The Twelve Major Chakras

First ChakraRedAt base of spine Physical chakraBones, muscles, lower extremities
Second chakraOrangeRegion of pelvic cavity. Between navel and base of spine Physical chakraReproductive organs, spleen balance
Third ChakraYellowAbdomenal region (navel) Physical chakraDigestion, adrenal balance, ulcers
Fourth chakra (A)GreenHeart region Emotional chakraHeart. lungs, immune system, thymus balance
Fourth chakra (B)RoseHeart region ( above the green chakra) Emotional chakraHeart. lungs, immune system, thymus balance
Fifth chakraTranslucent BlueThroat Emotional chakraThroat, upper bronchials, neurological, thyroid balance
Sixth chakraIndigo.Third eye, forehead between the eyebrows . Mental/Spiritual chakraPituitary gland, facial area (eyes, nose,ears)
Seventh chakraVioletCrown of head Spiritual chakraPineal gland, brain area
Eighth chakraSilverBelow the feet approximately 6" Etheric chakraFeminine energy, grounds to earth
Ninth chakraGoldAbove the head approximately 6" Etheric chakraMasculine energy, connects to Source
Tenth chakraWhitePalm chakra of dominant hand Etheric chakraProtection, contains all color
Eleventh chakraClearPalm chakra of non-dominant hand Etheric chakraClarity and truth, contains all color
Twelfth chakraBlackOutside layer of auric field and approximately 12" below feet Etheric chakraProvides experiences for testing, energy movement, and grounding; contains all color

Finding Your Peace Within

Some thoughts come this mid February 2003 day:

The headlines scream daily about the US buildup towards war with Iraq, alternating with the warnings of another terrorist attack coming soon. The anti-war marches here and around the world get their day as they are held, but with much less fanfare in the news. People from other countries ask me what is wrong with our president. Some New Age writers have been as blistering in their attacks towards this so-called inevitable war, as the “other side” is in defending the need to take down Saddam. 

Is it just me or does the stocking up on duct tape and plastic wrap, water and food remind you of the panic before the anti-climatic Y2K just three short years ago?

And is it just me, or does the recent, sudden escalation of “probable” terrorist attack coverage in the media correspond with the desperate need our current administration has to make us understand the war with Iraq is the only solution? In other words, beef up the reports of imminent potential incidents to get people “terror-fied” which will get them to agree to almost anything to stop them from happening.

One of the things we need to be made aware of is that when we polarize within ourselves into “good” and “bad” we stay locked into duality consciousness. How we handle our shadow energy is a good example of this.

Our highest thoughts and emotions are, of course, termed "good".  And our “bad” feelings and thoughts are what in the old days we called “evil”, now commonly called the shadow. There are two ways in which we have tried to deal with our shadow self--neither of which pulls us out of our basic imbalance. We can subjugate the shadow by strictly holding it hostage in a tight place--until it inevitably escapes, as it always does sooner or later. Or we can let it run amok, running the show. As a reminder of how one reconciles his or her opposites is to acknowledge the shadow, express it in an appropriate setting, bring as much healing to it as possible, then bring it into balance with the lighter side, but with second billing. Then continue to move your consciousness into Oneness and your I Am Presence.

Why this talk of the shadow and polarizing ourselves into good and bad judgments? Because what we have going on inside us is what we have happening outside ourselves, and vice versa. Can’t we all see yet how we so create this world reality?

On a happier note, I am heartened by the amazing global response to impending war. Never have I seen such an outpouring of support for peaceful solutions to the problems. How much more have we truly evolved in recent years than we could have ever imagined! However, I have taken care to be mindful of how it is expressed. I fully support peaceful demonstrations, group prayer and meditation circles. But only if they don’t polarize into “us” and “them”. Let me explain further.

I was recently in McAllen, Texas during the James Twyman-headed Great Experiment. For the few who have been on another planet recently and missed the emails, this was a massive effort globally organized to send as James stated healing light to dissolve the hatred and suspicion that could lead to war. Some will think it naive and simplistic, but we believe that our loving actions are what will heal the world, and that our prayers of peace are the most powerful force in the Universe. This is the Spiritual Art of Peacemaking.” Our group purposely made sure we didn’t polarize into classic “anti-war” sentiment, knowing that that would solve nothing, just make things more resistant. At the designated time, our Texan class held a visualization of us holding unconditional love and oneness as we allowed the energy to go wherever in the world there were the energies of hatred and suspicion that could lead to war. We literally did a dissolve similar to others we have done in the past that I have written about in past articles. As many of you have heard, the preliminary reports coming out of this effort have been truly amazing. Huge dips in the Middle East violence followed this day.

