Color Energy Therapy: A Newly Emerging, Ancient Healing Modality

It is possible, as healers, to tap into interdimensional realms of consciousness. We call the source of this collective consciousness by many names: God, Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit, or the Creator to name a few. As metaphysicians, or spiritually focused seekers, we see that the universe is not necessarily composed in a linear format, with everything in a neat little row of past, present, and future.

The color therapist sees the universe as a hologram; as a multi-faceted gem. The color energy healer views the person he/she is working with in a "wholistic", holographic way.

The color therapist utilizing light energy, which emanates from this Source, is reflective of the full color spectrum. Color is frequency of light. Each color hue and shade vibrate on a specific frequency. Certain rays of color, or "laser light energy", can be used not only for enlightenment, attunement, and communication with intelligences beyond our five senses, but also for healing the body, mind, and the emotions. Color therapy can align the spiritual essence of a being. Its multi-level source of emanation makes it one of the most powerful methods of healing. It does not strictly rely on physical methods of therapy.

On Earth’s physical plane, color is known for its healing (or lack of healing) propensities. Color in the environment has a subtle but definite effect upon the well-being of a person. There have been studies using specific colors in hospitals. Mint green was shown to be effective in operating rooms, facilitating more rapid post-operative healing. Light blue in the conference rooms allowed for greater communication in meetings. Rose pink in the psychiatric areas calmed down hyper, irrational patients.

The color of clothes you wear can also affect how you feel in your day to day life. Color in this planet on which we live (commonly known as the "3rd dimension") is considered pigmented color, not radiant color. There is a difference.

Color on the inner planes, also known as "Rays of the Rainbow", or the rays that radiate from the "etheric Rainbow Temples", are not as we know it on this physical plane. The etheric rainbow temples are non-physical in origin, wherein the spiritual intent or idea of the Source is set in place. These temples, in turn, give the blueprint for physical creation to manifest. There are multiple magnitudes of color emanations that we are not even aware of on Earth.

Our physical eyes cannot see this radiant color. However, our inner psychic sight is capable of perceiving this luminous brilliance. These etheric rays of light, properly channeled, provide an intense healing experience. The energies of a person are uplifted and harmonized, and clarity is restored.

Much of its benefit and the degree of healing attained depends, of course, on how receptive or open the person is to the light. However, the client need not be a believer in order to gain a healing. Another consideration is how much past negative karma and thinking he/she is willing to release. The primary healer is always the individual needing therapy but a healing channel can be a facilitator or "jump-starter" (a term I am fond of using) for the client's own healing energies to awaken.

One does not, however, have to be in a state of extreme imbalance to benefit from color healing. No application of light is ever wasted. The more one is infused with light, the closer one is to the realization that he/she and the cosmic Light are one and the same.

The color therapist brings forth color for the purpose of sending it out to those in need of it. It is felt throughout the body as a wave of energy--a sensation of heat (either electrical or magnetic) as it travels through and out the hands, and often through the heart and solar plexus centers. As this is happening, it can be seen intuitively, or sensed subtly.

©1995 Emerald Star Publishing. From the book: Healing With The Rainbow Rays by Alijandra.  Duplication requires permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.