Working with Ganesha

The elephant god of India, he is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He gives one wealth, wisdom, and advocates successful enterprises. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and calls one to their spiritual power. When he came unexpectedly to me in meditation awhile back, I took this as a sign he wanted us to work with him.

~ Ground to the earth, clear, and protect yourself.

~ Use the Transcendent Black flame to clear.

~ Send a braid from each chakra (starting with the base) of that chakra’s color plus silver and gold for female/male balance, to IC 2944, an emission nebula with Bok globules in Centauras. It is an unusually featureless, well-spread out emission nebula approximately 370 light years away, although astronomers are not really certain if that distance is accurate. A nebula is composed of clouds of gas (mostly hydrogen) and dust (mostly carbon and silicon). An emission nebula is one of five main types. It shines brightly by fluorescence due to irradiation from nearby hot stars. Let the energies download into you.

~ Ask Ganesha to come to you. When he does appear to you, send another braid from each chakra into his subtle nose chakra through the tip of his trunk.

~ Have him check you out at each chakra level, base to black. When debris comes up at each chakra, feel him pull it into him through his trunk. Go through each chakra this way. Do your other body’s chakras, as well.

~ Merge with him. See where the constricted areas in the body are and you may work with a partner to facilitate an even deeper healing process.

~ Thank him when you are complete. Re-ground.

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