I have come to feel that the highest course to take on this subject is to avoid the inner resistance to war, or to peace if that is your viewpoint, which polarizes yourself and keeps you playing on the earth “holodeck”. Always remember that this whole thing is an illusion, and play your part correctly at the highest level you are able to embody.

Remember that true peace is within you and comes from your realization of your connection to the All That Is and to each other. There is no separation, and only love and compassion are real.

When one has a “one earth” viewpoint, you wish this love and peace for all inhabitants. When you take down the nationalistic viewpoint and substitute it with a global outlook, you begin to transcend your tunnel vision. It can no longer be “us” or “them”. Never having been particularly nationalistic myself, global viewpoint has always seemed more natural to me. I think international traveling also can open you up to other cultures and viewpoints you might never have considered.

Root for your home football team to win, or for you to win at Monopoly.  But when it comes to peace on earth, route for all of us to win!

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Experiences with Buddha and Quan Yin

Several years ago, shortly after arriving in my “then” new home, I held a Matrix class. It was a beautiful bay area spring day. A small group of students and I sat out back in my “jungle” within a little clearing. I led them through an intensive energy technique of meditation.

At one point, something compelled me to open my eyes. My student, Mark L., sat directly across from me.

However, I didn’t see Mark, I saw the Buddha!

I blinked again, and saw that Mark was still there. But the Buddha had been completely seated in him. I was impressed!

It made sense that Buddha would connect with Mark this way, as he was very Eastern oriented to Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. He regularly practiced and taught kundalini yoga, which he had learned from his master teacher.

I filed that experience away, not really thinking much about it until later.

Just a few months later in the middle of summer, I was teaching another Matrix class. We were doing table work outside. One table was set up on the grass near the right side fence under a huge conifer tree, later known to us as “Michael”, a name he gave us probably due to the protective qualities that he supplied for the rest of the yard--similar to Archangel Michael.

I got on the table--a rather rare event as I preferred to oversee and be available to the class as a whole, rather that be “out of commission” by being on the table. This time, however, it was a very small class with just my most advanced healers present--self-starters who didn’t really need me there once I had given them the technique! In fact, sometimes I would feel like a piece of the furniture! But my feeling is that I teach the teachers, so it is best if they don’t need me to be there every moment.

I felt the need this day to get on the table. I wanted to try out a linking technique to the Andromeda star system. I did the exercise Source had given me, and went into a deep state of meditation. As I placed my consciousness in that realm of space, I began to feel the energies of Quan Yin. She appeared to completely merge into me.

Harriet and Nadine came over to me and began to scan my auric field. Harriet was amazed because she could not determine any layers to my auric field anymore. It was all one field. I particularly paid attention to that observation as I knew her specialized skill in determining auric layers, a skill she honed by years of mastery of Chi Gong training.

Not too long after that, I had a psychic reading with a woman named Bea who came to one of my Basic Color healing classes in San Francisco. She had never met me before the class or had been to my house. She told me that the Buddha was wishing a statue of himself in my backyard. He also wanted water near him. She drew a pretty good likeness of the yard and pointed to where he wanted the statue to go. It was approximately 3-4 feet behind the spot where I had seen him appear in Mark. I realized then fully that Mark had been anchoring the energies of Buddha into the new location! The statue would be a reminder and become a sacred spot where one could visit. Concurrently, I realized that somehow I had anchored the Quan Yin energies also into the yard.

So I went out and started looking for Buddha statues. I headed for East West Bookshop in Mountain View where there were many to choose from. I found a beautiful one in a green glaze ceramic. Next, I decided it should go into a pool or fountain of water. But where to find the appropriate one? This proved harder to find. After a few stores, I found myself not too far from the office passing near a Pottery Mart. In all the years I had lived in the area (about 19 at that point) I had never been to this store. I went in and scoured the place, but couldn’t find anything appropriate. An inner voice said to go out into the very back of the yard area. And there it was. A pinkish lotus shaped shell, the largest leftover piece from a 3-tiered fountain. And the price was very reasonable.

It was so heavy it took 3 men to lift it. But it holds water, candles, water lilies and the Buddha perfectly!

Next, I kept getting the feeling that Quan Yin also wanted her statue in the yard. I told her it would have to wait as I had just spent my budget on the Buddha statue and pond.

