It's No Longer the Dress Rehearsal

The Times, They Are A Changin'” Yes, I know you've heard that before! For years we have been talking about the changes, and there have been many...

As a planet we have transitioned through the original Harmonic Convergence, and the yearly anniversary of each one since, every planetary alignment and misalignment, energy doorways opening, as well as all the "natural" occurrences such as earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, fires, and tsunamis that predictably and unpredictably beset the earth. We have endured the man made problems of global warming, pollution, war, fear-based interactions, destruction of nature, and mistreatment of our fellow life forms--- those we deem "different" than us.

As each lighted action often produces elsewhere a "shadow" or dark reaction to balance out the energies, it seems at times as though we will never make it to higher ground.

Will we ever be able to fully merge our spirits into our physical matter? Will we ever become One with all life forms? Will we ever have a planet of love, peace, bliss and service to all?

And, on top of all that, what in heaven is our own individual mission? Well, I am here to say that all is on schedule, more or less! In spite of our often-blundering ways, the energies are shifting into universality and Oneness. Expect the growing pains, but they are natural and to be processed, healed, balanced, and transcended.

St Germain says that large intergalactic openings are going on in each person's body. This is bringing about a huge escalation of awareness because the earth is multi-universal. And as we feel the intergalactic openings within us, it is also concurrently going on around us, as well. Beings from every dimension and every galaxy throughout the Universe are currently on the earth plane. This is creating a massive upheaval. There is a finishing of karma on all levels and now the doorway is open for those ones with the vibration of Bliss to do their work.

The goal of this Healing with the Rainbow Rays work is to help you in your process of sloughing off that which does not work any longer for you. It is to help you to balance your body systems, to heal and balance your shadow issues: to clean and clear toxic based belief systems, emotional behaviors, and physical states. Its purpose is to open you to multi-realities, and a world of color you could not have imagined before.

Over the years, I have been heartened to see a big increase and larger acceptance of complimentary health modalities, with wider case studies and more evolved instruments to detect subtle energy in operation, which has given it much more credibility in the eyes of the medical establishment. We will continue to see growth in this arena. We can expect to continue to see institutions not in integrity and truth will have their imbalances exposed to be cleared, processed, healed and balanced. Spirituality and personal responsibility for one’s growth in all areas will continue their incredibly expansive upward progress. One can expect backlashes from those in fear mode as their cherished ideas are challenged.

Those beings who can remain in their center and operate from a place of harmony, acceptance and balance will be able to withstand whatever comes.

Mother Earth in cooperation with the Great One are working to clear her body and uplift it into a higher frequency. It would behoove us as dwellers upon her to live in cooperation and love of her and each other.

If you consider yourself a lightworker, healer, medium, intuitive, spiritual initiate, etc., be prepared to "step up to the plate" right now and in the next months and years. As the energies of the Harmonic Convergence and Concordance anniversaries, portal openings, dimensional veils thinning, cosmic alignments and now the Big Shift -- represented in this year of 2012 and beyond -- become anchored on this dimension. And as a being of light, be prepared for people who have managed to stay unconscious, or on the sidelines, begin to wake-up in ways they never imagined. They will need your guidance and understanding as they shift into an awakened state and struggle with how to live their lives in new ways.

You may be embodied as a human being on this earth plane, but you are so much more…you are the macrocosm. You are made of the stuff of the Universe. You are capable of more than you ever could imagine.

You wondered what it was that was your mission? Well, wonder no more. It is underway...

"You ... who have the LIGHT...
What are you doing with it?"
~ Paul Claudel

 *St Germain is an ascended master who works at multiuniversal levels, has multiple specialties of expertise in diplomacy, immortality, alchemy, healing and teaching, galactic government and anything else Source hands him! 

© 2006/rev.2012 From "Cosmic Chakras" by Alijandra. All rights reserved. No duplication without permission from the author.