Connecting to Mars

According to astrology, Mars is one of the first planets to consider when speaking of our emotional and physical health. Mars is a reactive planet and is associated with war (blood), and fighting. Anger and the inability to express one’s willpower creates many problems. Letting other people know right from the start what it is that you want, being spontaneous, clear, and direct in your relationships is the healthy Mars. When in touch with the energy of Mars, we will be shown the early stages of disease, and be in touch with where toxic energies dwell to eliminate them.

The following technique will help us identify and eliminate those aspects of ourselves that cannot be clear and direct; discover where we hold toxins (particularly note the bloodstream); locate anger and the inability to express one’s willpower in an empowered, non-controlling way; recognizing healthy desire, and foster emotional and physical well-being:

~ Ground and protect yourself. Balance your chakras.

~ Use the Cosmic Translucent Blue flame to clean your body and aura field. As you know the cosmic translucent blue flame will help open one up to creativity and communication, linking one to the angelic kingdom, and to the sacred OM vibration.

~ Chakra link to the planet Mars by sending out a braid of silver, gold and translucent blue.  Begin at the base chakra and link through the black chakra.

~ The planet Mars is also connected to the air element, which has to do with the mental body.

~ By your intent, visualize Mars pulling from your being any misalignments and debris (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) which hinders our anchoring of the ability to express our willpower in an empowered, non-controlling way, our ability to recognize healthy desire, or to foster emotional and physical wellbeing. Use Mars to eliminate toxins in all the bodies.  See it getting also into your cellular structure.

~ When completed with the above step, this will leave many voids within you. Fill yourself up with all of the rainbow rays. Bring them in from Source, and flood your being with them.

~ When done, re-ground.