Finding Your Peace Within

Some thoughts come this mid February 2003 day:

The headlines scream daily about the US buildup towards war with Iraq, alternating with the warnings of another terrorist attack coming soon. The anti-war marches here and around the world get their day as they are held, but with much less fanfare in the news. People from other countries ask me what is wrong with our president. Some New Age writers have been as blistering in their attacks towards this so-called inevitable war, as the “other side” is in defending the need to take down Saddam. 

Is it just me or does the stocking up on duct tape and plastic wrap, water and food remind you of the panic before the anti-climatic Y2K just three short years ago?

And is it just me, or does the recent, sudden escalation of “probable” terrorist attack coverage in the media correspond with the desperate need our current administration has to make us understand the war with Iraq is the only solution? In other words, beef up the reports of imminent potential incidents to get people “terror-fied” which will get them to agree to almost anything to stop them from happening.

One of the things we need to be made aware of is that when we polarize within ourselves into “good” and “bad” we stay locked into duality consciousness. How we handle our shadow energy is a good example of this.

Our highest thoughts and emotions are, of course, termed "good".  And our “bad” feelings and thoughts are what in the old days we called “evil”, now commonly called the shadow. There are two ways in which we have tried to deal with our shadow self--neither of which pulls us out of our basic imbalance. We can subjugate the shadow by strictly holding it hostage in a tight place--until it inevitably escapes, as it always does sooner or later. Or we can let it run amok, running the show. As a reminder of how one reconciles his or her opposites is to acknowledge the shadow, express it in an appropriate setting, bring as much healing to it as possible, then bring it into balance with the lighter side, but with second billing. Then continue to move your consciousness into Oneness and your I Am Presence.

Why this talk of the shadow and polarizing ourselves into good and bad judgments? Because what we have going on inside us is what we have happening outside ourselves, and vice versa. Can’t we all see yet how we so create this world reality?

On a happier note, I am heartened by the amazing global response to impending war. Never have I seen such an outpouring of support for peaceful solutions to the problems. How much more have we truly evolved in recent years than we could have ever imagined! However, I have taken care to be mindful of how it is expressed. I fully support peaceful demonstrations, group prayer and meditation circles. But only if they don’t polarize into “us” and “them”. Let me explain further.

I was recently in McAllen, Texas during the James Twyman-headed Great Experiment. For the few who have been on another planet recently and missed the emails, this was a massive effort globally organized to send as James stated healing light to dissolve the hatred and suspicion that could lead to war. Some will think it naive and simplistic, but we believe that our loving actions are what will heal the world, and that our prayers of peace are the most powerful force in the Universe. This is the Spiritual Art of Peacemaking.” Our group purposely made sure we didn’t polarize into classic “anti-war” sentiment, knowing that that would solve nothing, just make things more resistant. At the designated time, our Texan class held a visualization of us holding unconditional love and oneness as we allowed the energy to go wherever in the world there were the energies of hatred and suspicion that could lead to war. We literally did a dissolve similar to others we have done in the past that I have written about in past articles. As many of you have heard, the preliminary reports coming out of this effort have been truly amazing. Huge dips in the Middle East violence followed this day.

I have come to feel that the highest course to take on this subject is to avoid the inner resistance to war, or to peace if that is your viewpoint, which polarizes yourself and keeps you playing on the earth “holodeck”. Always remember that this whole thing is an illusion, and play your part correctly at the highest level you are able to embody.

Remember that true peace is within you and comes from your realization of your connection to the All That Is and to each other. There is no separation, and only love and compassion are real.

When one has a “one earth” viewpoint, you wish this love and peace for all inhabitants. When you take down the nationalistic viewpoint and substitute it with a global outlook, you begin to transcend your tunnel vision. It can no longer be “us” or “them”. Never having been particularly nationalistic myself, global viewpoint has always seemed more natural to me. I think international traveling also can open you up to other cultures and viewpoints you might never have considered.

Root for your home football team to win, or for you to win at Monopoly.  But when it comes to peace on earth, route for all of us to win!

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