A 12-21-12 Technique

On this day of 12-21-12, we are welcoming in the new influx of Light through the portal of our galactic core of this Milky Way galaxy in which we reside. It is the start of a new beginning at a higher octave of vibration. This will amplify your positive traits and abilities and energy, and also amplify any areas that need to be healed and balanced.

Many of us are still having issues within our multi-body system. What I would like to do now is have us take a look at each one, see what are needs are, and then bring in one of the beautiful rays of Source through the galactic core and into us to heal, balance and shift the energies.
  • Ground. You can do this by sending a grounding cord from your tailbone into the center of the earth. Make it a grounding color: either red, orange, yellow or black are good choices.
  • Protect with the archangels of the 4 corners: AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Uriel and AA Ariel to place a golden pyramid of protection in your room, anchoring it into the four corners. It allows in only the highest, most compatible of energies with your own.
  • You can also call forth your guides and teachers.
  • Anchor in your Higher Self and I Am Presence.
  • First, let us scan at our physical body. Let's include the cellular body with it. Close your eyes and feel with your inner senses what is going on with your physical. Are you feeling pain or discomfort anywhere? Are you feeling blocked or energetically constipated in any area? Are you just feeling off?
  • Let us bring in the beautiful Emerald Green ray through your root chakra and feel it flood our beings from head to foot, feeling it moving into problem areas. Feel it penetrate into your tissues, organs, cells and atoms.
  • Next, let us look at our emotional body. Are we upset, angry, depressed, listless, happy, joyful, excited, even-tempered?
  • For healing, let us bring forth the Rose Ray into our heart chakra – the rose aspect - and allow it to penetrate all aspects of our emotional being. Send it specifically to areas in the body where imbalance can be felt.
  • Now, go to your mental body. Is your thinking confused, clear, scattered, sharp?
  • For mental healing, let us bring forth the Cobalt Blue ray, which is an aspect of the Indigo ray with the added energies of black and green. Bring it in through the third eye, feeling it go all through you, with an emphasis on the brain area.
  • Next, is our spiritual body. Are we feeling in alignment with our Higher Self, and I AM Presence? Are we feeling connected to Source? Are we blissful, and joyful?
  • For spiritual healing, let us use the Diamond Ray. It is is the pure Clear Light of Source. Feel it download into you through the crown chakra, going through all of you. Feel it clean and clear your chakras.
  • Let's finish with a downpour of all the Rainbow Rays to flood our beings.
  • Re-ground, if you need to.