Teleportation on Freeway 280

One afternoon rush hour on my way back from work several years ago, I was traveling on Freeway 280 in the downtown San Jose, California area. I was singing along to a cassette tape playing Maureen McGovern’s “Can You Read My Mind?” which was used on the Superman soundtrack. It’s a 3 ½ minute song. As I sang along with Maureen, I was thinking of St. Germain (since he does fit the Superman image, and reads minds, too!) I glanced at the clock and it was 4:42pm. I planned to go to my bank on Montague, an exit off of Freeway 680. 280 turns into 680 after the Freeway 101 interchange.
About halfway through the song, I remember blinking, feeling a moment’s disorientation, and seeing Highway 237 as I passed by it. My first thought was “when did they put another entrance to Highway 237 in?” My second thought was “don’t be silly, there is no 237 where 101 should be!” My next thought was “this really is 237 and I just passed my turnoff two exits back”. I glanced down at the clock and it was still 4:42pm, and the song was still playing.  I got off at the next exit, Jacklin Road, then back on freeway 680.   I was approximately 7 miles farther down the road then where I had been a few seconds earlier!

I have ruled out the theory of missing time because there was no time missed. Even if the clock had stopped (which it hadn’t), the song on the tape was still playing. It had not been rewound by me, or stopped and started again.

What I realized happened was a classic teleportation--car and all. No easy feat I would think, as it was a crowded freeway. I can’t imagine what synchronized timing it must have taken to make sure that my car and I didn’t land on another car! Or what drivers near me on both ends of the equation must have wondered about their sanity if suddenly the car in front of them isn’t there, or when a vehicle suddenly materializes in front of you.

One could hope for them that they were sufficiently blunted by the work days’ events that they didn’t notice a thing!

I have had a number of other teleportations, but they were always multi-dimensional in nature; in other words, between dimensions, rather than on the earth plane itself. It had happened before, but was not common like the interdimensional movement of my physical form. I feel this one happened because I was in a sufficiently uplifted state of being. While spontaneous, it appeared to be a higher-self induced experience.

The process of teleportation involves the act of moving physical matter from one place to another, often through “solid” matter. (But, as quantum physics tells us, there is no such thing as solid matter) It is the instantaneous movement of the entire physical body from one space to another. It is not an out-of-body experience.

There are numerous documented cases of teleportation, many spontaneous in nature.  Unplanned teleportations may involve the electromagnetic ley lines which crisscross the earth which might distort the time/space continuum, allowing for the physical body to suddenly shift in density. One’s body then behaves like sub-atomic particles that can be instantaneously somewhere else; something that has been modestly demonstrated in our laboratories.

Conscious teleportation was mastered by some well-known adepts such as the Comte de St. Germain of 18th century Europe, Padre Pio of 20th century Italy, and Babaji (multiple centuries) of the Himalayas, and many lesser known persons. What distinguishes them from the spontaneous teleporters is their master-level spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual devotion is always their first priority and the bodily shifts occur as a natural by-product. There is a conscious command over the experience that comes to them as they master teleportation, and their planned destination is consciously induced.

These enlightenment beings prove to us that the psi arts are not only possible but probable. These gifts are emerging quite naturally in the New Age of quantum awareness and spiritual growth.

The practice of teleportation helps one to understand the fluidity of matter, stretching our boundaries of limited experience to one of unlimited perspective. This will contribute to increasing our wisdom and connection to the One.

©2001 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved. From an untitled manuscript in progress.