Linking to a Solar Eclipse

The full solar eclipse is an awesome celestial event which inspires mingled feelings of amazement, fear, spiritual fervor, and many other feelings in the skywatcher. Even animals are thrown by an event such as this, which seems to cause confusion in their body cycles; is it day or night?
Rather than sparking fear or terror in our hearts, I would like to focus on the positive energetic effects of this dazzling solar/lunar lineup.
The goal of connecting your chakra points to a solar eclipse is to become fully merged with your male and female selves, with neither being the dominant or submissive. Total male/female alignment.

In this year of 2012, we have had some powerful solar eclipses. The one of May 20 was extra intense and allowed for many downloads and openings for the planet. This one was also unique as skygazers have not seen an annular - shaped like a ring - eclipse in the US since 1994, and the next one is not to occur until 2023. According to NASA, that is because "the phenomenon requires a particular set of orbital dynamics. An annular eclipse occurs when the moon's orbit is at its furthest point from the Earth and closer to the much larger sun. That juxtaposition allows the moon to block more than 90 percent of the sun's rays when the two orbs slide into alignment." 
Obviously to do this technique in its fullness you will have to wait for any kind of solar eclipse to occur. This year of 2012 you are in luck as the next one will be on Nov. 13. Unfortunately, for folks in the US, it will not be visible as its path is down under, mainly northern Australia. A partial eclipse will be visible from a much larger region covering the South Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand), southern South America, and part of Antarctica. But no matter where you are, you can connect in.

So when you know one is coming to your region, or you travel to somewhere else in the world to experience it or can't see it at all, you will have this technique ready to utilize.
  • Just prior to the expected event, balance all of your chakras using whichever number of rotations you wish. Just keep it the same for each chakra. The suggested amount is 3, 7 or 13 rotations.
  • Run silver energy from Mother Earth up your feet chakras along the outside channels or meridians of your legs, continuing up the sides of your body, passing through the armpits and along the inner length of your arms and out your palm chakras. This particular channel opens up the kundalini flow in your body, with an emphasis on male/female alignment. Continue the stream of silver energy, feeling the female energy being anchored within you.
  • Next bring forth the gold ray from Creation through the same kundalini channels as the silver. Allow it to run for a time until you feel balanced in the male energy.
  • Starting at the base. use the red color of the chakra and braid in gold and silver. Send one braid of these colors to the sun, and another braid of the same combination to the moon.
  • Proceed to the spleen chakra. Use orange, silver and gold to braid to the sun and one braid of these colors to the moon. Go through each chakra this way.
  • Ask for your higher self to seat within you.
  • Next, ask for all aspects of you at all dimensional levels and all parallel realities to merge as much as it is comfortable.
  • Then request your oversoul to overlight or merge with you.
  • Call your galactic self to overlight or align with you.
  • As the solar eclipse moves into alignment, feel the braids to the two celestial bodies combine into one space.
  • Bring the eclipse into your body by overlaying the phenomenon over your essence. Feel also the Great Central Sun as shining through the solar eclipse, exponentially increasing the intensity of the experience.
  • When the eclipse is complete, dissolve all braids and release the higher level alignments and merges. Ground and clear.
  • Know that you will undoubtedly clear much debris following this experience. Be prepared for much processing, particularly in the arena of male and female issues. 
   c. 1999/rev July 2012 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. Duplication requires permission. All rights reserved.