The very next day, an unexpected tithe arrived in the mail. More than enough for a statue! Having no doubt that the time was NOW, I began looking for one that felt right. I was drawn to a nursery not particularly close by. And there it was! Only one statue there. The owner said she had just bought it 2 weeks before, and only wanted one piece since she didn’t know if it would sell.

The Quan Yin statue was placed 3-4 feet behind where I had laid on the table, in a flower bed area next to the fence.

For as long as I was at that home, they oversaw the energies for numerous classes that passed through the backyard.

I won’t even go into the experiences with fairies and leprechauns we experienced in that backyard. That’s a story for another day!

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Magical Journey with the Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales

I just completed my second trip to Australia this year, 2003.  I love going there, not only for the great people and the teaching, but for the awesome places to visit.

I stayed again with Dee and Alister (her patient husband), and this time with her fun brother, Dougie from the UK. I want to publicly thank them again for their wonderful hospitality; they may not feel this way, but I always feel like I am family, not a visitor.

This time, Dee and I (and Lyn Anderson for part of the trip) visited Frasier Island, a boat trip off of Hervey Bay. While we weren't overly impressed with the tour on Frasier, we marveled at the varied scenery on one little island--everything from rainforest, to lagoon, to normal brush foliage you'd see anywhere, to long stretches of beach, and a shipwrecked skeleton of a Japanese ship from the 1950s still on the shore.

The day before, Dee, Lyn and I met at the Whale Song boat (with about 35-40 people on board) for a chartered trip out on the water to see the whales. I am still kicking myself for leaving the camera in the car. But we really had no idea that we would ever see what we did.  I thought it would be a general whale sighting some distance from the ship, and to hang out on the water with two good friends. It turned out to be so much more than that!

The day was gorgeous; sunny and mild temps. The Australian water looks a lot like being in Hawaii--very azure and/or turquoise in some areas.

Almost immediately we were visited by bottlenose dolphins ushering in the humpback whales! Oodles of dolphins and some babies, and the whales of different ages. It was as though they were waiting for us to get there! According to the brochure we were only supposed to see humpback whales as it wasn't dolphin sighting time for another couple of months. Tell that to the dolphins!

Swimming up to the boat, along side of it, under the boat...we were the cetaceans playground! Look at the humans! Aren't they fun, waving and calling to us!

For an entire 4-5 hours they hung out around us. I could tell that the crew wasn't used to this many cetaceans for that long...they were as excited as we were.

At one point, Lyn and I were looking into the water and we could see six, white crystalline ethereal forms of what appeared to be dolphins. They were spirit dolphins who were solid enough to be seen with regular eyes. They communicated that their work involved being guardians to one of the earth's vortices. They provided a stabilizing of our beings, and helped in igniting our roles now to a wider field of people.

On our way back to the mainland, we were blessed with a complete, incredibly bright double rainbow. Rarely have I seen the main rainbow as bright as this. It lasted about 1/2 hour even though there was no rain--just a kind of mist. I have learned in the past trips I have taken where we have visited vortex spots and done clearing, healing and balancing work, that we are generally rewarded with the double rainbow. I have seen them in Sedona, the Yucatan, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii Main Island, and the UK. It has always meant a gift from the guides for a "job well done".

All in all, a most perfect day!

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Love is the Glue

Many years ago, I was in a psychic/spiritual development class where the instructor asked us to write down the words "tell me something I don't know about love" and then to "channel" or allow a flow of consciousness to come up with an answer.

The first thing that popped into my mind was "love is the glue that holds the whole universe together." I knew that this wasn't from my own brain as it wasn't something I had ever consciously thought about nor was it in words I would have used. Some other things came through but nothing as profound as that simple statement.

Many times over the years since then have I wondered about this thing called love. Wondered about it in all of its forms:  familial, romantic, sexual, fraternal, conditional and unconditional. Wondered how it could be there one day and literally gone the next. Wondered how it seemed unconditional but ended up having conditions. Wondered about why the earth had so much anger, pain and sorrow if love was the glue that supposedly held everything together. Wondered if the best we could hope for was a short-term dose of it, leaving us hungering for more and mourning its loss. Wondered why family affection felt so different than romantic love. Wondered how people could profess undying love for you one day, and walk away the next day, "forgetting" they even voiced that feeling to you. Wondered how the majority of us could walk around, living our lives, devoid of real, "honest-to-God love", but eager and willing to accept what scraps of something that looked a bit like love we could grab in hunger. [Similar to deciding "junk food" was better than nutritious sustenance--it does keep you from starving to death, but not from eventually hurting your health.] Wondered how some people could really love others and yet accept little or no love for themselves.

