Private Sessions

by Mahnoush Harirsaz

Alijandra's Services

  • Releasing energy blocks
  • Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring
  • Class tutoring
  • Chakra balancing
  • Chakra replacement
  • Aura cleaning
  • Attunements and Activations
  • Certified massage therapy
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Cranio-sacral therapy
  • Zero balancing
  • Reiki Master
  • Past life work via Akashic Records
  • Probability Line Selection
  • Trauma triage healing
  • Color energy therapy
  • Transfigurational Matrix Healing
  • Psychic hook, implant and negative energy removal
  • Soul retrieval work--earth lives
  • Soul retrieval work--multidimensional lives
  • Reiki attunements and training
  • Ministerial services
  • Space (work, home, car) clearing and healing
  • Channeling training and facilitation
  • Divination readings
  • Trans-medium
  • Ascension and Initiation Guidance
  • Psychic/Intuitive Parties or gatherings
  • Rainbow Liquid Light™ for ascension sessions
  • Transitions Between Planes Facilitation with prior cleaning, clearing and balancing in preparation

"Thanks for another amazing healing session today. [DNA layer] Number 1 felt so powerful, while [DNA layer] number 7 was blissful and felt very slow and delightfully unhurried. You have such an incredible gift". ~ Penny G.; Sydney, Australia

"The sessions with Allie are a god-send. Plus the webinars I do with her." ~ Stephen: Toronto, Canada

"Thank you for a fantastic session today! You are such a special being and an Angel! You have helped to give me some hope. I am very interested in seeing what we can accomplish for my body given some time." ~ Kim G.; Claremont,  California

"The sessions have greatly accelerated the process of manifesting, including the youthening process. I am having an increasing amount of 5th dimensional experiences with my god-self. Phenomenal energies!" ~ George T.; Santa Rosa, California

"Thanks for all the wonderful healings. Very much appreciated.As always, Allie, you are such a shining light. We are all so very blessed. You are such a wonderful miracle worker! You really are an earth angel!" ~ P.; Sydney, Australia

"You are a 'jacqueline of all trades', spiritually." ~ M.K.; Sunnyvale, California 

"Thanks again for the revolutionary treatment. Never before has such a dramatic switch in energy happened so quickly. Those energies are still coming in strong---very accessible." ~ K.A.; Mountain ViewCalifornia

For Phone, Skype or Personal Readings 
and Energy Healing Work
Nationally and Internationally
Cost of a Spiritual/Intuitive Reading, etc with Alijandra:

$30   15 min.
$55   30 min.
$80   45 min.
$100   60 min.

$150   90 min.

See Store for the Paypal links

To get the most information from your reading, please make up a list of questions before your reading and have that list in front of you. If you have questions about another person, Alijandra will need you to give her the first name,  and current city and state (or country) location of the individual you are asking about.
Personal sessions are paid for in advance. We accept Paypal.  Once the money is received, the session can then be scheduled. See Store for the Paypal links

And then, to schedule a session, call Alijandra at 408-986-8550

Office Hours are 10 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time (USA) Weekends sometimes available

"There are times when you need rescue.  When those times come into your life, you seek resolution and remedy from a doctor, a nurse, a pastor, a priest, the bank or the credit union. Then, there are those times when a crisis arises and it unfolds in a place where help can not be accessed from conventional resources.  In those times of crisis, it requires someone possessing attributes that are unique, arising from a greater depth and possessing a tremendous power unseen.
"Alijandra is the person to seek out for rescue in those moments of crisis because she possess these characteristics.  Alijandra is a generous soul and spirit who can give you genuine relief from fear, hurt, mental anguish or emotional pain in your times of peril. I know this to be true because she has come to my rescue in my most fearful troubling hour.  When I say hour it was exactly 16 hours when she changed the course of life.  She has seen me through with tremendous knowing and great accuracy. She is very transformative.
"She did this for me and she can do it for you.  It is for your sake, not hers nor mine, that I urge you to contact her now.  You will not go wrong when you do." ~ C. Only;  San Jose, CA

"You were spot on with the reading."  ~ Kristen H., VP of Corporate Marketing; San Francisco, CA

"I have had a dramatic drop in stress. Breathing is alot better. I can do more, and keep my breath at the same time. Thank you, thank you!" ~ Kathy N.; SunnyvaleCalifornia

"Thanks for the great [long distance] session the other night." ~ Kerryn; VancouverCanada

"Love Allie and her work and energy color healing has been such a wonderful healing modality to incorporate into my healing  techniques."
~ Sandra Simms, San LorenzoCalifornia

"Ever since you worked on my heart chakra I’ve just felt this incredible feeling of well-being! I haven’t felt this good in 20 years." ~ Valerie O.; Sunnyvale, California

"I don’t know how people can get by without this [cranio-sacral therapy]. My back and neck always feel 100% better!" ~ Cathy R.; San CarlosCalifornia

"When I’m having a problem to deal with, other people will try to help me. But when I talk with you, what you say just clicks and I get it." ~ Ariceli I.; San Jose