The Three-Fold Flames

The flames are the precursors, if you will, to the rays. They are Source level (13th dimensional) and they created the rays at the 12th dimension. The flames have an evolved co-creator essence within each one. They are very powerful singly, but phenomenal when combined with other flames.

Why use three-fold flames instead of some other combination, or the flames by themselves?

The three-fold flames carry out the trinity energy of Light (masculine aspect of Source), Love (feminine aspect of Source) and Balance (androgyny, or balance between the poles). They can represent, also, what Neale Donald Walsch in his "Conversations with God" says are the "three elements". He states, "The All of Everything chose to know Itself experientially." So it divided Itself, becoming three elements: that which is here, that which is there, and that which is neither here nor there. but which has to exist so here and there can exist--the non-space which holds the space. To create, the rays and their precursors--the flames--carry out the trinity theme.

The 13 Flames
Ruby red flame
Metamorphosis orange flame
Transubstantiational yellow flame
Pan's green flame
Transfigurational rose flame
Cosmic Translucent blue flame
Transformational indigo flame
Transmuting violet flame
Irridescent silver flame
Alchemical gold flame
Opalescent white flame
Crystallizing clear flame
Transcendent black flame

Ruby red flame ~ A deep red, translucent corundum (an extremely hard mineral occuring in gems), highly valued as a precious stone. Used throughout Creation to densify existence, to make more "physical", even in non-physical or etheric dimensions.

When to use this flame: When there are physical obstacles to overcome. Expansion and resourcefulness. Use this flame to clear issues of survival and security. Representative gemstones: Ruby or red jasper.

Infra-red flame ~ "Electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths greater than those of visible light and shorter than those of microwaves". Another aspect of the red flame. Similar to the ruby red, but formulated by Source for a more physical impact in denser worlds such as earth.

When to use this flame: Representative gemstones: Garnet. Bloodstone.

Metamorphosis orange flame ~ "A transformation, as if by magic. Deals with our expression of creativity and sexual expression." Emphasizes the goddess energy of creative, sensual tantric expression of the soul.

When to use this flame: When one hungers to feel the lush, feminine creative juices flow and bring forth life in whatever form, be it a life, a project, the sensual expression of Source. Use this to clear issues of blocked or excessive sexuality, sensuality, or blocked creativity. Representative gemstones: Carnelian, orange shade amber.

Transubstantiational Yellow Flame ~ "To change one substance into another; transmute. In theology, it means to change the substance of the eucharistic bread and wine into the true presence of Jesus Christ." Represents the powerful energy of the Central Sun. The one known as the Christ (or Son) when he walked the planet showed the greatest of courage, the deepest of self-love and love for others and the purest of the power principle in the most testing of times. It is the courage, love and empowerment of our third chakras.

When to use this flame: When one needs to understand his/her own power. The yellow flame helps one to reach out to one’s brothers and sisters in the created world. To supply warmth and physical validation. Use to clear issues of empowerment, abuse of power, self-hatred, resentment of others, separation. Representative gemstones: Citrine, yellow topaz.

Pan’s Green Flame ~ The horribly misunderstood Pan is the great god of the earth, who commands nature. The green flame represents the healing power of nature and the multidimensional Cosmos. It initiates and solidifies form.

When to use this flame: When one wishes to tune into and become one with nature, and all of the devas and nature spirits within it. To embrace the magical splendor of our natural world. To physically heal oneself. Accesses the wisdom of the heart. Use to clear issues of surrender, and fear of death. Representative gemstones: Dioptase, emerald, green tourmaline.

Transfigurational Rose Flame ~ "To change radically the appearance or shape of; to glorify; exalt." It is a flame of infinite love, longing to celebrate the Mother principle of Creation. Admittedly, all rays are without gender. But certain flames have come forth for specific functions. It is the rose flame’s wish to express the feminine energy of the Love principle of the omniverse. It heals emotional wounds and excessive empathy. It clears the overindulgence of negative emotions and promotes a more unified bond for those with the isolating perspective of separation from all of the Creator’s creation.

When to use this flame: When one needs a more substantial experience of divine, unconditional love, when emotional healing is needed, when needing to understand that separation is an illusion. Use to clear issues of conditional love, emotional heartbreak, judgments. Representative gemstones: Rose quartz, kunzite.

Cosmic Translucent Blue Flame ~ "Transmitting light but diffusing it sufficiently to cause images to become blurred." Opens up creativity and communication. Links one to the angelic kingdom, and to the sacred OM vibration.

When to use this flame: To unblock verbal and artistic expressions. To express cosmic truths. Use to clear issues of speaking your truth, overseriousness, or insensitivity in speech. Representative gemstones: Celestite, aquamarine

Transformational Indigo Flame ~ "To change markedly in form or appearance." Integrates the two hemispheres of the brain: the intuitive and the logic. Key to divine connection and realization. Opens up dormant brain centers, and key to the subtle chakras of the facial area.

When to use this flame: Use to exercise the latent and unused areas of the brain. To balance your intuition and your logic. Use for issues of lacking perception or trust in your inner voice. Representative gemstones: Lapis, sodalite.

Transmuting Violet Flame ~ First brought forth for us by St. Germain. To change from one form, nature, condition, etc. into another; transform. Brings purity, knowledge and wisdom to the user.

When to use this flame: This flame cleanses and purifies all four bodies, elevating them as well as bringing them back to a state of balance. Use to clear issues of flow and fear of the unknown. Representative gemstones: Amethyst, purple fluorite.

Ultraviolet Flame ~ Archangel Michael calls this "the electromagnetic energies that are the fields of cosmic understanding of great variables". Defined by the dictionary as "electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 4000 angstroms, just shorter than those of visible light, and 40 angs, just longer than those of x-rays."

When to use this flame: Another aspect of the violet flame and similar to the transmuting violet flame, but formulated by Source to provide a more physical impact at a little denser level, such as the earth. Helps clear issues of addiction and denial. Representative gemstones: Stichtite, lavender quartz.

Irridescent Silver Flame ~ Producing a display of lustrous rainbow-like colors.The Love, feminine aspect of Divine Mother, it’s cool flame sparkles like millions of shimmery stars. The atoms of the goddess.

When to use this flame: Use this flame to shapeshift or enter parallel dimensions. Beingness and love are its keynotes. Also use when the feminine essence is needed in full force, or when there are issues regarding the feminine energy. Use for issues of separation, illusion, and self-doubt. Representative gemstones or elements: Galena, silver, hematite.

Alchemical Gold Flame ~ Magical power.The Light, masculine aspect of the Godhead, it burns like melted gold. Royal, rich, fullbodied, warm. The Christ consciousness.

When to use this flame: Use this flame to sustain your power as you move into other dimensions. Movement and light are its keynotes.Also use when the masculine essence is needed in full force, when there are issues regarding the masculine energy, limiting of self and one’s divinity. Representative gemstones or elements: Gold, pyrite.

Opalescent White Flame ~ A milky iridescence like that of an opal. One of the three original rays from the Tao, it is the reflection of Source outward, and the vessel for all the color rays. It proclaims the Lighted glory of the One as it protects and proclaims its sovereignty to all creation. It is like the sunlight of the Source, as the black flame is the nightime or dark night of the Source. It blows away negativity like so much dandelion fluff, and it stands guard over our essences like silent sentries, daring the unholy energies of separation to just try to hurt us.

When to use this flame: When we need to purity our essences, such as in the alchemical process of sublimatio, which transforms a condensed substance into one that’s less dense. Helps us to see truth and beauty which is in ourselves. Connects us with our guidence, and lightens our four bodies. Use to clear issues of truth, and separation from Source. Representative gemstones: Pearl or opal.

Crystallizing Clear Flame ~ One of the three original rays from the Tao, it is the mirror. It is the messenger. It is the flow simultaneously out as it flows in. It contains all rays within it. The clear flame is the reflection of Self at all levels, and it shows us our twin soul essence who dreams as we are awake, and who is awake as we dream. It allows us to see ourselves, to adore ourselves, to love ourselves in the other, while really what is happening is the adoration of our own God self. It is represented in our creation as the crystalline form of expression.

When to use this flame: To see something clearly and truthfully, rather than through "a glass darkly". When the message needs to be delivered from the Source to the receiver. When it is necessary to see the dreamer and the dream simultaneously at an esoteric level, and where one is unawake at the 3rd dimensional level. In the alchemical process, we can liken it to the distillation or separation process, wherein there is a breaking down of useless attitudes and negative patterns, leaving us with a more purified image of self. Use to clear issues of control. Representative gemstones: Diamond, clear quartz.

Transcendent Black Flame ~ "To rise above, surpass, exceed. To exist above and independent of". Comes forth as the core original representation of the Tao, the Void of creation. The Tao exists when creation doesn’t, which is part of the cycle of all things. It (holding all color rays within it) exists when the exhaling breath of creation shows us the manifested universes, and when the Source’s inhaling breath draws creation back into Itself, the Tao is still present. The black flame is its representation in the manifested creation, and yet, simultaneously retains itself in the unmanifested creational Void.

When to use this flame: To effect the most radical changes. To move the most entrenched energies (often of stagnation), to transform the most undesired manifestations. To expand into other realities. To recreate. To strip away all illusions. Not for the fainthearted, or undecided. For in accepting this flame, one must accept the disturbing of our most cherished illusions, deceptions and delusions. Similiar to the transitional state of death. In the alchemical process it is the final stage of coagulatio or recombination--a compressed, purified, refined essence. It is the first step to changing the blueprint. Use to clear fear of change, and unwillingness to look at your shadow self. Representative gemstones: Black tourmaline, obsidian.

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