Clearing the Trauma Energies of the World Trade Towers

We wondered why the room seemed so “crowded” with non-physical beings with only just the three of us there!

I had set the energies of the room by calling on Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Ariel and Raphael to place us in a sacred and protective space. I invited our guides and teachers of the Light, and those beings of the Light who wished to observe, help or participate in our session. While we always had quite a few “show up”, this time the number seemed extraordinarily high.

That should have been our first indication that something unusual or out of the ordinary was going to take place that day.

We began an exercise I had recently channeled. This is a very effective clearing technique that neatly fuses one of the alchemical flames of Source with Taoist “dissolving”. In this case, we used the Moonstone Flame. It gives a different, more multi-dimensional kind of clearing and transformation than using the 13 flames in the process of dissolving which I had done many times before with effective results.

This moonstone flame is composed of the clear, white and gold flames. This amazing flame helps one to experience the energy that facilitates Christ consciousness, ascension, unconditional love, wholeness and union.

Just like the alchemical rays, these alchemical flames permanently combine into a compound, virtually unable to be separated back out into individual flames again. This is different than a blended ray or flame energy that forms a mixture, but can be separated back into its component parts if desired.

As to the dissolving process, I will give a Reader’s Digest version of what this means. You would visualize your body turning from “solid” into liquid, then into gas and rising up and evaporating. You go through yourself from top to bottom. You literally “erase” yourself! You can imagine how clean you become after this. Well, coupled with an alchemical flame, the experience is totally transforming.

What we did was to visualize the alchemical moonstone flame flaming in a 360° shaped disk appearing over the top of our auric fields, coming down through our bodies and electromagnetic fields, specifically encompassing our red “bodies” or layers. As it traveled it cleared, cleaned, balanced and transformed the layer. It also showed us where there were challenges or debris within this layer that inhibited or restricted us from experiencing the energies of ascension, unconditional love, Christ consciousness, wholeness and union.  We allowed it to travel past the silver and black etheric chakras located below our feet, and into our other bodies below the feet, also doing the same. This other body is the “shadow body”; in other words, the body that is your duplicate that lies beneath your feet upside down. We went next to the orange layer or “body”, and did the same. Eventually we completed all 13 bodies. But part way through the technique, something unusual occurred.

While we were dissolving the "rose body" (which is linked to the rose heart chakra) I saw myself seated in an airplane, crashing into one of the World Trade towers. I kept seeing it over and over, always seated on the plane going into the building, not inside the tower looking out. I realized that I had lodged these trauma energies into my heart center in the rose layer that embodies compassion and unconditional love. Somehow, I “took on” the healing of this event into myself to help discharge and clear the trauma. It also explained why I had been experiencing on-going mild heart flutterings since the event--an unserious congenital condition that occasionally occurred during moments of certain initiations, or spiritual states.

I told Harriet and Sharon what was happening. As I merged into the twin towers, Sharon held the outer energy field, something she does quite well! Harriet, master Taoist that she is, led the dissolve of Ground Zero. This process took close to 2 hours. After we completed this process, my heart palpitations ceased.

What struck me about this was that I realized that the towers had souls! Like trees, they had soul essences. I guess I had never thought before of buildings having souls. Rocks and stones, of course, but buildings? It was quite enlightening to really see this.

We realized that I needed to “go into” the towers to enter their energy fields in a very direct way. We trust that our efforts helped to perhaps send more trapped souls on their way into the Light.

I have always felt that there are no accidents. I do believe that the beings who died or were injured that day in all three locations of the terrorist attacks, volunteered at their higher self level to go through this, knowing that their participation would help to dislodge our apathy, resistance, negative patterns and help us to truly open our hearts. Their wish was to help us unite not only as Americans, but as citizens of the world.  As Oprah says, it is hallowed ground.

We are grateful to our non-physical friends for their assistance that day. Oddly enough, this experience took place on the Fall Equinox on Sept. 22, 2001 at the 4:00 pm hour PST. Our plan to do an equinox meditation was preempted by more important matters!

©2001 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra.