Transforming Blockage

Source has just gifted us with a most wonderful way of dealing with our blocks! While many of the previous techniques have worked very well, this particular process has us approaching these "distortions of frequency" in an opposite manner.

In the past, we have moved from the outside in to bulldoze through the blockages. This is still effective. However, we are now going to try another method.

~ We will be starting at the heart of the blockage, moving outward from it.

~ Ground, protect, and balance the chakras.

~ Bring forth the crystallizing clear flame and move it through your body, clearing and cleansing and providing a mirror, letting the "distortions of frequency" light up to show you where they are located.

~ Once you have located the various spots, start with a relatively "easy" blockage first.

~ Surround the outer edge of the blockage with a vortex of violet energy. This will transmute what comes off of the blocked area.

~ Penetrate into the center or "heart" of the blockage by pulling your focus to a laser-like pinpoint of attention. As you intuitively find its core, settle into the center of it.

~ Consciously direct a stream of ultraviolet light to join you in the center of this mass.

~ Begin to spiral the ultraviolet light in a counter-clockwise direction, gradually seeing it move the blocked energy apart from its entrenched position. This counter-clockwise direction is one which the ancients saw as unlocking the shadow aspects of oneself.

~ As the stuff is sloughed off, it will be consumed by the vortex of violet energy surrounding the block.

~ Ask Source to download a clockwise spiral of rainbow energy into the newly created void where the block had been. We always fill voids with positive energy.

~ Continue through each block this way. Those that are too difficult to do alone will be done with a partner.

~ As always, clear and ground upon completion.

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