Aligning with Your Future Self

The purpose of this technique is to see where you are potentially going. That will be determined by what you have become presently and how you are unfolding as a being. Remember that the future is one of many possibilities or potentials--some weaker, some stronger to manifest. You determine it by the course of your life now.

~ Place a grounding cord into the earth. Do this from your first chakra, or your tailbone. Send either red, orange, yellow or black from you into the core of the earth, anchoring it firmly to a large crystal or boulder.

~ Protect by asking for the archangels of the 4 corners to anchor a protective pyramid around you. They are Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, and Raphael (as the fifth and at the top, instead of a corner.) This sacred pyramid will screen out all energies not compatible with your own highest energies.

~ Balance your chakras. Start at the base and go through each of them, one at a time, turning them 13 times to the left, then 13 times to the right. (For chakra colors and positions, check out The Twelve Major Chakras link.)

~ Settle yourself into a meditative state. Deep breathing for a few minutes will also help. 

~ Determine what is the age of your future self you would like to converse with.

~ See yourself walking along a garden path, taking your time and enjoying the nature scenery. Eventually you will arrive at a pond. Have a seat there.

~ When you feel ready, allow your future self of x amount of years from now to approach you and stand in front of you. Remember you are that future self’s past self. 

~ Send a rainbow color infinity link from each chakra of you now to the one in the future’s corresponding chakras. See Balancing with the Double Infinity Symbol for how to do this. (Also, see below technique for an illustration of a double infinity.)

~ Ask the energies you are able to assimilate to come through the links.

~ Ask for any advice or pertinent information to receive.

~ What are the differences in your two selves?

~ What are the similarities?

~ Expect some degree of clearing from this experience. The good part is that the future self can give you much hope, relief, happiness or ease about the future. If you are headed down the wrong way, you can change it now before it gets manifested.

~ Be sure to ground and clear after it is done.