Traveling in Black Holes

I don’t even remember when the idea occurred to me exactly. It teased at the edge of my consciousness for a short time before it became an “of course”! 

I was working on the Healing with the Rainbow Rays book, getting it ready for publication. Approximately a year before, in 1994, I had thought it complete. At that time it was being run through several edits. Each person who edited brought a specific expertise to the table. Some were editing for content, others for grammar and sentence structure; some for both. 

But I began to get a whole new batch of material. My romantic relationship at the time began channeling after we got together. Through the years, a number of people began channeling--usually spontaneously--when I was present with them. I began to realize that I was a trigger, not only for people to clear and heal themselves, but to also become channels. 

So, it happened with this particular man. I could run a lot of my thoughts and questions by him while he was either in the trance state, or conscious channeling state, as he did both methods. Ideas had always come to me; now I had a fairly quick method of talking them out with a guide, and helping to make sense of some strange concepts and information. 

The idea of connecting with black holes seemed absolutely normal to me. When I ran it by my channeling partner, the guides expressed concern. They were in the 4th dimensional frequency, which is still a physical dimension, and had lost a number of their spaceships and personnel in black holes.

A black hole is a collapsed star in which light can escape from its enormous gravitational field. There is much speculation that black holes may be gateways to alternative universes, mirror or parallel universes, and openings to rips in the fabric of time. 

Black holes, like any great cosmic force, can be frightening for the novice to contemplate, let alone to actively utilize as a tool for transformation. The fear of being decimated by these great hungry giants is not unreasonable if you are speaking of a strictly physical connection. Yes, physically they would grab you and compact you down to probably a few sub-atomic particles before they spew what’s left of you out (usually through a white hole) into another time/space continuum. Not something we would necessarily like to  experience! 

I responded that I knew that going physically into a black hole was a “no-no” but had they considered connecting with one metaphysically

The response was still underwhelming. I decided to go into one myself. My guide, Adassan, decided to accompany me into a black hole. I placed myself in a meditative state, and felt us both approach a nearby black hole. We proceeded to enter it, and everything was smooth. I could hear the amusement in Adassan’s voice as he said, “Whom do you see in there?” 

I couldn’t “see” who it was, but I found myself saying with certainty. “Saint Germain”.  

Up to this point, I had had no conscious contact with this being. Yes, I had heard of him once in awhile, but he was one I had never channeled or had channeled for me. 

Later, I was to realize that this was planned. I was not to have contact with him until the time was right.  

The time was right--it was a dramatic meeting in the black hole! But, how did he get in there before Adassan and I did? I felt like he beat us to the punch! Then I realized that he probably knew about the benefits of using black holes in one’s healing work or personal growth before I figured it out. I have come to feel that maybe he was the one who gave me the idea initially. But I don’t know for sure. 

From that point on, St. Germain became my primary teacher. He allowed me to come to teleportation, bilocation and other classes on the other levels--usually in my sleep periods. He was instrumental in helping me catalog the other dimensions beyond the original 13. We visited parallel earth, time traveled, and had fun in hyperspace. 

I scrambled to include a lot of the new information into the “Rainbow Rays” book prior to publication. 

In the later Transfigurational Matrix Healing classes--which currently houses all of the new data I’m receiving--we have used the black holes extensively in healing. They vacuum off energies we no longer want or need. 

Now, I understand that metaphysical visits to black holes on the lighter physical dimensions are a norm! 

Technique for Working with Black Holes 

What we have discovered is that in a metaphysical, or non-physical journey, or as a psychic or healing connection black holes are very safe as well as potent. 

Black holes suck and transmute negative energies. They help you to burst through energy blockages. They amplify your healing abilities in general. 

Recently, astronomers in Australia have found that the black holes they have photographed from their telescopes are often appearing as pink light! They are not sure why yet. 

The following technique will link you to black holes for a powerful experience. You may work alone or with a healing partner: 

~ Send a grounding cord from your tailbone into the earth. Make especially sure it is firmly anchored. You will need to stay as grounded in the technique as possible. 

~ Protect by placing the Teflon® shield around you. (The outermost layer composed of white, the middle layer of clear, and the inside layer of black.) Then, like a Teflon® pan, nothing sticks!

~ Connect each chakra by sending a braid to the earth, one to the sun and a braid to the moon for stabilization. Use the color of that chakra and add gold and silver for the yin-yang balance. [This will give you a three-fold braid.] You send this color combination from the chakra to the earth, another one to the sun, and a third one to the moon. 

Now, ask the Source to place a golden dome of protection around each chakra point. All that will be allowed in or out will be what you determine; i.e. the black hole energy and the various braids. 

From each chakra from base to black, send a chakra braid (composed of that chakra’s color plus silver and gold) to the middle of a black hole. [A good one to select is the one in the constellation of Virgo. However, there are millions of black holes in our Milky Way galaxy alone. Any one will do]. Let the braid be sucked into the hole enough to firmly hold it in place. 

Allow the black hole to exert a sucking pressure on the chakras with the intent to pull out all negative, diseased, unproductive, or no longer needed energies of any kind into the hole for transmutation. It will act like a super-duper vacuum cleaner. 

When you have completed a chakra point, place the infinity symbol within it, and bring in the rays from the Source, or some other dimensional level that feels appropriate at this time. 

Release all braids. Re-ground.

©2001-2003 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved. From an untitled manuscript in progress.