Having felt unconditional love on occasion from the time I was little, I knew the difference to some degree between love with conditions and pure love. I just noticed that those around me, and including me, didn't really know how to express love without limits as well as love with limits. I would say, "Well, no one is perfect", and accept what they had to offer. I would generally match what love frequency they were at to keep it "even". It invariably fell apart and so did the relationship, whether romantic or friendship in nature.

As I grew and learned, I began to see that real love has to start from within us. Through all the love and loss I experienced (not just romantic) it finally came down to "Am I in touch with the Love energy that pervades every bit of creation?" I much preferred unconditional love, pure love to the other. I had finally decided on the nutritional variety of love!

It started more as an intuition of its Truth, and then became a reality as I experienced its validity.

Love was and is alive and well, dwelling hidden or seen in every molecule of creation.

Last year, I was put to the test with the loss of a few friends who were also students. Through all of the false and negative things that filtered back to me, I was and am still concerned about their growth, and still feel much love for each of them. I accept our mutual choice to separate, for we have free will and are exercising that right. I could be resentful and hurt by their collective behavior, and I had a moment or two initially with feeling those emotions of betrayal. But they passed mercifully quickly as I got in touch with the real love I felt and feel for them--which will be there always. They may not know they are loved by me and that is alright. I know that I love them, and that is enough. I feel the soul connections with them, and see this current earth experience as an aberration in the long flow of our history together.

We can choose to immerse ourselves in love's radiance or disassociate through our free will. It doesn't force itself on us, but nevertheless, is a profound force that is willing to "be" and let us discover its "not too well hidden" place on the earth and in the cosmos. What keeps us from immersing our essences in this unconditional love is our sense of unworthiness, guilt, pain, hate, and victim hood. These opposites to love cannot dwell in the same spaces. Move out the old baggage and leave room for love to flourish!

Ways to Connect to the Love of Source:

1. Understand first and foremost that the Source is all-Love and created all of creation with Its powerful glue of Love that literally holds it all together. It sometimes takes awhile for beings to get to this realization. With all of our religions, it isn't necessarily taught about this aspect of the All That Is. A fear-based God is a very prominent belief structure throughout the world, which makes most people afraid of any direct contact.  With those who do subscribe to the All-loving Godhead, there may still linger awe and some fear of being worthy to receive this Love from Source, which will further distance them from connecting directly. Many feel it can only come through a Guru, or priest or other intermediary of God. Well, guess what? This God-love is available to everyone and everything. You don't have to be perfect! Put aside the doubts!

2.  Know that you have every right to be in touch with the Love energy. That will mean having to let go of victim hood and feeling inferior, and being willing to acknowledge your divinity. Not necessarily an easy task, especially if you are just beginning. At least, PRETEND, in the beginning--even if you can't fully believe it. Pretending will eventually become real to you.

3.  Practice daily meditation, which is a magnet to drawing it into you. Yes, I know you've heard of this point of meditation many times before. But that doesn't mean anything other than--it works! Find a compatible method for yourself. We, in Healing with the Rainbow Rays, can offer some to help if you haven't found one which speaks to you.

4.  Cleanse yourself of the old baggage to make room for love. There are many, many techniques in the Transfigurational Matrix healing work that address the various shadow energies and undesirable habits to clear. If the Matrix work isn't your cup of tea, there are other methods out there. Allow yourself to question what has been working for you and what no longer does. Then do what works, and stop doing what doesn't. Keeping a journal works well to track oneself along the way. It gives you a point of focus, as well.

5.  Ask for Source Love to flow into every part of your essence and be prepared for a download. As you daily work on clearing yourself of unwanted baggage, you leave room in your cells for other energies. Why not make them Love energies? With a receptive heart, and being willing to ask for it, brings forth the divine love vibrations. Bring them inside yourself and let every cell be permeated with that Essence. Just be open to it and don't resist.

  1. Give that love back out to everything. This is important. Don't be greedy and hoard it. Then it would soon be gone. It is meant to be shared with the rest of Creation. You will find that you naturally want to share it with others, as your cup will runneth over! If you didn't you would dam up the flow and create resistance, anyway. Like water, allow it to flow through you without trying to own it or claim it as yours alone. It will flow out to others and leave you plenty to feel satisfied.
I will leave you with this experience of mine of many years ago, which had a tremendous impact on me. I was in a little afternoon class on journeying into the Akashic Records to find out who I had been in previous lives. For those who haven’t heard of the Records, they are a complete book of your physically incarnated history.

