Cleansing and Balancing From the Womb

This technique was given to me by Source during a recent Intermediate Color Healing class. It was received enthusiastically by the participants.

~ Ground and protect yourself. Balance your chakras by turning them 13 times in each direction. See my book Healing with the Rainbow Rays or The 12 Major Chakras for descriptions and locations of the 13 chakras.

~ Ask for the Transcendent Black flame to encompass your entire auric field and every cell inside your body. See it move in a counter-clockwise spiral continuously. This direction honors the divine feminine energy.

~ The black energy of Source is one of the three within the created Womb. It come forth as the core original representation of the Tao, the Void of the unmanifested creation. The Tao exists when creation doesn’t, which is part of the cycle of all things. It (holding all color rays within it) exists when the exhaling breath of creation shows us the manifested universes, and when the Source’s inhaling breath draws creation back into Itself, the Tao is still present. The black flame is its representation in the manifested creation, and yet, simultaneously retains itself in the unmanifested creational Void. Using this flame effects the most radical changes, moving the most entrenched energies (often of stagnation), and to transform the most undesired manifestations. It helps one to expand into other realities, to recreate. It strips away all illusions, clearing away fear of change and the unwillingness to look at your shadow self. This flame is obviously not for the fainthearted, or the undecided. For in accepting this flame, one must accept the disturbing of our most cherished illusions, deceptions and delusions. It’s use can be similiar to the transitional state of death. In the alchemical process it is the final stage of coagulatio or recombination which is a compressed, purified, refined essence. It is the first step to changing the blueprint of Spiritual Intent at the causal level.

~ Now, see the Opalescent White flame surround your auric field and all the cells of your body in a clockwise rotation. The direction honors the divine masculine energy.

~ The white energy of Source, it is one of the 3 original rays from the Tao, it is the reflection of Source outward, and the vessel for all the color rays. It proclaims the Lighted glory of the One as it protects and proclaims its sovereignty to all creation. It is like the sunlight of the Source, as the black flame is the nightime or dark night of the Source. It blows away negativity like so much dandelion fluff, and it stands guard over our essences like silent sentries, daring the unholy energies of separation to just try to hurt us. As we use this flame, we find the need to purity our essences, such as in the alchemical process of sublimatio, which transforms a condensed substance into one that’s less dense. The white flame helps us to see truth and beauty which is in ourselves, connecting us with our guidence, and lightening our four bodies. It helps us to clear issues of truth, and separation from Source.

~ Project the Crystalizing Clear flame through the top of your head and laser it down your spine and into the ground in an on-going stream. It will not go one direction only--it is the balance point. Allow it to center you.

~ As you know, the crystalizing clear flame will present a mirror of truth to you in which you may truly see yourself. It also is the Clear Light of the Source and has the balance of light and dark. It is one of the 3 original rays from the Tao--it is the mirror. It is the messenger. The clear flows simultaneously out as it flows in, containing all rays within it. The clear flame is the reflection of Self at all levels, and it shows us our twin soul essence who dreams as we are awake, and who is awake as we dream. It allows us to see ourselves, to adore ourselves, to love ourselves in the other, while really what is happening is the adoration of our own God self. It is represented in our creation as the crystalline form of expression. As you use this flame you will begin to see things clearly and truthfully, rather than through "a glass darkly". It is the intermediary when the message needs to be delivered from the Source to the receiver, and when it is necessary to see the dreamer and the dream simultaneously at an esoteric level, and where one is unawake at the 3rd dimensional level. In the alchemical process, we can liken it to the distillation or separation process, wherein there is a breaking down of useless attitudes and negative patterns, leaving us with a more purified image of self. Use this flame now to clear issues of control.

~ Allow the flames to clear, balance and realign you with your core essence, your God-self. Do this as long as you feel it working, or are reasonably comfortable in tolerating the shifting effects.

~ Know that this may give you some clearing over the next several days, as things will come up for you in the releasing of the shadow.

~ Dissipate the flames, thanking the Source Womb, and re-ground.

©2001 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved.