How to Remove Entrenched Thinking Patterns

One of the hardest kinds of clearing work to do is mental clearing. (I should know--the bulk of my own clearing work has been with the mental body) Over the centuries of time in which we live, we pick up certain ways of thinking that are peculiar to the culture or race and/or family we are a part of. While at the time these ways of thinking may seem perfectly normal for their place and time period, in hindsight--and with a non-spatial and non-linear view--they may be not only in error, but even preposterous. Seldom are these thoughts cleared with the physical death, but lay waiting for us to pick up again in a future physical incarnation.

My particular entrenched thought form has been this: 

Service to humankind = Personal sacrifice 

In other words, if I am to serve humankind, I am to sacrifice a personal life of a significant other (usually a spouse) and children. It usually will take the form of limited monetary resources, as well.

That thought form is in error in the eyes of God.

Source has never expected us to make a choice like this lifetime after lifetime. Yes, it may fit the best occasionally in some situations, but it has often been the particular thinking pattern of certain ages of humankind. We see this especially in the Christianity years of the middle ages where one’s choice was marriage and family or monastic service. Of course, I picked the monastic life--even when I wasn’t supposed to in my pre-birth contract! In one lifetime, I actually shortened my lifespan by about 13 years by this choice. (Hey, if you had a choice to join your friend St Clare of Assisi’s Poor Clares, wouldn’t you?)

My problem is that I have had that old chestnut going since Atlantean times, which were considerably more evolved than our recent middle ages. It wasn’t, in my case, peculiar to the St. Clare time period. Now I am ready to shift that entrenched thinking pattern. And you can, too.

The purpose of this technique is to examine your consciousness for a specific entrenched thinking pattern. An entrenched pattern is one in which the thought pattern is so deeply embedded as to make change difficult. When you have selected the pattern, begin the exercise.

~ Ground to the earth. This is best done by sending a grounding cord from your base chakra into the center of the planet.

~ Bring forth a chalice (like the holy grail). It will be your own chalice, decorated, designed and in whatever color(s) you wish. The chalice is often thought of as receptive or feminine in nature.

~ Notice the elixir in the chalice. It is composed of a mixture of all the elements (air, water, fire, earth and ether). It is the life force; it has been called in different cultures, the prana, the ki, the chi, the ka. Check to see how full or empty the living energy is inside the chalice. Re-fill it to the top, if needed.

~ Picture your chalice inside you at the base chakra. Notice the state of your chakra. Is it faded or vibrant, loaded with unproductive lower level energy or sparkling with life?

~ Place your first chakra inside the cup. There will be plenty of room for it to fit.

~ Have the base chakra absorb the energy from the chalice, paying particular attention to clearing away any debris or inharmony and pumping up the spiritual energy.

~ Now turn the chalice with the chakra in it, 30 times to the left and 30 to the right. This figure represents the energy level of the 30th dimension. As you turn it, no life force will spill out.

~ Leave the chalice with the chakra in it in place throughout the next few steps.

~ When complete, move on to the spleen chakra. Do the same as above. 

~ You will have a separate chalice for each chakra. Notice with each chalice the differences and similarities.

~ Also, check out the amount of living life force in each chalice at each chakra level.

~ Send a braid of orange, yellow and translucent blue from your base chakra to the 30th dimension. Link in strongly to this plane. It is a plane of ideas. It appears to have no human beings, few animals and few plants. Substances like fire and ice remain separate. They do not mix together into water or gas. The braid of orange, yellow and blue form the alchemical color of khaki green. As the braid links in to the dimension, see the 3 colors morph into this khaki green. This shade of green has a very Celtic/Druid feel to its energy.

~ After you have linked into the 30th plane from the base chakra, do the same at the spleen, solar plexus and so forth, all the way through the black ray chakra. Each time see the 3 rays mix into the alchemical color of khaki green.

~ When you have all the link-ups in place, focus your attention on the 30th dimension. Experience through all of your intuitive faculties anything you can glean about this plane.

~ When you are ready, bring your chalice into the 30th level, and place within it your entrenched thinking pattern. Allow it to be deconstructed as to its components; what is its history in your life and perhaps its connection to your genetic line which may have passed it on to you? Was it laid down by negative or traumatic circumstances earlier in your life, and reinforced along the way by different events?

~ As you ask yourself these questions, begin to see how you can shift the pattern into a productive, mindful thought process that serves your highest good now.

~ Remove the thought pattern from your chalice, and dissipate it in the “plane of ideas”.

~ Replace the new thought pattern within your chalice and allow it to be assimilated.

~ When you are finished, bring your consciousness back to the 3rd plane, and disconnect all of your braids.

~ Re-ground. Balance and clear if you need to.

©2000-2002 revised Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved.