Rainbow Liquid Light

The Next Revolutionary Level of Healing is Here!

From George Tsukuda, having had several sessions in the liquid light:

Having reviewed my own experiences and read the testimonials of others who have had sessions with Alijandra on the Liquid Light sessions we received, I would like to synthesize them all to the extent that I can, though each and every experience is quite unique. Of course the overall goal of the Liquid Light sessions is to help us transition from the 3rd and 4th dimensions, into the 5th dimension, at an accelerated pace, in order that we can be the pathfinders and wayshowers for the rest of humanity to follow.

Of course this time of great and accelerated change has been accompanied by a lot of chaos, turmoil and violence, both in the outer world and on the inner planes. As a crude analogy, one might liken it to the recent 6.0 earthquake that occurred in Napa Valley, or the heart of the wine country, and the disruptions that resulted, particularly in those parts of Napa that had not been retrofitted after the 1989 quake which struck the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

One might say that our systems, including our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, need to be retrofitted as we move from a state of duality and separation to a state of Oneness. In this regard, what I have noticed with the Liquid Light sessions is that I can handle the rapid changes and the disruptions they cause with a much greater level of grace and ease. Also, accompanying these changes has been a perceptual shift from viewing myself as a human being having a spiritual experience to a spiritual being having a human experience. (The latter is a quote I borrowed from ET 101) However, what is implied, given that we are really citizens of the multiVerse, is that we increasingly embrace an Intergalactic Sense of Self.

The History of Rainbow Liquid Light

As of February 2011 I have offered a most wonderful new level to my energy work that is tailored for seasoned lightworkers on an ascension path. It is the Rainbow Liquid Light of the Source. 

As I have merged more closely with my higher self and I AM Presence and completed various levels of initiations, I have been blessed with their help as well as a new group of advanced light beings who are here to help with the transmittal of the Liquid Light. [see testimonials below]

This Liquid Light enables you to move from being a carbon based essence body-wise to the body being essentially composed of liquid light. Along with this occurring one will be shifting from the planetary ascension mode, that many lightworkers have been involved in, to the initial stages of the cosmic ascension mode. You will still look solid but your circuitry, such as your tissues and organs, will be much more light infused.

As one moves increasingly into the cosmic ascension initiations, diseased conditions will not be able to stick to the body. You will also be able to "youthen" the physical body much more easily and effortlessly and the mastery of the various mystic arts will be in your reach.  Likewise there will a significant increase in the capability of the brain such that one will be more wide open and receptive to new information and knowledge, which will flow in very easily.

This is how the 5th dimensional body will appear. You will be ready for any and all changes upon the planet.

Some lightworkers who may be too comfortable or even stuck with the present status quo will find an infusion of liquid light will jumpstart them to move forward in their growth to beginning or later levels of the planetary ascension process, or even the cosmic ascension process. [see testimonials below] 

Phone 408 986-8550 in the States, or email alijandra7777@yahoo.com

Thanks for another amazing healing session today. [DNA layer] Number 1 felt so powerful, while [DNA layer] number 7 was blissful and felt very slow and delightfully unhurried. You have such an incredible gift. ~ Penny G.; Sydney, Australia

Just wanted to tell you that you are an AWESOME conduit for Source!! ~ Connie S.; VA

Liquid Light is more than a private healing session or a one-on-one imparting of esoteric wisdom, although they are certainly a part of the process. Every session is an initiation and acceleration into the frequencies of ascension, transferred gently and lovingly by an experienced Master, Alijandra. I anticipate each session with excitement, knowing I'm in for a change on a cosmic level. Because much of the material is "cutting edge," many times both teacher and student are exploring and discovering together, pioneering the way for others. For anyone interested and ready to take the next step into ascension, this opportunity is not to be missed! ~ Rohana Wolf;  Chicago, Illinois

I feel awesome! That was wonderful. The Liquid Light was subtle but very deep. ~ S.M.; Phoenix, AZ

Grateful for the expansiveness of the work you do.  Blessings and love,  Betty H.; OH
Alijandra, I want to thank you for your dedication and sharing of your gifts to help others to heal. It’s so important as a master healer/teacher to know there is someone who can help you to release your own stuff.  Wow! What an experience I had with you in our long distance session. I could feel the Rainbow energy working with me throughout the night. I know my body is healthier and more balanced. Thanks, Judy Hansen; Columbus, Ohio

What I experienced while Alijandra was transmitting the energy was, first of all, feeling like I was connected to the Cosmos. Therefore, I experienced that all that was happening was having an impact on me, on some level, and that in a simultaneous and reciprocal manner, I was having an impact on everything and everyone else that existed in the Multiverse. While taking a brief nap after the session, I initially experienced a delicious sense of sweetness. Thereafter what followed was the perception experience that it was sufficient for me to just be. No actions were required on my part. [Zen Buddhism and other spiritual traditions make this point] Thereafter, I had the perception that I could look at the Multiverse through an infinite number of eyes, with each lens providing me with a different view. ~ George Tsukuda; Santa Rosa, California
The Liquid Light initiation was brilliant and beautifully intense. Perfect, thank you. ~ Heidi Arriza, S. California
It is beyond fabulous! It is a necessity. Your work is so vital to the ascension process of propelling humanity forward. ~ May Leilani Graham, President of Universal Spiritual Connection Radio/TV Productions, radio host; Mesa, Arizona
The last liquid light session with your REALLY had an effect. I am energized on about every level to some degree. I really felt connected and nourished. ~ Jennifer D., Covington, Indiana

