Connecting Your Chakras to the Earth, the Moon and the Sun

Greetings in the Love and Light of the Source! I wish to give you a great technique to link you consciously to our Earth and the two main celestial bodies essential to its functioning. This connecting will expand your awareness, facilitate self-empowerment and a deep alignment with our Creator.
Ground yourself and ask for divine protection.
Turn all your 13 chakras 13 times in each direction, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. This balances the male and female aspects of you.

Starting at the base chakra, send a braid of light composed of red, silver and gold to the center of the Earth. Anchor firmly. With each subsequent chakra send the color of that chakra with the silver and gold, also into the Earth.

Leave the braids in place.
Now, using the same method, send new braids from all 13 chakras to the Moon. This will connect you cosmically with the silver feminine energy of Creation. Keep the braids also in place.
Next, send another set of braids to the Sun. This will connect you cosmically with the masculine energy of Creation.

Feel the incredible power associated with these connections. Allow the unconditional Love and radiant Light to surround your auric field and permeate all parts of you.
You may consciously unlink, or allow a gradual disconnection.

©1995 Emerald Star Publishing. From the book: Healing With The Rainbow Rays by Alijandra.  Duplication requires permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.