Magical Journey with the Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales

I just completed my second trip to Australia this year, 2003.  I love going there, not only for the great people and the teaching, but for the awesome places to visit.

I stayed again with Dee and Alister (her patient husband), and this time with her fun brother, Dougie from the UK. I want to publicly thank them again for their wonderful hospitality; they may not feel this way, but I always feel like I am family, not a visitor.

This time, Dee and I (and Lyn Anderson for part of the trip) visited Frasier Island, a boat trip off of Hervey Bay. While we weren't overly impressed with the tour on Frasier, we marveled at the varied scenery on one little island--everything from rainforest, to lagoon, to normal brush foliage you'd see anywhere, to long stretches of beach, and a shipwrecked skeleton of a Japanese ship from the 1950s still on the shore.

The day before, Dee, Lyn and I met at the Whale Song boat (with about 35-40 people on board) for a chartered trip out on the water to see the whales. I am still kicking myself for leaving the camera in the car. But we really had no idea that we would ever see what we did.  I thought it would be a general whale sighting some distance from the ship, and to hang out on the water with two good friends. It turned out to be so much more than that!

The day was gorgeous; sunny and mild temps. The Australian water looks a lot like being in Hawaii--very azure and/or turquoise in some areas.

Almost immediately we were visited by bottlenose dolphins ushering in the humpback whales! Oodles of dolphins and some babies, and the whales of different ages. It was as though they were waiting for us to get there! According to the brochure we were only supposed to see humpback whales as it wasn't dolphin sighting time for another couple of months. Tell that to the dolphins!

Swimming up to the boat, along side of it, under the boat...we were the cetaceans playground! Look at the humans! Aren't they fun, waving and calling to us!

For an entire 4-5 hours they hung out around us. I could tell that the crew wasn't used to this many cetaceans for that long...they were as excited as we were.

At one point, Lyn and I were looking into the water and we could see six, white crystalline ethereal forms of what appeared to be dolphins. They were spirit dolphins who were solid enough to be seen with regular eyes. They communicated that their work involved being guardians to one of the earth's vortices. They provided a stabilizing of our beings, and helped in igniting our roles now to a wider field of people.

On our way back to the mainland, we were blessed with a complete, incredibly bright double rainbow. Rarely have I seen the main rainbow as bright as this. It lasted about 1/2 hour even though there was no rain--just a kind of mist. I have learned in the past trips I have taken where we have visited vortex spots and done clearing, healing and balancing work, that we are generally rewarded with the double rainbow. I have seen them in Sedona, the Yucatan, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii Main Island, and the UK. It has always meant a gift from the guides for a "job well done".

All in all, a most perfect day!

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