by Alijandra

"Ask for divine assistance in aligning your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies with the Source energy." 
"St Germain says that large intergalactic openings are going on in each person's body. This is bringing about a huge escalation of awareness because the earth is multi-universal. And as we feel the intergalactic openings within us, it is also concurrently going on around us, as well. Beings from every dimension and every galaxy throughout the Universe are currently on the earth plane. This is creating a massive upheaval. There is a finishing of karma on all levels and now the doorway is open for those ones with the vibration of Bliss to do their work."
"Seeing to it that you have the cleanest chakras possible is immensely important. As concentrated energy points they strongly impact your bodily functions, your emotional responses, your mental clarity and most importantly your spiritual alignment and perceptions." 
 "To be fully human is to accept one’s idiosyncrasies and shadow emotions, but being committed to healing and balancing them with the rest of Self. It means to be fully present in the NOW. It is being grounded, balanced, compassionate and passionate. It also means to bring in Spirit to everything we do, to see ourselves as connected to every other living being on this planet." 
"Those beings who can remain in their center and operate from a place of harmony, acceptance and balance will be able to withstand whatever comes." 
No one really dies...we just change our address"
"You may be embodied as a human being on this earth plane, but you are so much more…you are the macrocosm. You are made of the stuff of the Universe. You are capable of more than you ever could imagine"
"My life is a glorious canvas. I paint upon it bold colors, subtle colors, unusual colors with strong images I am passionate to embody, and a myriad of feelings I want to express. It is a unique and a one-of-a-kind canvas, and it is mine."
"Given our androgynous nature, within the outer female is the inner male and within the outer male exists the inner female."
"To find your soul and align with it, you must strip away down to your core being all things you think you should be, including indoctrinated teachings that are not pure truth. If it isn't based in unconditional love, compassion and Oneness, then it is suspect."
"Point to Ponder: Until one is honest with oneself and consciously aware of yourself, you will be unable to honestly relate to others. Rather, you are likely to project onto them your insecurities and prejudices."
"I hope you realize that you, as the healer, do not really 'heal' the client. You present a mirror to him or her to show imbalance. You help the recipient move back into a state of balance and wholeness by reflecting wholeness back to the client." ~ from Healing with the Rainbow Rays
"Because the experience is such an ordinary part of our day to day existence we do not recognize the lethal role that self doubt oftentimes plays in self sabotage.Exercise for reducing/eliminating self doubt: Allow yourself to experience self doubt while simultaneously imagining showering oneself with the alchemical ray of coral."
"The attitude of Gratitude, when deeply felt and expressed on a regular basis, can become part of one's DNA."
"Being able to see the beauty of another's soul says volumes about your being in touch with your own soul's beauty."
"If the old aphorism is true that when the student is ready then the teacher will come, then the obverse must also be correct, i.e that when the teacher is ready the student(s) will come?"
"Do you remember why you are here?"
"I joyously expect to express new areas of my soul's purpose that are connected to an increased and expansive flow that I now allow in from Source."
"As we equally envelop spirit, energy, and matter on a spiritual level, truth versus illusion on a mental level, love versus fear on an emotional level, unlimitedness versus limitedness on a physical level, we begin to access states of Christ and Cosmic consciousness."
"Ask yourself today: 'Are you living your dreams?' If not, why not? At least look at your answer. Better still, see deeply into why you are not."
"The FUD factor (fear, uncertainty and doubt) acts as a deterrent to Self-realization. When this factor dominates you, it invalidates your personal experience of Truth, slowing down your progress on your spiritual path."
"I go within to connect with my higher self who is able to perceive everything at a more profound, larger radius of perspective and subtlety of vibrational frequencies."
"We are spirit beings cloaked in biological dress, here to bridge physical with nonphysical, matter with anti-matter, time with no time." ~ from Healing with the Rainbow Rays
"All that is not my energy, drop away from me now. All that is my energy baggage (which no longer defines who I am or who I am becoming), drop away from me now. Then flood my being with the rainbow rays from Source to fill my multiple bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual."
"I live my life in my own way, answering only to my inner self's truth."
"When I am guided by my soul in all things, I can't go wrong, even if I have challenges or misfortunes that present themselves. The solutions to all problems will present themselves if I am listening to my inner self."
"I appreciate myself; my assets, flaws and idiosyncrasies. I have let go of harsh self-judgements, for they support neither my growth nor my knowing that I am of the Source of All."
"You, and only you, are the one who chooses your thoughts. So choose wisely."
"All paths followed are our choice. I select the path of kindness."
"Today, I will access new areas within the vibrational spectrum of the Universe, and allow them to flow unimpeded through my essence and to the planet, bringing a state of wellness to both."
"Allow well being into your life! Allow it to flow unrestricted through your energy field and through your body. Resistance restricts the flow of well being."
"My affirmation is: I AM a clear and accurate channel for Source. My essence is nourished by this realization."
"As we clear unwanted, sluggish and useless energies and replace the 'open' spaces with vibrant Source level energies, we activate a quicker vibratory rate within, thus merging a more authentic self overlaying our 3rd dimensional body."
"We are the mystery of our own creation while we simultaneously create our own reality. We are the macrocosm and we are the microcosm." ~ from Healing with the Rainbow Rays
"Like a flawless diamond, our souls are beautiful, resilient, multifaceted and priceless!...feel yours today and everyday!"
"Reality, as you experience it, will conform itself to what you believe."
"Dive into a color vortex, feeling the colors sweep through you and around you! When you come out 'the other side', expect to see a different reality."
"Walk lightly upon the earth, leaving only footprints of the rose color of unconditional love behind."
"Love is alive and well, dwelling hidden or seen in every molecule of creation." ~ excerpt from the section 'Love is the Glue' from Cosmic Chakras
"By opening to Love we wipe away obstacles to experiencing the love of self, and then, by extension, the process of loving others." ~ from Healing with the Rainbow Rays
"And there is no impossible! If it can be thought, it is."
"Going with the flow doesn't mean paddling upstream!"