Need to go and let that liquid light energy flow deeply, or take a nap! Love and hugs! and thank you, Allie! ~ Karen Lauer; Cleveland, Ohio

I do know that I feel "freer" -- a better peace of mind -- a Lighter feeling! I also cut in half my medication for rheumatoid arthritis after the first session. ~ Connie S.; Virginia

[Reported the morning after a night session of Liquid Light. Had a several years old eye injury of a fingernail with sand underneath jabbed into her eye. Sight was not impaired, but eye was constantly irritated and red.] OH! My eye feels MUCH better after struggling for years with that, see much clearer now. THANK YOU, ALLIE! [A few days later] Happy that my eye is feeling So GOOD!  [A few days after that] And I am still happy with my eye becomes better and better everyday and not prickling anymore, THANK YOU SO MUCH for THAT also, XXX! ~ Sandra W.; the Netherlands

I got to experience this wonderful healing work. It is amazing! It is like nothing else I've ever experienced before! And everyone who has ever had alot of energy work, bodywork, I've tried almost everything. I'm a firm believer in trying something before I recommend it. If you haven't tried it before, please give it a try. It is definitely more than one treatment, but it is worth everything. It's phenomenal energy. It's unbelievable clarity, expansion. It was absolutely tremendous! So, thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Carol Watson aka Goddess Arianmor, Unleash Your Magnificence Blogtalk radio host; Wales, UK

Hi, Allie. I wanted to thank you so much for the Liquid Light healing you did on me. I am so impressed with the results. I have been having so many problems with my circulation in my legs due to my diabetes being out of control. The Liquid Light felt so warm going in and nurturing and comforting. Then within the next 2 days I felt my legs get warmer and the swelling going down. I also noticed that my blood sugars are about 50 points lower than what they have been. Your work is very very good and you help so many people. I am so grateful to you and know that this technique will really help a lot of people. I would like to get it again! Bless you and all you do. Love and Light, ~ Arlene W.; New Jersey

The sessions have greatly accelerated the process of manifesting, including the youthening process. I am having an increasing amount of 5th dimensional experiences with my God-self.  Phenomenal energies! ~ G.T.; Santa Rosa, California

As my Liquid Light sessions have progressed, I am feeling so blissful. My bodyworker was surprised to 'see’ a white halo around my head! ~ R.P.; Nova Scotia, Canada

Person diagnosed with MS:
I am being healed in many ways from many things Allie! Thank you so much! ~ J.D.; Indiana   [her Dec. 2011 report below:]

I have a good friend, Diana, who is a massage therapist. Diana says she can’t ‘feel’ energy like I can; when she holds her hands above my chakras I can feel the heat and sometimes it feels like she is actually touching me; she usually feels nothing or just a slight warmth in the palms of her hands. I had told Diana that I had ordered your book and signed up for your webinar, but I had not told her about the Liquid Light session. She came to my house a day or two after the Liquid Light session and didn't even get her coat off before she said ‘Wow, there is a lot of energy in here--what the heck is going on?’  I told her your book had come and I had only read a few pages. I handed her your book and just as I started to tell her that my hands got hot the moment I touched it, she said ‘my hands just got hot, just from holding this book!’ We went and sat in the living room and talked about your book and a couple of books she has been reading. She said, ‘Something has happened with you.  What it is, I can feel it all the way over here.’ (She was about 10 feet from me.) She said she could feel the energy running all through her body, she got hot and had goosebumps.

Wednesday (2 days ago) she came to my house for supper. I had been up for over 16 hours, no nap, been cleaning house, cooking and running errands all day. I had a dark blue bandanna on my messy hair, no makeup and a ratty gray sweatshirt that does nothing to brighten my complexion. She was here about 20 minutes when she said, ‘I cannot believe the change in you.’  She said I got up out of the chair without even thinking, instead of slowly and getting my feet under me before I took a step. I walked briskly and turned on a dime with perfect balance and my body was aligned as it should be. She said my speech was faster and my mind was working faster, too, not once had I hesitated to search for a thought or the words to use. Then she said, ‘I have been looking at across the table; you look different and I have been trying to figure out what is different about your face since I got here. You look younger, like almost 10 years ago.’ Allie, she is right! Several people that have known me for most of my life have said the same thing in the last week.  ‘You look perky today…I swear you never age…No one could tell that you have been sick a day in your life,’ etc. etc. etc.

In August, I had a sudden onset of my knees being stiff and getting fluid in the joints, no recent or obvious cause for it. Even at night if I was laying on my side and went to roll over, I would cry out and have to assist my right leg to straighten out. That is all but gone now.  I can still feel some ‘resistance’ when I have been sitting with them crossed or laying with them bent, but no pain! I have been down on the hands and knees mopping floors and cleaning out cabinets and I am doing GREAT! Only getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep and having a good deal of long lasting energy for the majority of the day.