A Deeper Look at the Chakras

Base Chakra

The base chakra's energy is grounded in raw power. When the 1st chakra is "open" you feel abundant, in good health, and connected with your body. Qualities commonly connected with the first chakra are willpower, determination to succeed, leadership, and independence. Traditionally, it has been viewed as a strong masculine energy, linking to the Father principle. However, without the feminine principle working within you at this level, your personality can be bombastic, overbearing, and self-important. Many corporate leaders, past and present, have been "stuck" in this kind of energy.

An imbalance of base chakra energy can create a tendency to see things in terms of "black or white" with an overwhelming desire to acquire material possessions. The overriding feminine quality at the base chakra is vanity. One appreciates superficial beauty (ignoring inner beauty) while being centered on self and focused on acceptance by others.

Spleen Chakra

This chakra is predominantly feminine. When the 2nd chakra is aligned one feels connected to other people, but balances it with time alone. The predominant qualities of the spleen chakra are creativity and confident self-expression. The principle soul quality related to this chakra is intention. Its masculine aspect is one that makes people fall in love. Adaptability and flexibility are also associated with this chakra when the masculine and feminine energies are in balance, implying the ability to take on new challenges. This chakra is related to procreation, bringing forth new life; the counterpoint at this level would be the fear of death. The spleen chakra's negative aspects include killing creativity via fear, anger, jealousy, as well as, the suppression of self-expression.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The primary spiritual expression at this level is free will. Although love-centeredness comes from the heart chakra, the spark comes from the solar plexus. This gives you the strength to sustain through the "thick or thin" of crises. One feminine aspect of the third chakra is the ability to hold the energy; many women do this in the context of the family dynamic. Negative aspects include blind rage and destructive anger. Emotions can be contradictory, raw and animal-like on one hand while serene and poetic on the other. The 3rd chakra is feeling-based, offering usable personal power and emotional control. Negative aspects of the solar plexus chakra can sometimes be seen in women, many of whom remain immature, "shut down", and relatively undeveloped. On the positive side, blind rage can be used to protect one's country, as demonstrated by Winston Churchill. A mother can also constructively channel the same emotion towards caring for her child, like the mother lion who protects her cubs.

Heart Chakra

The 4th chakra is one of balance and harmony, composed of the highly spiritual qualities of compassion and love. When this chakra is open, and the masculine and feminine are balanced, one feels safe, is able to trust, take risks, love, and feel loved. This chakra's primary feminine quality is courage.


Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is open, you are able speak your truth with clarity, and express your true feelings with love. The 5th chakra is the center of divine love. The masculine and feminine spiritual energies are merged and balanced here, combining power with knowledge and understanding. At the throat lies the center of wisdom and the power of voice. When the masculine and feminine are balanced here, your speech reflects the perfect balance that is possible. There is a fear of death associated with this center, yet, the overriding polarities expressed are love versus fear, and courage versus cowardice.

Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra opens your psychic and intuitive abilities. One can also receive physical and spiritual understanding at the third eye. Mental flexibility acts as a stabilizing force. The third eye is known for its sense of power and acquisition, as a place of knowledge and understanding.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the Spirit center; this definition goes beyond divine wisdom. The crown chakra allows you to connect with the Godhead at the 14th dimension, allowing the Light of the Source to come into your energy field. This chakra is also your connection to your Higher Self, as well as to other dimensions. The crown chakra is a source of imagination and inspiration.

Silver Chakra

Below the feet is the 8th chakra tying you to Mother Earth. It is the feminine balancing energy to the masculine gold ray. It's the transformational energy that you find in nature, a basic kinesthetic knowledge, a doorway to parallel dimensions. The silver chakra amplifies the alchemical nature of the gold ray. At this chakra lies the possibility for one to shapeshift.  

Gold Chakra

Above the crown is the 9th chakra. It is the masculine balancing energy for the feminine silver ray. You need the gold chakra to sustain power whenever you move into other dimensions. It amplifies the alchemical nature of the silver ray. The gold ray's power is self-intuitive.

White Chakra

This chakra is located in the palm of the dominant hand; it is the 10th chakra, one that offers a layer of invisible protection. One can liken this protective armor to a selective Teflon shield, one that will deflect evil or negative energy. The white ray is a "power center" for healing. This ray allows you to transform and transmute; it can be effectively utilized after the black ray has already broken through an energy block. In addition, the white ray allows you to move into other dimensions quickly and easily. 

Clear Chakra

This is the 11th chakra; it is located in the palm of the non-dominant hand. The essence of the clear chakra is truth and clarity. You could liken it to a mirror where you can clearly see yourself with all of your blemishes and shortcomings. With this chakra point's clear ray one can merge and collapse all of the universes. At this chakra, there is a sense of acuity and mental clarity that can be amped up by a factor of 10x10x10. This ray's signature is wholeness, completion, and perfection.

Black Chakra
The black chakra is the 12th chakra (or 13th if you count two aspects at the heart chakra). It is located approximately 6" below the feet, surrounding the outer layer of the aura like an envelope. It is the energy of the Tao, from which everything springs, like a fountain of water. The feminine aspect of the black chakra is the movement in, and the masculine aspect is the movement out. This ray is extremely powerful when used for psychic surgery; it allows you to get to the core of a problem quickly and easily. The black ray also embodies the universal androgynous element, or "neutral space." Buddha is an excellent historical example of the black ray energy.

©1995  Emerald Star Publishing. From the book: Healing With The Rainbow Rays by Alijandra.  Duplication requires permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.