Overcoming Fear

Fear is considered an unpleasant, strong emotion caused by the expectation and awareness of danger. Like anger, we have many words to describe it: anxiety, terror, panic, fright, dread, and trepidation.

There are times in which fear may act in our favor, such as in the “flight versus fight” response of our adrenal glands. It can warn us of physical danger and get us out of the way of harm. No body has said that cautionary behavior is not valid.

However, most fear I have discovered is largely unfounded. Most fears don’t seem to come true unless you, by your continued preoccupation, manifest occurrences in your life; in a sense, “playing them out”. Continually fearing that disaster is just waiting behind the corner to strike you may well come true as you expect it to.

False evidence appearing real is an accurate depiction of the illusion of fear. As tangibly real as it often seems to us, it is ultimately illusory.

Much of my own life I have wrestled with conquering my fears, whether they be of survival, disaster, security issues, the unknown future, relationship- or money-oriented. In the past, I have seen the demon as something to be vanquished. In doing so, I may temporarily win, but the monster always comes back.

Then I learned the act of non-resistance.

A technique that has worked well for me has the incoming breath acknowledging the fear (whatever it is) and the exhaling breath, releasing the fear. I learned to stay with the breathing, even if it took an hour or more, until the feelings of fear had dissipated. By acknowledging it, I didn’t say it really existed, just that I recognized its illusory presence within me. This act on non-resistance does not feed the fear, increasing its potency, but begins to dissipate it.

There are different levels of fear, for I do not feel that it is a strictly 3rd dimensional reaction. I believe that it can deposit in all of our bodies, and in other aspects of our multiple selves living on other energy frequencies.

Believe it or not, a primary definition of fear in the dictionary is having a reverent awe of God”! Talk about how we have let fear rule us! We have even taught ourselves to be afraid of God. This fearing of God is the ultimate illusion.

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