Stretching Time and Quantum Leaping For Higher Dimensional Living

by Alijandra

The experience of stretching time* might be viewed as the equivalent of living in the multi-spacious present, wherein one is aware of the fact that past, present and future exist simultaneously. In other words it is a state that exists beyond the parameters of space and time.
We have been informed that this method is commonly used by beings on the 5th dimension to manifest what they want virtually instantaneously. For our purposes on the earth plane what we can do, via stretching time, is to move into a parallel universe and manifest therein the outcome that we want to see in this reality.
Creation takes place instantaneously or at a rate that is faster than the speed of light in part because we have moved beyond the parameters of space and time. This is because matter is quite dense and the movement of the electrons is much slower than the speed of light. What is then required of us is that we enfold that which we have manifested in the parallel universe into the 3-D/4-D( very beginning) world that we presently occupy. The Quantum Leaping technique** shows us how to do this.
In Quantum physics there is the concept of parallel realities. It is also a metaphysical premise. This means that we have many different realities that exist as potential. We have selected the reality in which our current consciousness has housed itself, so to speak. But we have many more that we “star” in. Call these the probabilities, or potentials, or parallels.
Sometimes, one or more of these parallel realities is a lot more to our liking than what we have currently selected. Perhaps in another probability you have a cute cat and are happily married. In this one, you yearn for a marriage partner, and have the “cat from hell”! Want to change things here? Incorporate the energies of the desired parallel reality with your current reality. It is the ultimate in the art of manifesting.

Our guides have explained to us that sometimes they work with another parallel reality when they are assisting us with our lives. With the cooperation of our higher selves, they help us to fashion a life in another reality, then enfold it into our lives here. It has to be carefully done, as it usually causes some degree of upheaval, especially if there is resistance to it by yourself in this reality. Yes, you may want it, but fear gets in the way, for example.

Fear is 1/3 of a trilogy of emotions/thought forms that keep you from moving forward. It is part of the FUD Factor. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. When this factor dominates you, it invalidates your experience; your desires become unattainable. It can manifest as a mask of false humbleness, imbalanced self-esteem.It acts a a deterrent to realized spiritual attainment. Maya, or illusion, is always willing to support your personal view of self as a limited unworthy being.***

Step into the current beginnings of the 4th dimension now! Prepare for and be ready when the 5th dimension manifests on this earth.

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*    There is a technique on how to "stretch time" that will be given out soon in a class

**  This will be taught soon in a class

*** This paragraph's material from the author's cutting-edge book "Healing with the Rainbow Rays"  © 1995