As the instructor led us through the process, I felt the power of the visualization/meditation very strongly. As I reached my individual book (which was quite ancient and thick), and opened it up, I was greeted with a surprising result--quite different than what I had expected.

Instead of finding any specific lives, I was instead completely overwhelmed by a most incredible feeling of Divine Power and Love. I realized the extent of Who I Was by the feeling of connection to the God/Goddess All That Is. From then on, I knew how strong a soul I was and am, and that it is inseparable from the Cosmic Ocean of Oneness.

On that day, past lives was a moot point. Later on, I was to work with them extensively, and had many remembrances of them in the dream state and in meditation. That is important work. It's just that day I was to have a different experience to propel me quicker to realized states of consciousness. It gave me encouragement along my path.

I tended to have, until this profound experience, feelings of unworthiness and inferiority. I did not "know" viscerally--just intellectually-- that I was Source as All Is One. Of course, one experience does not always completely seat in oneself, I had many years of clearing work to do. But it gave me hope and insight into what I could be "all the time."

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Reality Shifting in Australia

I had an interesting experience in Australia a few weeks ago. Towards the end of my nearly 3 week trip, I was at the Gold Coast barely post summer (picture expansive beaches and warm water---I was in heaven!) There was only a few hours to spend there the afternoon I arrived before I was to do an evening talk, with personal sessions with clients scheduled the whole next day, then a very early departure back to the States the following day.

Crystena Maxwell (my local facilitator/scheduler, etc) and I had on swimsuits under our clothes to peel off later following  lunch. We parked in one of those  underground parking lots that connects to a mall in Broad Beach--an area of Gold Coast I had never visited.

Getting off of the escalator from the parking garage, we entered an inside mall area with a number of different stores. One grabbed my interest immediately because it was a gelato store (Italian ice cream for those who have been deprived of the pleasure!) It was named Il Gelato and looked like it offered a nice variety of flavors. I started to say to Crystena--"Oh, look, there's a gelato shop. We should get some later for desert", but she was up ahead of me, so I didn't say anything. We exited out onto the street where there was a much better choice for delicious restaurants. We picked a great one. While we were eating, I suggested going after swimming to the gelato place I had seen in the mall.

The schedule was getting tight, but we felt we had just enough time to get a gelato and head back to her home before the evening event. Back in the indoor mall area, I couldn't find the gelato place where I had seen it. I did notice two other ice cream stores (one an Australian and the other an American chain store) After wandering around a bit, I asked the Information Desk where the store was, and they said there was one a few blocks away! And she mentioned how delicious it was.

Well, I figured that they were misinformed (after all, I did see it with my own eyes, as plain as day!) Crystena and I looked some more, then asked another person. Same directions. And did I know how delicious it tasted?

We decided to quickly go the few blocks, even with the clock ticking, because I think that by that time we just had to see if a gelato store was even there! This was just too kooky...

We did indeed find the store, named Il Gelato, down the street where we never walked--even to go to the beach. I have never been to Broad Beach before, just Surfer's Paradise. And did I mention how particularly scrumptious the gelato tasted?

I had a realization as I was eating my Chocolate Hazelnut gelato that it was my inner child who had the hankering for the treat and shifted reality for me to see the store as it really looked superimposed on another inside the mall. She had not had her normal allotment of ice cream since leaving the States, and decided to go all out with the best ice cream of all--gelato!

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Reality Shifting on the Day out of Time

Sunday, July 25, 2004 was an interesting day for more than one reason. First, it was the "Day out of Time" in the Mayan calendar, being the 365th day of the Thirteen Moon calendar year. This means that it was an extra day outside of the 52 weeks of the thirteen moons, and has no day of the week or month.

So it was considered a day of true freedom; a day to experience multi-dimensionality. Apparently, it has been celebrated in certain circles for over ten years. But this year many people considered it particularly auspicious due to the fact that  day following, "Blue Crystal Storm" (the Mayan name for this day), July 26, 2004, is the official beginning of the great time shift known as the Road to 2012.

It is on this day, the Blue Crystal Storm, that I am writing this. But I want to talk about reality shifting on July 25.

First off, I had trouble staying grounded most of the day. Then I began to accomplish some computer work.

