Why We Need to Clear

Why do we need to clear? It's a good question. If we just focused on the spiritual and positive in our lives wouldn't that take care of everything?

Wouldn't it elevate us to a sublime place wherein all lower density energies would be instantly made null and void?

I wish it were that simple.  Many times in my roles as a healer and spiritual counselor I have seen active participants on certain spiritual paths get hung up on shadow issues which have begun to take them over. It perplexes them to no end as they have spent their time in intensive spiritual practices and meditations; they understandably cannot fathom how the lower level energies can be bothering them so.

More often than not we have discovered in our growth work together that they have ignored the base, spleen and solar plexus chakras in their zeal to uplift the kundalini from the lower chakras into the upper chakras in pursuit of enlightenment. The first three chakras may not even the most dissonant in nature, but by ignoring their existence they set up a situation for the shadow to dominate. They have denied old patterns of karma and conditioning by family and society. They feel uncomfortable in their emotional body when old wounds surface, and think it is best to keep the negative feelings locked tightly away in a box. But like Pandora's box, put on a little stress or apply a hot trigger issue to the person and suddenly the box pops open, unleashing a storm of unresolved shadow energy.

Distressed, the spiritual devotee attempts to get control of the hurricane and sweep it back into the box. Or they may try to logically manage it by thinking it away. Then they try even harder to move back into their spiritual good feelings. But it never quite works, does it?

This is the paradox : It is the time when the most growth can be made. Now, you have the opportunity to clear old wounds and painful emotions. The denial of them has slowed your spiritual progress to a some degree.

When the cells of our bodies store old debris--things that no longer define who we are currently and who we are becoming--they take up valuable room. It leaves less space for the higher resonance energies. Pandora's box, containing our shadow energies, is really present within our cellular structure, and we find them also within the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual bodies. And, of course, they lodge at the chakra levels. We have further discovered less than wonderful energies in our multidimensional aspects on various planes of existence, and of course, our simultaneous lifetimes (which are our "past" lives and "future" probabilities). It seems the more you dig, the deeper you go and the more you find!

Now, there is a true shadow energy and it is seen as the energy of the Womb of Creation. It is the Yin energy. It has a balance with the Yang or light energy, and is as essential to the Whole. The shadow energy we speak of to clear is the bastardized, unbalanced aspects of shadow which is not the true shadow energy of the yin.  The goal is to embrace the true shadow which wants to be acknowledged and appreciated. As we uncover, acknowledge, clear, heal and balance the shadow emotions, we allow a place of acceptance of this true shadow energy. We cannot exist in a dualistic Creation without the shadow, the counterpoint to the light.

A crucial aspect to the clearing process is "being in the present moment". As I stated in my article "Living in the Present Moment" (see Living in the Present Moment):

When we live in the present moment fully with all parts of us (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) being “here and now”, this naturally clears and grounds us, and aligns all of our bodies.

Albeit a challenge for most of us, we should do all are able to bring ourselves into present moment. For ideas on doing this, see that article.

What also can happen is that strict focus only on the Light can actually attract the Dark to you to deal with, as this is a dualistic Universe. Living in the present moment and balancing ourselves in the Clear Light of Source can do much to keep the yo-yo effect between Light and Dark at bay. (Obviously, the "clear" light, and "clearing" as a term was not coined by a coincidence of terminology!)

To best answer the question "why do we need to clear?":   Living a life as clean as we can get--and it is always an on-going process, as is the path of enlightenment--simply makes us happier, more peaceful beings. We become more in tune with our inner selves and higher power, and feel more connected to each other, all living essences, and the cosmos. What could be more satisfying than that?

The new technique detailed below is one of many that you can practice to clear yourself:

~ Surround yourself in protective energy. To manifest this, just ask for Source energy, or the archangels of the four corners:  Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and Uriel to surround you in a pyramid of protective lighted energy that allows in  only the highest and most compatible of energies. We also add in Raphael at the capstone of this pyramid.

~ Ground yourself to the earth. Do this by whatever has worked for you before. Or you may send a cord of color (one of the grounding colors such as red, orange, yellow or black) from your tailbone to the core of the earth--securing it by wrapping it around a large crystal or boulder within the earth.

~ Ask for the Crystalizing Clear Flame (see The 3 Fold Flames) to surround your auric field with its glow. [If you've never used the flames before, bring in the Violet Transmuting Flame instead.] The Crystalizing Clear Flame will provide a mirror to see yourself clearly. It also is a place of balance between the light energy and the dark energy. It is an energy the ancient Tibetans worked with extensively.

~ Visualize your base chakra. (For a list of the chakras and their locations, see The 12 Major Chakras.) Ask Source to send a rainbow vortex to this chakra. Feel it spin through the interior of the red 1st chakra.  As it does so, know that it is flinging out those energies you deem no longer useful--whether they be your own or someone else's that has penetrated into this energy center. As the discordant energies are flung out of the chakra, know that they are being cleaned up by the flame surrounding you before it leaves your auric field. This causes a shift in the energy which having been recycled, can be used by the earth for whatever purpose She sees fit. You can visualize the rainbow vortex as traveling in a counter-clockwise (or left) movement which honors the feminine balance. Then you can ask it to turn clockwise (or right direction) for the masculine balance.

~ After finishing with the rainbow vortex, we recommend balancing  the chakra by turning it 13 times to the right (to attune to the Masculine energy of Creation), 13 times to the left (to attune to the Feminine energy of Creation), 13 times over (to attune to Spirit) and 13 times under (to attune to the created Universe of matter).

~ When complete, move onto the next chakra, and so forth until you finish.

~ Re-ground, if necessary and let the flame dissolve.

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