Connecting with Venus

The following is a technique that we recently did in one of the Transfigurational Matrix Healing classes. I wrote this just before Venus went into a retrograde motion last March and April, indicating a good time to work with this planet. Astrologically, when Venus is retrograde (appearing to move backward in its orbit), it means that we will be re-visiting the past. Perhaps, we have unfinished business in the area of relationships--something with which  Venus is concerned. Even when Venus is direct, as it currently is as this is placed on the website, it can still be a productive experience.

Allow this technique to clear, heal and balance you wherever in your body, emotions, mind or soul you have that which you no longer need, that which no longer defines who you are becoming.

New addition for the Venus Transit of 2004:

Keep in mind the Goddess energies to realign within you. Also, download a greater capacity for the expression of unconditional love with your relationships. 
~ Ground and protect yourself. Balance your chakras.

~ Ask for the Crystalizing Clear flame to clean your body and aura field. As you know the crystalizing clear flame will present a mirror of truth to you in which you may truly see yourself.

~ Chakra link to the planet Venus by sending out a braid of silver, gold and rose. Begin at the base chakra and link through the black chakra. The planet Venus is connected to the ether element, which has to do with the spiritual body.

~ By your intent, visualize Venus pulling from your being any misalignments and debris (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) which hinders our anchoring of personal, magnetic love. See it getting also into your cellular structure.

~ When completed with the above step, this will leave many voids within you. Fill yourself up with all of the rainbow rays. Bring them in from Source, and flood your being with them.

~ When done, re-ground.


At south shore of Lake Ontario (I was just there in April 2004)
Look at the little Venus as it goes across the sun. June 2004

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