Love is the Glue

Many years ago, I was in a psychic/spiritual development class where the instructor asked us to write down the words "tell me something I don't know about love" and then to "channel" or allow a flow of consciousness to come up with an answer.

The first thing that popped into my mind was "love is the glue that holds the whole universe together." I knew that this wasn't from my own brain as it wasn't something I had ever consciously thought about nor was it in words I would have used. Some other things came through but nothing as profound as that simple statement.

Many times over the years since then have I wondered about this thing called love. Wondered about it in all of its forms:  familial, romantic, sexual, fraternal, conditional and unconditional. Wondered how it could be there one day and literally gone the next. Wondered how it seemed unconditional but ended up having conditions. Wondered about why the earth had so much anger, pain and sorrow if love was the glue that supposedly held everything together. Wondered if the best we could hope for was a short-term dose of it, leaving us hungering for more and mourning its loss. Wondered why family affection felt so different than romantic love. Wondered how people could profess undying love for you one day, and walk away the next day, "forgetting" they even voiced that feeling to you. Wondered how the majority of us could walk around, living our lives, devoid of real, "honest-to-God love", but eager and willing to accept what scraps of something that looked a bit like love we could grab in hunger. [Similar to deciding "junk food" was better than nutritious sustenance--it does keep you from starving to death, but not from eventually hurting your health.] Wondered how some people could really love others and yet accept little or no love for themselves.

Having felt unconditional love on occasion from the time I was little, I knew the difference to some degree between love with conditions and pure love. I just noticed that those around me, and including me, didn't really know how to express love without limits as well as love with limits. I would say, "Well, no one is perfect", and accept what they had to offer. I would generally match what love frequency they were at to keep it "even". It invariably fell apart and so did the relationship, whether romantic or friendship in nature.

As I grew and learned, I began to see that real love has to start from within us. Through all the love and loss I experienced (not just romantic) it finally came down to "Am I in touch with the Love energy that pervades every bit of creation?" I much preferred unconditional love, pure love to the other. I had finally decided on the nutritional variety of love!

It started more as an intuition of its Truth, and then became a reality as I experienced its validity.

Love was and is alive and well, dwelling hidden or seen in every molecule of creation.

Last year, I was put to the test with the loss of a few friends who were also students. Through all of the false and negative things that filtered back to me, I was and am still concerned about their growth, and still feel much love for each of them. I accept our mutual choice to separate, for we have free will and are exercising that right. I could be resentful and hurt by their collective behavior, and I had a moment or two initially with feeling those emotions of betrayal. But they passed mercifully quickly as I got in touch with the real love I felt and feel for them--which will be there always. They may not know they are loved by me and that is alright. I know that I love them, and that is enough. I feel the soul connections with them, and see this current earth experience as an aberration in the long flow of our history together.

We can choose to immerse ourselves in love's radiance or disassociate through our free will. It doesn't force itself on us, but nevertheless, is a profound force that is willing to "be" and let us discover its "not too well hidden" place on the earth and in the cosmos. What keeps us from immersing our essences in this unconditional love is our sense of unworthiness, guilt, pain, hate, and victim hood. These opposites to love cannot dwell in the same spaces. Move out the old baggage and leave room for love to flourish!

Ways to Connect to the Love of Source:

1. Understand first and foremost that the Source is all-Love and created all of creation with Its powerful glue of Love that literally holds it all together. It sometimes takes awhile for beings to get to this realization. With all of our religions, it isn't necessarily taught about this aspect of the All That Is. A fear-based God is a very prominent belief structure throughout the world, which makes most people afraid of any direct contact.  With those who do subscribe to the All-loving Godhead, there may still linger awe and some fear of being worthy to receive this Love from Source, which will further distance them from connecting directly. Many feel it can only come through a Guru, or priest or other intermediary of God. Well, guess what? This God-love is available to everyone and everything. You don't have to be perfect! Put aside the doubts!

2.  Know that you have every right to be in touch with the Love energy. That will mean having to let go of victim hood and feeling inferior, and being willing to acknowledge your divinity. Not necessarily an easy task, especially if you are just beginning. At least, PRETEND, in the beginning--even if you can't fully believe it. Pretending will eventually become real to you.

3.  Practice daily meditation, which is a magnet to drawing it into you. Yes, I know you've heard of this point of meditation many times before. But that doesn't mean anything other than--it works! Find a compatible method for yourself. We, in Healing with the Rainbow Rays, can offer some to help if you haven't found one which speaks to you.

4.  Cleanse yourself of the old baggage to make room for love. There are many, many techniques in the Transfigurational Matrix healing work that address the various shadow energies and undesirable habits to clear. If the Matrix work isn't your cup of tea, there are other methods out there. Allow yourself to question what has been working for you and what no longer does. Then do what works, and stop doing what doesn't. Keeping a journal works well to track oneself along the way. It gives you a point of focus, as well.

5.  Ask for Source Love to flow into every part of your essence and be prepared for a download. As you daily work on clearing yourself of unwanted baggage, you leave room in your cells for other energies. Why not make them Love energies? With a receptive heart, and being willing to ask for it, brings forth the divine love vibrations. Bring them inside yourself and let every cell be permeated with that Essence. Just be open to it and don't resist.

  1. Give that love back out to everything. This is important. Don't be greedy and hoard it. Then it would soon be gone. It is meant to be shared with the rest of Creation. You will find that you naturally want to share it with others, as your cup will runneth over! If you didn't you would dam up the flow and create resistance, anyway. Like water, allow it to flow through you without trying to own it or claim it as yours alone. It will flow out to others and leave you plenty to feel satisfied.
I will leave you with this experience of mine of many years ago, which had a tremendous impact on me. I was in a little afternoon class on journeying into the Akashic Records to find out who I had been in previous lives. For those who haven’t heard of the Records, they are a complete book of your physically incarnated history.

As the instructor led us through the process, I felt the power of the visualization/meditation very strongly. As I reached my individual book (which was quite ancient and thick), and opened it up, I was greeted with a surprising result--quite different than what I had expected.

Instead of finding any specific lives, I was instead completely overwhelmed by a most incredible feeling of Divine Power and Love. I realized the extent of Who I Was by the feeling of connection to the God/Goddess All That Is. From then on, I knew how strong a soul I was and am, and that it is inseparable from the Cosmic Ocean of Oneness.

On that day, past lives was a moot point. Later on, I was to work with them extensively, and had many remembrances of them in the dream state and in meditation. That is important work. It's just that day I was to have a different experience to propel me quicker to realized states of consciousness. It gave me encouragement along my path.

I tended to have, until this profound experience, feelings of unworthiness and inferiority. I did not "know" viscerally--just intellectually-- that I was Source as All Is One. Of course, one experience does not always completely seat in oneself, I had many years of clearing work to do. But it gave me hope and insight into what I could be "all the time."

© 2004  Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra