Eliminating Self-Doubt: The Underminer of Your Divine Self

Doubt may be defined as a feeling of distrust and uncertainty, implying a distinctly negative judgment. The “doubting Thomas” is familiar to us. He is one who is habitually doubtful and refuses to believe anything without proof; a skeptic. That is not the same as questioning what you see around you or taking everything in this world at face value without using your rational mind and intuitive perceptions. I am not advocating that. 

I am defining doubt for our purposes as the continued inability to trust ourselves and our connection to the All. It is our being unable to accept our own intuition or heart-centered truths. It frequently comes from the busy, often confused brain or body/mind. 

The cloudy energy of doubt may not sound as lethal as addiction or rage or victimhood. However, to underestimate it is to see how it can sneakily and destructively undermine your growth and keep you from knowing your Oneness.

The 19th dimension is a good one to use for the identifying and eliminating of doubt within our bodies, emotions and minds. It is a plane with an American Indian energy. There is a powerful sense of “knowingness” and “beingness”, spiritual strength and speaking one’s truth. The colors that are used have a native American flavor; translucent blue (a turquoise shade), black, and red (a coral shade). They combine alchemically to form coral. The symbol of this dimension is the arrowhead, another native power tool.

~ Apply the transfigurational rose flame to your body, cleaning every cell with the loving and transfiguring power of unconditional love. Pay particular attention to the heart chakra, since much doubt which lodges in the mind overrules the true perceptions of the heart. Our position is to strengthen the heart’s understanding and natural faith.

~ Move your attention to your base chakra. Turn the red disk 19 times to the right, 19 times to the left, 19 times over, and 19 times under. The “right” direction, or clockwise, is the male balance. The “left” direction, or counter-clockwise, is the female balance. The “over” refers to Spirit, the “under” refers to matter or earth. (For a list of the chakras and their positions, see my article The 12 Major Chakras.

~ Rotate the rest of the chakras in the same manner.

~ Now, go back to the base chakra. Send out a braid of the turquoise blue, black, and coral red rays. Ask the braid to link firmly into the 19th frequency or dimension. As it does, see the braid morph into the alchemical color of coral

~ Do this with each of the rest of the chakras through the black ray chakra below the feet. All of the chakras will be tied firmly into the 19th dimension with braids of coral.

~ Allow yourself to experience for a few minutes the energies of this plane.

~ Bring forth the arrowhead and picture it piercing the veil of illusion that surrounds your essence. The illusion is that you are separate from the Source and separate from all living energies--be they human, plant, animal, star, atoms or galaxies. Cut away the sheath of lower level doubt energy that enshrouds your pure essence of Self.

~ Now ask for the Great Central Sun to come forth and illuminate your being, lighting up areas or pockets in your physical body wherein you hold feelings of doubt. Note these without judgment but do retain the memories, so that when you return to normal consciousness you will be able to work with them.

~ Now ask for the Sun to illuminate your emotional body and see where the doubt lodges.

~ Next ask for an illumination of your mental body. Also, see where the doubt permeates.

~ Finally ask your individualized soul essence if there has been soul damage in the past that may have caused you to carry doubt from other space/time existences and/or lifetimes.

~ When you have thoroughly scanned your being and you have the data you need, bring back your consciousness to the present 3rd dimensional reality.

~ To work on self alone, you may apply the healing energies by visualization of the energies directly to the afflicted spots.

~ If you have a partner who has also done this technique and is linked in to the 19th plane, he/she should begin to run the energy frequencies from this level into your body areas needing clearing and aligning. Verbalize what you are sensing with the areas of doubt energy and what the patterns are. If your partner has not linked in to the 19th dimension, he or she can still channel appropriate energies to you to facilitate this clearing, if the intent by the healer is set to do so. 

~ When each area seems complete, energetically visualize and place the arrowhead over the balanced spot.

~ When all the areas have been addressed, cleared and aligned, ground and clear as always.

©1999-2002 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved. From an untitled manuscript in progress.