The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Well, we are getting ready to "put to bed" the year 2004. What I have been hearing is " Good! I am ready to let go of 2004. Next year is surely going to be a better year". And I would agree, for the most part, about 2004 being a difficult year in a lot of ways. Personally, it was a year of loss of two beings much beloved by me, projects planned that didn't "go", and a few other things. As years go, not one of my most enjoyable!

And yet, I feel that I still made ground spiritually, professionally, and emotionally. So, as years go, one of the best!

The paradox is: it was the best of years, and the worst of years!

So often, two opposites dwell side by side. The challenges ride shotgun on the back of our sprinting towards an imaginary finish line. While that burden seems heavy, with our eyes on the worthwhile goals we have set, we are sure to succeed when we keep trying. One of my strengths is to not give up easily; it comes from my sheer stubborness to not throw in the towel, unless it no longer fits into my game plan, or embraces the divine flow.

I learned early on to use that inner strength of mine to hang in there, and it has eventually gifted me with certain achievements worth every bit their difficult attainment. For much of my earlier life it was a matter of survival to "climb those mountains".

One of the hardest things for me to get anchored in this life was to incorporate divine flow. Sometimes, you need to know when it is time to surrender a goal or a way of thinking because it no longer fits into the divine order of your consciously creating life. It is knowing when to give in to the flow instead of trying to make something work. Maybe it isn't in the highest good to be for you, or the timing is off. Now there are people who go too far in this other direction and are "flowing along" with no real will power involved in their lives. They are swept along without putting forth any real effort into creating their lifetime goals.

Creating our own reality means to see our possibilities and to pick the opportunities which afford the most light, the highest growth, and the greatest good. As Oprah states, "Don't live in the circumstances of your life…live in the possibilities."

Pay attention to your dreams as you select what is behind door number three. The only difference in this "real" Game of Life, is that you can see a little ahead what are your possible choices, rather than guess what is behind each door. Then you can make an intelligent choice based on your life goals, intuition and logic working together as "balanced brain", heart's desire and highest good.

Remember, too, that difficulties or challenges, when viewed within the context of the Whole, are opportunities to grow, perfect, re-start or change what we have been doing.

In a dualistic Universe, there is order or ease, and chaos or disorder. Dancing lightly between the extremes and holding onto as much as you can the Zen place of a sense of peace, unconditional love, integrity, bliss and service to others will help you to live in the divine flow, and not be overly affected by the best of times and the worst of times!

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