Adv. 1 & 2 Color class;  Gladstone, Australia

Very enlightening. Just what I needed to kick start me into my work. ~ Sharon; Color Basic class Gladstone, Australia

I thought the class (Matrix in Gold Coast) was one fabulous technique after another. The best part was the practicals. Don't stay away too long, Allie! ~ BvO ; Gladstone, Australia

Had a fantastic time and hope you come back to do an Advanced course. ~ Julie Eskett; Gladstone, Australia

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! [Color Intermediate class] ~ Rebecca Agnett; Gladstone, Australia

The intense energy generated by obviously happy people...I have done a few courses but this is certainly the most beneficial in many ways. [what I enjoyed most about the Intermediate course] ~ F.W. ; Gladstone, Australia

Amazing, beautiful, enlightening. Brought me further along my journey. Considering I was in hospital 3 days before, it was therapeutic and took me to a higher level. [Matrix at Gladstone] ~ Jocelyn P.; Brisbane, Australia

Absolutely fantastic! Incredible. I loved everything and it was explained beautifully. I loved every moment of it and can't wait for the next class. ~ Rebecca Aggett; Gladstone, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I like your website.  I saw your interview in Continuum Magazine and ordered your healing book.  I am very excited about what you teach, and am hoping to take some of the classes you offer in the near future. Love, light, power, and blessings. Much love.~ -Birgit; Owasso, OK

Excellent [class]. Stretched my understanding. Appreciated your groundedness ---no spacey channeling---real stuff!! Thanks. ~ Pixie Cranny; Gladstone, Australia

The class was lighthearted, informative, and easy to do. The course really shifted blockages and you came away healed, healthy and whole---a real eye opener. ~ Lyne Anderson;  Gladstone, Australia

I enjoyed the feeling of peacefulness. I had a full and vibrant weekend. I can't wait until next time. Thank you. ~ Julie Eskett; Gladstone, Australia

Presenter very helpful; everything clear to understand. Loved the group. I can't wait to come back. ~ Carole; Gladstone, Australia

I feel that I got a lot more than I thought I would; all very good. This course has left me with alot to think about. I loved the whole weekend. I found some parts scary, but great. Others very comfortable. I have grown in lots of ways. Thanks. ~ T.P.; nurse; Gladstone, Australia

If there is anything I accomplish before I die it would be to work with you in person for many years. ~ R.I.; Tucson, Arizona