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Seattle Whole Life Expo---1996. Converted from a cassette tape to mp3

Lecture on the color rays, the chakras and the basics

Feel the energy in the recording as St. Germain appeared in the physical body at the lecture, sitting in the front row, participated by speaking a couple of times, and then accompanied Alijandra to the book signing at the expo book area. She did not know it at the time as he disguised himself well, but left many clues to uncover later. She felt like she was in somewhat of a trance state throughout, almost like being in two worlds simultaneously. He was very tall, fair skinned, with long curling blond hair, appeared to be in his 30s or perhaps early 40s, wearing a tie dye T shirt. When he asked for a copy of her book (she had just one copy with her, not part of the store inventory), he asked her to sign it giving his name as Wiz-Ard. He gave her two tie dye T-shirts for her children that he carried in a new looking, expensive duffle bag. Afterward, there were four extra books of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays" in the inventory that were never in the original shipment to the fair!

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Atomic Acceleration Intro---2014. Meditation mp3.

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