My printer, which hadn't worked all week, began to work again, flawlessly. I still have no idea why it acted up in the first place.

I had bought a new black ink printer cartridge, as I was very low on black ink. However, I hadn't installed it yet. I was doing some new business cards and was working off of my color cartridge, which had about 2/3 of its ink still. As, I printed out the first batch, not only was I surprised that the printer actually worked, but the black ink level showed a completely filled black ink cartridge!

I checked it again today--just in case!  It is still a completely filled ink cartridge.

My son came by after his work yesterday and asked me if there was anything "strange" going on. The reason was his automobile gas gauge kept fluctuating wildly (has never happened before), his work dispatch radio would absolutely not recharge, and he had more than the normal amount of defective equipment that couldn't be installed.

Needless to say, I am thrilled about the full ink cartridge and plan to return the new one. For those who own printers, you know how expensive they are. It's nice to get a "free" one!

Working with Uranus

This planet is considered "The Magician."

The planet Uranus brings with it a new way of looking at things, and it is best dealt with an expanded consciousness. Freedom and creativity are important to this planet. Uranus sees no need for the status quo, preferring instead to separate from tradition and create a new way of being. It is an androgynous energy. Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury and the first of the transcendental planets.

In order to fully utilize the energies of Uranus, you must be a largely integrated and soul-aligned individual, looking out in a service-oriented way to the good of the whole. When Uranus is activated simply at the personality level and not the soul, too--ego-based, and even antisocial behavior is likely.

The transmutation process with Uranus with self and then that self impacting the Greater Whole is likely to involve one or more of these states: (1) heightened intuition, (2) the full alchemical process, (3) world service, (4) increased skill in the ability to utilize knowledge as the vehicle that reveals wisdom and higher consciousness, and (5) merging the individual consciousness with group consciousness.
~ Ground and protect yourself. Balance your chakras. [see The Twelve Major Chakras]

~ Use the Alchemical Gold flame to clean your body and auric field.  [see The Three Fold Flames]

~ Chakra link to the planet Uranus by sending out a braid of gold, silver and 
gold again.
~ Begin at the base chakra and link through the black chakra.

~ The planet Uranus is also connected to the ether element, which has to do with pure spirit.

~ By your intent, visualize Uranus pulling from your being any misalignments and debris (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) that hinders us in the process of transmutation. [see above] See it getting also into your cellular structure.

~ You may work with a partner at the table, working with Uranus on the issues brought up.

~ When completed with the above step, this will leave many voids within you. Fill yourself up with all of the rainbow rays. Bring them in from Source, and flood your being with them.

~ When done, re-ground.

** written in Sept. 2004

©2002/2004 revised Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved. May be reprinted without alteration and with full credit.

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Well, we are getting ready to "put to bed" the year 2004. What I have been hearing is " Good! I am ready to let go of 2004. Next year is surely going to be a better year". And I would agree, for the most part, about 2004 being a difficult year in a lot of ways. Personally, it was a year of loss of two beings much beloved by me, projects planned that didn't "go", and a few other things. As years go, not one of my most enjoyable!

And yet, I feel that I still made ground spiritually, professionally, and emotionally. So, as years go, one of the best!

The paradox is: it was the best of years, and the worst of years!

So often, two opposites dwell side by side. The challenges ride shotgun on the back of our sprinting towards an imaginary finish line. While that burden seems heavy, with our eyes on the worthwhile goals we have set, we are sure to succeed when we keep trying. One of my strengths is to not give up easily; it comes from my sheer stubborness to not throw in the towel, unless it no longer fits into my game plan, or embraces the divine flow.

I learned early on to use that inner strength of mine to hang in there, and it has eventually gifted me with certain achievements worth every bit their difficult attainment. For much of my earlier life it was a matter of survival to "climb those mountains".

One of the hardest things for me to get anchored in this life was to incorporate divine flow. Sometimes, you need to know when it is time to surrender a goal or a way of thinking because it no longer fits into the divine order of your consciously creating life. It is knowing when to give in to the flow instead of trying to make something work. Maybe it isn't in the highest good to be for you, or the timing is off. Now there are people who go too far in this other direction and are "flowing along" with no real will power involved in their lives. They are swept along without putting forth any real effort into creating their lifetime goals.

Creating our own reality means to see our possibilities and to pick the opportunities which afford the most light, the highest growth, and the greatest good. As Oprah states, "Don't live in the circumstances of your life…live in the possibilities."

