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February 18, 2018
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December 27, 2017

Healing with the Rainbow Rays presents
The Rose Flower Ray and Flame of Love plus Merging with the Mermaid Essence with Alijandra 

I am pleased to announce that we are going to delve into the Rose flower ray and flame in this webinar. I have been blessed to have had a number of rose flower mystical experiences, and have been told by spirit that my spiritual scent (and flower) is the rose one. We are also going to connect with the mermaid energies which exemplify love as well. See below for a wonderful channeling by my friend and color person, Diantha Harris, for more clarification on the Rose Flower essence. ~ Alijandra

 "We are most fond of the color Rose. And of the entire species of flowers which carry that name. The flowers themselves are of course Divinely created and if they could speak you would hear words of love, acceptance, and kindness coming from within their petals. Instead, they have used fragrance. The distinctive scent they carry is one most everyone on your planet recognizes and knows, from an early age. Why is that you ask?

"Because the message of the rose itself is Love. Love is, after all is said and done, the answer is it not? Love is all there is in the end. Love is the message of life. It is the point of living. It is to infuse every act, every word, every action of each life. "Yes, the frequency carried by Rose. When one extracts the essential oil from this perfect flower, it is a very costly process. Pure Rose Oil is quite dear and not easily obtained by individuals. And yet it is here on the earth to create unconditional love, also a rare commodity. Rose the color can be substituted for the oil and the fragrance but when used in concert, it is as if one has created a concert. Alone, the color is the sound of a perfect flute, but together with its oil and fragrance it becomes a magnificent symphony. "Rose the color is one in which one can wrap oneself in when in need of love and a coming together of body, mind and spirit. Your channel has just experienced this herself, having fallen to pieces in some ways and being brought back together in a new form using this rose color. She has been unaware as we have told you, but in this channeling, when she reads it, she will remember. As she was “re-membered”, the rose helped her come together in a higher vibratory form. When each of you feels you are being put together again, use the rose color to advance your vibration and to solidify the process of restructuring.

"The process is quite complicated and we do not want to burden you with unnecessary information. What is to be known and learned here today is that Rose is here to restructure not only your vibrational beings, but to restructure the grid lines of the earth in order to bring it to one universal vibration. All of those still in the lower forms will be helped as each of you raises up your vibration. As you do this yourselves, spread the color rose throughout the world, YOUR world. The color and thus the vibration will spread. This is much like the use of the oil. It is costly and unavailable then to most people. So in the same vein, a few of you have experienced a rising of your vibration, a clearing. Think of this as having been fortunate enough to afford to buy the Rose Oil. "Then, those around you will be affected positively by the changes in you. Think of this as being able to disperse that oil to others, making it available to the masses. You are the conduit for the rose color to move through in order to create the love on this planet to change the thinking, the way of being, in order to move into the New Earth.

"We cannot stress this enough: Allow Rose into your being. Allow it to make its vibration shifts within you. And when you feel you are put together again, go out and share this vibration with others and in this way all will receive its benefit in good time.

"We hope this message finds you well and at peace. At this time of year it is especially poignant to remember the color rose, the plant rose, the oil rose, and of course, The Rose of Love whose birth date many of you celebrate. This One’s greatest teaching was to love one another (“as I have loved you” and “as you would love yourself”). So many have forgotten that teaching and spend time not accepting oneself which leads to hating not only oneself, but others as well, and being joyful in their disgrace and fall from grace.

"Turn your hearts and minds now to Rose and LOVE. It is now time to bring this into your consciousness in order to shift the energy on the planet before it is too late.

 "Peace and love to you, each and every moment. We are with you now and forever."

Channeling by Diantha Harris "Be the change " Life Potentials 

Details: Dec. 27, 2017 5:30pm PST. $20 earlybird until Dec. 23. $28 after Dec. 23.

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