Teleportations and Synchronicities

In 1998, I took a two-hour car ride with my friends, Joy and Amber from San Jose through San Francisco to Santa Rosa, California, where we were attending a spiritual event. We chatted about a number of topics throughout the trip over to San Francisco. One of the subjects that stands out to this day turned out to be one of the most synchronistic events I have ever experienced.

I talked about my former boss, Al, from the company I'd left in June 1990 when I went "full time" with my healing work. I had inherited money from the unexpected deaths of my parents the previous year. I figured if I didn't quit the corporate field then, I might miss my opportunity. The extra money would tide me over if I didn't earn enough from the healing work.

I got along great with Al. He was strict with his evaluations, but fair and generous. He was a great manager and people person. After leaving, I had only been back once the first year after I left to say "hi" to him and a few of the staff I had been friendly with. It had been years since I had seen or talked about him.

When we reached the Golden Gate Bridge, I remember saying something about us soon crossing the bridge, as we came upon a sign for the toll booth (which was the 'no bridge fee' direction). I was looking forward to the experience. Although I have lived in the Bay Area for approximately 25 years, I can count on less than two hands the amount of times I have had the privilege of crossing over this man-made wonder and the beauty of the San Francisco expanse from this vantage point.

After the talk/meditation at the center, which had been very powerful and enjoyable, we went to get something to eat. About half-way through eating, it hit me hard, like a major revelation that I had no recollection of crossing the Golden Gate bridge. I turned to my friends and said, "How come we didn't cross the Golden Gate bridge?" They looked perplexed. They said we must have, although none of us has any memory of going across the bridge! Joy said to me today, as I write this, that her first memory after the toll booth announcement was the first tunnel we go through upon getting off of the bridge. It, oddly enough, has a rainbow painted on it! For those who know the San Francisco area, you know there is only one way to get from San Francisco to the Marin side. That way is the Golden Gate Bridge. No exceptions, unless you are in a boat on .the water and cross over. I chalked it up to another teleportation experience. So many were happening to me in those years.

On the way back, Amber asked to be dropped off at her father's house in Oakland. So, naturally, we decided to take the Richmond/San Rafael bridge back. After dropping Amber off, there were a few delays as we got a bit lost finding the freeway entrance from that location.

Once we got on Interstate 880 from Oakland to San Jose, it was probably about midnight. There was still a fair amount of traffic, which is not untypical for the bay area. I was fading fast, and found myself nodding off in between chatting with Joy. Around the Fremont area, I suddenly perked up, and glanced over to the lane to our right. Just up ahead, was a car with Al's personalized license plate (with his unusual last name on it) The car was a different one than the one he had when I knew him, but the plates were the same. I told Joy, "That's my former boss' car! Let's pull up closer." As we drew side-by-side, there was no mistaking Al's distinct profile, and his blonde wife next to him! This lasted about less than a minute as the next turnoff they exited the freeway. By the way, they lived in Fremont.

Now, if I was from a small town, this would not be an unusual occurrence to see someone from the past. What sets this experience apart is:

~ There are approximately one million people in the greater San Jose area. Fremont is a bedroom community north of San Jose with a fairly large population of its own. You just don't run into people unless it involves synchronicity. Especially on a weeknight at midnight on a freeway.

~ I had just talked about him a few hours before, which was highly unusual.

~ We took a different route home and just happened to be a minute or so side-by-side on the same freeway before he exited. We feel that the delay in Oakland was a setup to put us there at the right time.

~ In the seven years since then, I have never seen him again. Nor had I seen him in the eight years before that night.

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