Pay attention to your dreams as you select what is behind door number three. The only difference in this "real" Game of Life, is that you can see a little ahead what are your possible choices, rather than guess what is behind each door. Then you can make an intelligent choice based on your life goals, intuition and logic working together as "balanced brain", heart's desire and highest good.

Remember, too, that difficulties or challenges, when viewed within the context of the Whole, are opportunities to grow, perfect, re-start or change what we have been doing.

In a dualistic Universe, there is order or ease, and chaos or disorder. Dancing lightly between the extremes and holding onto as much as you can the Zen place of a sense of peace, unconditional love, integrity, bliss and service to others will help you to live in the divine flow, and not be overly affected by the best of times and the worst of times!

©2004 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved. May be re-printed in its entirety with permission from the publisher.

Teleportations and Synchronicities

In 1998, I took a two-hour car ride with my friends, Joy and Amber from San Jose through San Francisco to Santa Rosa, California, where we were attending a spiritual event. We chatted about a number of topics throughout the trip over to San Francisco. One of the subjects that stands out to this day turned out to be one of the most synchronistic events I have ever experienced.

I talked about my former boss, Al, from the company I'd left in June 1990 when I went "full time" with my healing work. I had inherited money from the unexpected deaths of my parents the previous year. I figured if I didn't quit the corporate field then, I might miss my opportunity. The extra money would tide me over if I didn't earn enough from the healing work.

I got along great with Al. He was strict with his evaluations, but fair and generous. He was a great manager and people person. After leaving, I had only been back once the first year after I left to say "hi" to him and a few of the staff I had been friendly with. It had been years since I had seen or talked about him.

When we reached the Golden Gate Bridge, I remember saying something about us soon crossing the bridge, as we came upon a sign for the toll booth (which was the 'no bridge fee' direction). I was looking forward to the experience. Although I have lived in the Bay Area for approximately 25 years, I can count on less than two hands the amount of times I have had the privilege of crossing over this man-made wonder and the beauty of the San Francisco expanse from this vantage point.

After the talk/meditation at the center, which had been very powerful and enjoyable, we went to get something to eat. About half-way through eating, it hit me hard, like a major revelation that I had no recollection of crossing the Golden Gate bridge. I turned to my friends and said, "How come we didn't cross the Golden Gate bridge?" They looked perplexed. They said we must have, although none of us has any memory of going across the bridge! Joy said to me today, as I write this, that her first memory after the toll booth announcement was the first tunnel we go through upon getting off of the bridge. It, oddly enough, has a rainbow painted on it! For those who know the San Francisco area, you know there is only one way to get from San Francisco to the Marin side. That way is the Golden Gate Bridge. No exceptions, unless you are in a boat on .the water and cross over. I chalked it up to another teleportation experience. So many were happening to me in those years.

On the way back, Amber asked to be dropped off at her father's house in Oakland. So, naturally, we decided to take the Richmond/San Rafael bridge back. After dropping Amber off, there were a few delays as we got a bit lost finding the freeway entrance from that location.

Once we got on Interstate 880 from Oakland to San Jose, it was probably about midnight. There was still a fair amount of traffic, which is not untypical for the bay area. I was fading fast, and found myself nodding off in between chatting with Joy. Around the Fremont area, I suddenly perked up, and glanced over to the lane to our right. Just up ahead, was a car with Al's personalized license plate (with his unusual last name on it) The car was a different one than the one he had when I knew him, but the plates were the same. I told Joy, "That's my former boss' car! Let's pull up closer." As we drew side-by-side, there was no mistaking Al's distinct profile, and his blonde wife next to him! This lasted about less than a minute as the next turnoff they exited the freeway. By the way, they lived in Fremont.

Now, if I was from a small town, this would not be an unusual occurrence to see someone from the past. What sets this experience apart is:

~ There are approximately one million people in the greater San Jose area. Fremont is a bedroom community north of San Jose with a fairly large population of its own. You just don't run into people unless it involves synchronicity. Especially on a weeknight at midnight on a freeway.

~ I had just talked about him a few hours before, which was highly unusual.

~ We took a different route home and just happened to be a minute or so side-by-side on the same freeway before he exited. We feel that the delay in Oakland was a setup to put us there at the right time.

~ In the seven years since then, I have never seen him again. Nor had I seen him in the eight years before that night.

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The Loaves and the Fishes

I did something recently which I found great fun! It was so effortless that I know anyone can do it if they have a relaxed mind, strong belief, trust in the universe, and a sense of fun.

