After the Shift

What Do We Do Now?

This is a most exciting, most unique and most impactful time in the Earth's history! You could call it the Little Planet That Could, located in the boonies of this sector of this galaxy. It has garnered the close observation and attention of the entire Multiverse and brought forth many to walk the planet in order to serve and make a difference from every sector of this vast Cosmos!

To see where we are today, let us first give an overview of the last 25 years. Beginning with the first Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, we have seen the waves of energy from the Source or the Godhead sweep over and through this planet, allowing for the much needed clearing processes and releasing of blockages. We experienced the various waves, physical through spiritual in sequential order, downloading onto the planet to get in deeper to our essences; in other words, to peel back our onion layers to their cores.

All along the way, we experienced multiple portals or stargates open to us (the different 11:11s, the 12:12:12 etc), eclipses, alignment of planets drenched us in amplified spiritual energies which helped us to take in higher and higher frequencies of Light and Love.

These various stargate openings took us up to the shift of Dec. 21. 2012 and this present momentous time. Many have spoken of what this shift has meant to the planet and how vitally important and serious it is. I won' repeat these wonderful insights again. What I would like to do is to come at this in a little different way. How do we adjust and cope with this shift? Many are having a very difficult time. What do we do next?

The question has been posed: "What do you feel is the most important focus for people in our type of networks right now?"

To fully enter into a physical 5th dimension, there needs to be much re-alignment and cellular/atomic acceleration into that particular frequency. So many precious souls that are here in the Light are still struggling with the negative ego, severe physical illnesses, and general misalignments and fears of all kinds. As a healer by trade, I am grateful for my guides of the Rainbow Liquid Light who have come to assist me and those wishing the help with their intense but powerful Source energies that particularly focus on readying one for living fully in the 5th dimension. And there are many more wonderful healing modalities out there...a lovely buffet where one can choose the one or more modalities that satisfy the pallette.

Besides the all important "being of the greatest service to humanity", which is our lightworker's motto, it is the continued dedication to our own soul's growth. Just because we have passed this major marker, doesn't mean we are done. Our growth is not just planetary, but multidimensional and Cosmic. It involves us becoming good stewards of our planetary transformation. It is to envision our planet joining in Oneness with the other planets and star systems in peace and harmony, and welcoming them to the earth when that time comes where it is officially acknowledged, rather than hidden. It is to stop this ridiculous lens perspective of seeing everyone else as the "other" or separate from self. Another of our mottos is "From separation to Oneness." And we strive to live it.

And in no particular order, here are some more things to ponder:

  • Becoming informed on how to bring forth one's wholebrain balance
  • Opening up the chakras to larger flows of love and light.
  • Energetically cleaning the body systems such as lymphatic and bloodstream, utilizing the organs and glands beyond the physical expression---knowing they are portals to other realities and dimensions. Taking those openings into the mystical arts if one is so inclined.
  • Allowing the heart and mind to come together in alignment rather than be in competition or feeling superior to the other.
  • To bring about that all important balance of the male and female energies.
  • To align our emotions or feelings to our highest spiritual intent.
  • To stand tall in our divinity, knowing who we are and what we represent.
  • To understand the underpinings of Reality and that ultimately it is an Illusion. That only God'/Goddess, Love, compassion, Light is real.
  • To understand that all beings on this planet, not just human, have consciousness and are a spark of divinity and deserve our love and respect.
  • To treat our Mother Earth as our Mother, who takes care of us and loves us.
  • To treat our beloved Nature and the devic and elemental energies as sacred.
  • Be a good example. Practice what you preach.
  • Don't be content to stay in one place energetically or spiritually. Continue to grow.

These are exciting times! We are no longer in the dress rehearsal...we are smack dab in the live play itself. We have waited eons of time for this moment. When things get too rough, or you feel the heavy weight of it, just know that you are here for a reason. It isn't random. Some day we will fully understand why and how...all the questions we wanted to ask the Source. Namaste, dear ones.