"Allow the magical and the unexpected to occur!"

"I choose to feel peaceful in this present moment, regardless of my outer life experiences."

"I feel supported by Source through my life experience here."

"Today, with anticipation and love, I will experience the flow of Love and Light from Source!"
"Each day I connect my physical, emotional, mental bodies and align my soul expression with Source. I know that help is always available to me from this Source."
Today, and every day, say "Yes!" to really living, laughing and loving!"

"I want to do and have and love in a way that is in harmony with my idea of the greatest pathway to travel!"

"As is the human chakra, so is the cosmic chakra." ~ from Cosmic Chakras
"I harmonize physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in this body with the highest, most compatible with my own, and most refined of energies of the Source."
"Good way to start your week: Feel the Radiant Rainbow flame underneath your feet and flaming up through your body and through your auric field, clearing away any debris or no longer needed energies from your body cells and your auric field. Its sweeping motion cleans, clears, balances. All that you no longer need or want because it does not define who you are or who you are becoming, is effortlessly consumed by the Radiant Rainbow flame from Source. Upon finishing, we thank the Source and the Source co-creator essence for Their help today. Feel the New You!"
"A good method of clearing your energy field and the cells of your body at the same time:
"Ask Source to send you the alchemical ray of COBALT to help with this. Feel this shade of blue ray permeate your essence from your outer auric field to the inner subatomic particles that make your physical body. This ray is composed of energies which include balanced brain (between logic and intuition), healing and transmutation. End the flow and thank Source when complete."
"Good to start your day with, or really any other time:
(1) Did you ground?
(2) Did you place a layer of protection (i.e. positive vibes that create a shield of protection)?
(3) Did you clear any unwanted energies (yours or others)?
(4) Did you work with your chakras to balance or clean?"