I was completely out of my contact lens saline solution with no other bottles as backup, but it was not convenient for me to go to the store at that time to get more. Plus, I needed solution to cleanse and add  on the lenses to drive there anyway!

I thought to myself "Why not create more", (just like the "fishes and the loaves" scenario where Jesus had only a small portion of fish and bread to feed a very large group. Yet, the limited portion kept duplicating or cloning itself to amply feed the crowd).

I was a bit surprised, but thrilled, when my dry bottle started putting out a couple of drops, then more and more---exactly what I needed to cleanse the lenses and place them in my eyes!

It gave me a good lesson in the power of manifestation, faith, and trust that the universe provides what we need. And I am sure that there is a quantum physics principle in there which I am overlooking!

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Reclaiming Your Own Energy Back to the Chakras

A great technique for clearing oneself is to determine what energy is yours--and what energies belong to others. Of course, once you “house” energy that didn’t originate with you, it begins to feel more or less like your own.

I feel that for us to be fully authentic and “who we are”, we need to differentiate between what is our own energy and what is another's energy.

Why is this? Aren’t we really all One with each other?

Until we are at a stage where we embody full self-realization, unconditional love, and soul understanding, we can take on other’s difficult energy traits, fears, lack of wisdom, self-esteem issues, and much more. Seldom, is it a matter of taking on their higher level traits. And that would be another situation entirely. There is nothing wrong about feeling and incorporating pure unconditional love that emanates from an ascended master, for example. Their sharing of those vibrations serve to elevate our own personal vibrations. Darshan1, from a living saint, is considered to be a wonderful and elevating experience.

The following exercise is for the removal of the average person’s energies that have stuck to you in your chakra system:

~ Place a grounding cord into the earth from your tailbone.

~ Starting at the base chakra, you will be going through each chakra, one at a time.

~ Pull your attention to the chakra. Perceive with your higher senses what it looks like in terms of:

~ Color [bright, discolored?]

~ Level of fitness [low energy, weakened energy, vital energy?]

~ Leaking energy [perceived as strands of color leaving the chakra and attached elsewhere]

~ I recommend going into the chakra as though you were entering a cave. You can seamlessly enter into it at any point. “Look” around for floating baggage; energies that are not yours, or energies that are, but are no longer needed or wanted by you.

~ You can patch up the leaks inside of the chakra, as though you were plugging up a dike.

~ From the outside you can incorporate the energies back to you. But not before cleaning them up! To do this, pick a color flame and pull the energy through the flame before incorporating it back into you. Why bring it back at all? Because it is your energy, and you are reclaiming it.

~ When finished with all the chakras, clear and check your grounding cord.

1 The experience of a master transferring high level divine love to the initiate or disciple though touch or gaze, or just sending the energy.

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Spiritual Download

Several years ago, I had what you might call a “download.”

At the risk of sounding like I’ve spent too long in “Silicon Valley”--the popular name for the metropolitan area of San Jose, California where I’ve made my home for over 25 years, it really couldn’t be called anything less than that.

Information poured into me in the form of energy--most of it so quickly that I couldn’t catch probably 99.9% of it.

For a few years, I had been procrastinating in moving myself past the levels I had been teaching. While I was concurrently and rapidly evolving through various initiations, on a fast track like many of us are presently, I had depended on my council of guides, primarily on St. Germain, to be there through thick or thin. Of course, it seemed like every year or two there was a “change of the guard”---new guides added as others left. As I shifted, I outgrew some of the beings that had been originally assigned to me. The one constant was St. Germain, my main teacher.

That was about to change. Just before the “download” he said to me, “You are stopping at me. You need to pass by me and go directly to Source for your answers.” I rebelled, of course. Why change things?

It was taken out of my hands. Source intervened, and removed St. Germain from my sphere. The message was clear. It was time to stretch, and shift my focus to Source.

While I generally found the Source to be initially somewhat impersonal in Its enormousness, as compared to the personal, witty, loving, and occasionally maddening “Wonderman of Europe,” I was rewarded with so many ways to help human beings to heal themselves on every level. And, in addition, brought myself back into my own Oneness with the All That Is. Everything I loved about St. Germain, I found embodied in our Creator.

And as I fulfilled my destiny to be connected consciously back to Source, I was rewarded with the presence of St. Germain again. Now both guide me.

*St. Germain is an ascended master who works at multiuniversal levels, has multiple specialties of expertise in diplomacy, immortality, alchemy, healing and teaching, galactic government and anything else Source hands him!