Transparency is a Good Thing!

Transparency is defined by Webster as "clear enough to be seen through". We beings on the spiritual path, call it a condition of complete state of openness. When I work with people, on of the techniques I have is to see where in the body/emotions/mind is opaque (not able to see through), what is translucent (possible to see through a little, but often distorted) and what is transparent. Armed with that information, we begin to make inroads into the opaque and translucent areas to clear the patterns and blocks. 

Wow! Do we really want to be that seen? You know that means we are there to be absolutely exposed, warts and all. Isn't this a description of a typical human being? Isn't this how we generally define the human state as being conflicted at best? We may try to be perfect, but it continues to backfire in our faces, doesn't it? Even our most evolved beings that have walked this planet have had their issues or flaws. But no one of this caliber or exalted spiritual state has ever, to my knowledge, claimed to be perfect. Doubtless, a condition that will never be attained at this level of physical existence. But what they have been and can be is pretty fabulous! Open, transparent, loving, compassionate and have complete acceptance of others, no matter what their spiritual level. They understand alot of how the Universe works, and know their Oneness with Source.

What a relief if we could put aside this striving for perfection, and strive instead for complete authenticity, transparency and acceptance of our currently human state and how it balances with our spirituality.

The question is "is this even possible?" Yeah, we know that the ascended masters have done it...but that's them. They are different, right? What about all our flaws, big and small? The conglomeration of unattractive issues and states of emotion that we desperately attempt to hide away called THE SHADOW...[drum roll here]

How do we take down our walls or shutters? These are the ways in which we decorate our exteriors to keep out others. Try staring into another's eyes for more than a few seconds. It is interesting how most people begin to feel uncomfortable in letting another see into the "windows of the soul". They are often afraid they will show parts of themselves hidden away not for "public consumption." Maybe you are hiding your attraction to them. Or hiding hidden shames. These disowned parts are the shadow energies. Either way, you are not being transparent.

Our shadow sides cannot be hidden for long. If we attempt that, sooner or later they will break out of their boxed or back burner state and demand to be heard. I have mentioned before that there is no getting rid of the shadow. Our best course of action is to acknowledge whatever it shows us (grief, pain, anger, jealousy, shame, blame, insecurity, and much more), listen to what it has to say, heal it, clear it, and process it. Then bring it into balance with our whole being. I know it sounds easier than it is. But it does work. It takes intention and hard work. But it works!

St. Germain has said that on this level, we have the shadow. It is part of the duality of the Universe in Its created state. Best course of action is to understand this is how it works. Rejection and sublimation just cause upheavals later. Letting the shadow run amok, like a child not parented well, is also not the answer either. The shadow, like a child, does not want to run the whole show, unless it feels it has no other alternative. The body personality doesn't want to take any responsibility for it, just as a parent neglecting the proper way of parenting. The shadow, just as the child, is relieved when the parent/essence does his or her job.

There are actually rewards for this. One of them is to take off the stress of constantly hiding from ourselves and others unsavory aspects of ourselves. We are worried they won't love us anymore, or respect us should they see us in all of our unvarnished glory! So what?

If we have to hide who and what we are, that is a sad state of affairs. People get who we are anyway. They pick it up either subliminally, psychically, intuitively, therapeutically, in their gut, or someone else pointing out the obvious! And if that doesn't work, they will project the areas that resonate within them onto you! How can you miss it then? LOL

What we advocate is a self-styled program of inner reflection, shadow work, healing the inner child, balanced living, increased spiritual progression to align with our Source, and developing compassion for others, in addition to giving some of that same compassion to our poor starved self.

Remember, this whole comedy/drama here can be summed up to a few main goals:

1) Align the physical with the spiritual: matter combining with spirit. It is all energy!
2) Learn to understand and practice unconditional love and compassion for all beings.
3) Understand the human state and its shadow.
4) Look to the wisdom of the masters, angelics and animals for spiritual guidance and unconditional love, the artists who show us the human condition, and children who show us transparency.
5) And don't take yourself too seriously!

This richness of the human condition — the weakness and the courage, the insecure neediness and the cosmic consciousness —is the source of great art. I often opine that it is artists, not spiritual teachers, who really understand the human condition. Look to Shakespeare or Beethoven for a fuller understanding of all that we encompass – the tragic-comic mask. 
~ William Bloom

Know, too, that you can always be better. So elevate to transparency!

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