A Dolphin Show in California

Many years ago, when my children were still quite young, we decided to visit the local attraction of the animal theme park Marine World in the bay area of California. While I am not a huge fan of animals of the wild being cooped up in captivity, I moved through my mixed feelings of wanting my children to have the experience of seeing exotic birds and other animals, and my PETA style sensibilities. Another big reason was to see the dolphin event.

We went to one of the first dolphin shows of the day. We got close to the water by sitting in the bench seats in the first row. As the dolphins swam out, I felt a HUGE heart connection, something that had happened before, but rarely. Waves of love and bliss flowed through me. I sat there statue-like and stunned.

And so were the dolphins...at least they were motionless. The trainer attempted to run them through their various routines for their act. The dolphins refused to move. Finally after a few minutes of nothing happening, the trainer ended the show, clearly at a loss at what else he could do. He mentioned when the next show would be.

The amazing heart feeling began to dissipate as the dolphins left the arena.

We went to a later show, and I did not have the same reaction. The dolphins performed in their usual expert way.

I later asked an intuitive what had happened. She said that we—the dolphins and I—recognized each other. That they had not expected to see me there, and I had not anticipated to have that heart communion with them. It was a mutual love fest, as it were. They focused on that, and not on performing.

It was truly a blessing, and absolutely the best part about being there.

© 2013 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra from the e-book Rainbow Dolphin Pod Healing