Reality Shifting on the Day out of Time

Sunday, July 25, 2004 was an interesting day for more than one reason. First, it was the "Day out of Time" in the Mayan calendar, being the 365th day of the Thirteen Moon calendar year. This means that it was an extra day outside of the 52 weeks of the thirteen moons, and has no day of the week or month.

So it was considered a day of true freedom; a day to experience multi-dimensionality. Apparently, it has been celebrated in certain circles for over ten years. But this year many people considered it particularly auspicious due to the fact that  day following, "Blue Crystal Storm" (the Mayan name for this day), July 26, 2004, is the official beginning of the great time shift known as the Road to 2012.

It is on this day, the Blue Crystal Storm, that I am writing this. But I want to talk about reality shifting on July 25.

First off, I had trouble staying grounded most of the day. Then I began to accomplish some computer work.

My printer, which hadn't worked all week, began to work again, flawlessly. I still have no idea why it acted up in the first place.

I had bought a new black ink printer cartridge, as I was very low on black ink. However, I hadn't installed it yet. I was doing some new business cards and was working off of my color cartridge, which had about 2/3 of its ink still. As, I printed out the first batch, not only was I surprised that the printer actually worked, but the black ink level showed a completely filled black ink cartridge!

I checked it again today--just in case!  It is still a completely filled ink cartridge.

My son came by after his work yesterday and asked me if there was anything "strange" going on. The reason was his automobile gas gauge kept fluctuating wildly (has never happened before), his work dispatch radio would absolutely not recharge, and he had more than the normal amount of defective equipment that couldn't be installed.

Needless to say, I am thrilled about the full ink cartridge and plan to return the new one. For those who own printers, you know how expensive they are. It's nice to get a "free" one!