"Place yourself in the beautiful Transformational Indigo flame. Have it come up through your feet through your whole body and through all of your auric field. The indigo flame integrates the two hemispheres of the brain; the intuitive and the logic. It is the key to divine connection and realization. Opens up dormant brain centers, and key to the subtle chakras of the facial area. Use this flame to exercise the latent and unused areas of the brain. Use to balance your intuition and your logic. Use it for issues of lacking perception or trust in your inner voice."
"Place yourself in the beautiful Pan's Green Flame. Have it come up through your feet through your whole body and through all of your auric field. The misunderstood Pan is the great god of the earth, who commands nature. The green flame represents the healing power of nature and the multidimensional Cosmos. It initiates and solidifies form. When to use this flame---When one wishes to tune into and become one with nature, and all of the devas and nature spirits within it. To embrace the magical splendor of our natural world. To physically heal oneself. Accesses the wisdom of the heart. Use to clear issues of surrender, and fear of death. Representative gemstones: Dioptase, emerald, green tourmaline."
"Being compassionate also applies to how you treat yourself as well."
"I invoke the Light/Energy of Source to run through me. I allow myself to be a clear and perfect channel. I don't own the energy. I don't hold the energy. I simply move the energy."
"We were and are not just a part of Source, but Source Itself. That is what is so hard for us to accept, as we think we are so unworthy to be thought of as God, Goddess, All That Is, expressing Itself in created form. It is not ego, but Truth, for there is nothing that is not Source." ~  from Living in the Present Moment c. 2000
"Have you forgiven yourself for your previous actions, perceived flaws, and unlighted thinking and motives? Let go of the guilt you carry about having not been your best self. We talk about forgiving others for many transgressions, but do we extend that to ourselves? You are just as valuable as anyone else. Extend the same courtesy to yourself as well. You will be a ‘better you’ once you forgive and let go of the baggage you are carrying."
"Bring forth the Crystallizing Clear Flame from Source and move it through your body, cleaning and clearing and providing a mirror, letting blockages light up to show you where they are located."
"Point to Ponder: Loving oneself as one is, flaws and all, is a compassionate action which is seldom done for oneself, but often freely given to others. Why is that?"
"Do you KNOW that you are a worthy person? Do you FEEL that you are worthwhile? Do you THINK thoughts that are worthy of you? If you can't answer a full-hearted ‘yes’ to each one of these questions, than it is time to look at what prevents you from experiencing your worthiness in its entirety."
"Point to Ponder: Do you really know how blessed you are? Really? Take note of all the things to feel gratitude for, no matter what else is happening in your life which doesn't feel good."
"At the most fundamental level, we exist as love and light. Our shadows, which we have yet to come to term with, represent those aspects of ourselves that are drawn to and seeking to journey towards the love and light."
"What we are, do and think impacts everyone. We must even take responsibility for all of the emotions we feel."~ Healing with the Rainbow Rays
"Point to Ponder: Are you placing a focus on what is really important in your life?"
"Spiritual intent + right action = successful outcome."
"Mixed messages from us = mixed results from the universe."
"We were and are not just a part of Source, but Source Itself. That is what is so hard for us to accept, as we think we are so unworthy to be thought of as God, Goddess, All That Is, expressing Itself in created form. It is not ego, but Truth, for there is nothing that is not Source.’" ~ Alijandra from Living in the Present Moment 
"If life hasn’t been what you have wanted, you can begin to shift it right now. At the very least you can set into motion the blueprint for change. How fast it changes depends upon many factors, but CHANGE IT WILL."
"The planet is accelerating, life is accelerating. But are YOU left behind due to resistance? Yes, change can be challenging, but being stuck in the mud is far worse."
"When one moves into a space of love, compassion and understanding when looking at a problem, be it personal, political, business, or other, one can then perceive it through a more holistic, less confined, and/or fragmented lens."
"You can live in a universe of infinite possibilities or in a world wherein your choices appear to be limited. It all depends on which probability wave you choose to ride."
"Compassion happens when we are willing to suspend judgment and we are willing to step into the other person's shoes. The distance between them and us then disappears."
"Are you centered today? Are you grounded right now? Did you balance your chakras? Do you have a good, high level protective layer(s) in place? Where is your consciousness today?"
"Prior to a major shift or expansion in your life what may occur is a major contraction, particularly if you have some unresolved karmic issues that require clearing in a specific area of your life. This can be where you would like to manifest a significant change in your circumstances, be it in the arena of money, relationships, health, and so on."
The Beginning

