Spiritual Download

Several years ago, I had what you might call a “download.”

At the risk of sounding like I’ve spent too long in “Silicon Valley”--the popular name for the metropolitan area of San Jose, California where I’ve made my home for over 25 years, it really couldn’t be called anything less than that.

Information poured into me in the form of energy--most of it so quickly that I couldn’t catch probably 99.9% of it.

For a few years, I had been procrastinating in moving myself past the levels I had been teaching. While I was concurrently and rapidly evolving through various initiations, on a fast track like many of us are presently, I had depended on my council of guides, primarily on St. Germain, to be there through thick or thin. Of course, it seemed like every year or two there was a “change of the guard”---new guides added as others left. As I shifted, I outgrew some of the beings that had been originally assigned to me. The one constant was St. Germain, my main teacher.

That was about to change. Just before the “download” he said to me, “You are stopping at me. You need to pass by me and go directly to Source for your answers.” I rebelled, of course. Why change things?

It was taken out of my hands. Source intervened, and removed St. Germain from my sphere. The message was clear. It was time to stretch, and shift my focus to Source.

While I generally found the Source to be initially somewhat impersonal in Its enormousness, as compared to the personal, witty, loving, and occasionally maddening “Wonderman of Europe,” I was rewarded with so many ways to help human beings to heal themselves on every level. And, in addition, brought myself back into my own Oneness with the All That Is. Everything I loved about St. Germain, I found embodied in our Creator.

And as I fulfilled my destiny to be connected consciously back to Source, I was rewarded with the presence of St. Germain again. Now both guide me.

*St. Germain is an ascended master who works at multiuniversal levels, has multiple specialties of expertise in diplomacy, immortality, alchemy, healing and teaching, galactic government and anything else Source hands him!