How to Anchor Your Higher Self Into Your Physical Body

On one of my walks through nature recently, I addressed a question to my own higher self. I asked her what encourages a higher self to connect in to the physical body in a more complete and permanent manner. The reply was quick and very simple: make your body a home that is inviting, that encourages the higher self to want to spend more time within it. The "body" meaning here includes all four: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves.
The following is a checklist for determining if you are addressing each "body" on a daily basis. Did you…
Balance your chakras today?
Ground yourself more than once?
Were you "in the present" or dwelling on the future or past?
Protect your energies from debilitating or negative energies?
Clear frequently, especially after intense people contact?
Say everything you need to?
Express love or fear?
Connect with nature?
Eat balanced meals?
Drink sufficient water?
Have your buttons pushed?
Get enough sleep?
Expand your mind?
Get a chance for a "rest break"?
Clear your mind, or let it run in circles?
Feel God’s presence, or at least talk to the Great One?
Feel your individual soul self?
Create movement for yourself in terms of expansion, or growth?
Spent some time in "being" rather than "doing"?
Dream your dreams?
Dwell in negtivity or hopelessness?

You may find one or more of these areas were neglected or that you let yourself be pattern-driven. Do not be discouraged; it is an on-going process of knowledge of self and subsequent refinement. Remember the alchemical process. That is what you are continually going through. The main thing is to keep your journey conscious, light-filled, and truthful.

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