From the Point of Light
within the center of Love

We move ever brighter
to become as One

All are Light
All are Love

~ from Healing with the Rainbow Rays

"I joyously expect to express new areas of my soul's purpose that are connected to an increased and expansive flow that I now allow in from Source."
"A powerful technique for generating the outcome you want, particularly involving a conflictual situation with another or others, is to surround all concerned in a pink bubble of light and visualize the outcome you want. Also, this technique may work even better if you have a neutral party assist you in visualize the outcome you want as they are not likely to have a vested interest in the matter and thus can visualize a positive outcome without generating any resistance."
"We were and are not just a part of Source, but Source Itself. That is what is so hard for us to accept, as we think we are so unworthy to be thought of as God, Goddess, All That Is, expressing Itself in created form. It is not ego, but Truth, for there is nothing that is not Source." ~ Alijandra from Living in the Present Moment
"Path to Enlightenment: As you increasingly become aware of the spirit of who you are, in contrast to identifying yourself with your physically based identity structure, you become less attached to various physical manifestations or outcomes. This will then enable you to experience a greater level of equanimity when faced with different kinds of challenges in your life."
"Point to Ponder: Are you placing a focus on what is really important in your life?"
"Questions to Ponder: What does tranquility mean to you? Can you say that you bring this state into your life, or is it just a word? When was the last time you really relaxed and just had ‘you’ time? If it has been too long, you know what you need to do next. Don’t consider it lost time. It will actually have a beneficial effect on the rest of your life and probably make your work more efficient and productive."
"I love all of me--even my disowned ‘shadow’ parts. And because I love all of me, I care enough to give healing to the parts that cry out for understanding and support."
"If things are not what you are wanting or expecting, maybe it is time to expand your horizons to look at other alternatives, other opportunities, other ways of thinking. If you find that your energy is stuck, it is really very easy to dislodge if you are willing."
"Feel for just one moment in ‘time’, that YOU are not contained within a little linear pathway, but encompass a vast spiral galaxy. Then, if after experiencing that, you feel a bit constrained in that galaxy, expand your consciousness to an entire universe, then multiple universes, then to the TAO Itself. Happy voyaging!"
"When manifesting, keep in mind that there is no limit or need to fear that there is only so much of whatever you are requesting to go around. It is an Unlimited Universe. There are only limits to your own thinking."
"We are all experiencing our personal tsunamis, relative to our unresolved issues and fears, and due to the speeding up and increasing intensity of the higher dimensional energies impinging on planet earth at this time."
"I have found that this little technique works when encountering resistance within yourself which isn't for your highest good. Have you noticed that resisting resistance just creates much more resistance? So, you don’t resist. You ACKNOWLEDGE non-verbally the resistance with your incoming breath. With your exhaling breath you then non-verbally state that you RELEASE the resistance. After a period of time of this kind of breathing, the energy will begin to depart. This works well with the energy of fear, as well as other sabotaging energies."
"’Taking care of what we have’ is an important lesson to learn. It doesn't just mean being appreciative of what we have in our lives, but caring for the planet--the beings that dwell on and within her, and her resources and environment."
"I choose to perceive that all good things are coming into my life. My beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions all support this premise."
"Are you honoring your body and being gentle with it? Harsh treatment, ridicule, dislike, neglect and such are ways in which we dishonor the role it plays on the earth...as an expression of your soul's energy and purpose. It ‘hears’ everything you say to it or think about it, and registers it in the cellular, physical, emotional and mental aspects. Resolve today to shift your perceptions where they are needing to be shifted, and see in time how your body changes in a more positive way."

"Are you able to receive without feeling guilt or a lack of self esteem coming up? Giving can be much easier than receiving, but you may be asked to find the balance and the flow in both energies."

"I allow the magical and unexpected to occur!"

"I make peace with where I am now, in this moment and the moments to come."
"Rainbow Warriors: Individuals of different races, cultures and economic backgrounds who have unique abilities to communicate as ‘beacons of Light’. Otherwise known as ‘Lightworkers’". 
"My inner being is infused with love, peace and enlightenment."

"I trust that if I completely merge my higher self within my physical body, that I will experience a fuller life, a deeper capability to love, and a greater capacity to express my divine purpose for being here."

"I create a new day for myself every morning by anchoring love, peace, harmony, compassion and all good things."
"Care about the opinions you hold, rather than what others think of you.  Your clear-sighted, 360 degree view of self is the only thing that matters."