Experiences with Buddha and Quan Yin

Several years ago, shortly after arriving in my “then” new home, I held a Matrix class. It was a beautiful bay area spring day. A small group of students and I sat out back in my “jungle” within a little clearing. I led them through an intensive energy technique of meditation.

At one point, something compelled me to open my eyes. My student, Mark L., sat directly across from me.

However, I didn’t see Mark, I saw the Buddha!

I blinked again, and saw that Mark was still there. But the Buddha had been completely seated in him. I was impressed!

It made sense that Buddha would connect with Mark this way, as he was very Eastern oriented to Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. He regularly practiced and taught kundalini yoga, which he had learned from his master teacher.

I filed that experience away, not really thinking much about it until later.

Just a few months later in the middle of summer, I was teaching another Matrix class. We were doing table work outside. One table was set up on the grass near the right side fence under a huge conifer tree, later known to us as “Michael”, a name he gave us probably due to the protective qualities that he supplied for the rest of the yard--similar to Archangel Michael.

I got on the table--a rather rare event as I preferred to oversee and be available to the class as a whole, rather that be “out of commission” by being on the table. This time, however, it was a very small class with just my most advanced healers present--self-starters who didn’t really need me there once I had given them the technique! In fact, sometimes I would feel like a piece of the furniture! But my feeling is that I teach the teachers, so it is best if they don’t need me to be there every moment.

I felt the need this day to get on the table. I wanted to try out a linking technique to the Andromeda star system. I did the exercise Source had given me, and went into a deep state of meditation. As I placed my consciousness in that realm of space, I began to feel the energies of Quan Yin. She appeared to completely merge into me.

Harriet and Nadine came over to me and began to scan my auric field. Harriet was amazed because she could not determine any layers to my auric field anymore. It was all one field. I particularly paid attention to that observation as I knew her specialized skill in determining auric layers, a skill she honed by years of mastery of Chi Gong training.

Not too long after that, I had a psychic reading with a woman named Bea who came to one of my Basic Color healing classes in San Francisco. She had never met me before the class or had been to my house. She told me that the Buddha was wishing a statue of himself in my backyard. He also wanted water near him. She drew a pretty good likeness of the yard and pointed to where he wanted the statue to go. It was approximately 3-4 feet behind the spot where I had seen him appear in Mark. I realized then fully that Mark had been anchoring the energies of Buddha into the new location! The statue would be a reminder and become a sacred spot where one could visit. Concurrently, I realized that somehow I had anchored the Quan Yin energies also into the yard.

So I went out and started looking for Buddha statues. I headed for East West Bookshop in Mountain View where there were many to choose from. I found a beautiful one in a green glaze ceramic. Next, I decided it should go into a pool or fountain of water. But where to find the appropriate one? This proved harder to find. After a few stores, I found myself not too far from the office passing near a Pottery Mart. In all the years I had lived in the area (about 19 at that point) I had never been to this store. I went in and scoured the place, but couldn’t find anything appropriate. An inner voice said to go out into the very back of the yard area. And there it was. A pinkish lotus shaped shell, the largest leftover piece from a 3-tiered fountain. And the price was very reasonable.

It was so heavy it took 3 men to lift it. But it holds water, candles, water lilies and the Buddha perfectly!

Next, I kept getting the feeling that Quan Yin also wanted her statue in the yard. I told her it would have to wait as I had just spent my budget on the Buddha statue and pond.

The very next day, an unexpected tithe arrived in the mail. More than enough for a statue! Having no doubt that the time was NOW, I began looking for one that felt right. I was drawn to a nursery not particularly close by. And there it was! Only one statue there. The owner said she had just bought it 2 weeks before, and only wanted one piece since she didn’t know if it would sell.

The Quan Yin statue was placed 3-4 feet behind where I had laid on the table, in a flower bed area next to the fence.

For as long as I was at that home, they oversaw the energies for numerous classes that passed through the backyard.

I won’t even go into the experiences with fairies and leprechauns we experienced in that backyard. That’s a story for another day!

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