Connecting with Quan Yin

Quan Yin is the female Buddha. Her energies were recently anchored in our healing/teaching space, and it has made all the difference. She is the bodhisattva, and a divine feminine expression of the Source. Compassion, mercy and unconditional love are her keynotes. To blend with her is to begin to embody these wonderful qualities in yourself.

There are at least two ways to merge with her energies. You may just call on her to come to you and blend her energy with yours. Of course, only a very small percentage of her overall vibration will be able to merge, as it is too overwhelming for most physical bodies to handle more than a small amount of her cosmic frequencies. There is much stepping down of vibration with this first method, but it may be the best one if you haven’t done this kind of high frequency linking before. But what you will get will still be most valuable.

The second method is to go to her at the galactic level. You will send a multiple chakra braid to the Andromedan galaxy which will amplify your frequencies and pull her to you in such a way that I believe it may be a stronger galactic connection. The following are the steps to link you with this galactic connection:

~ Send a grounding cord into the earth.

~ The first step is to create an energy field which is pure, compacted, and strong. This is called combining chakras, which have all the rays, universes and planets in one space, constituting an extension of Creation or Infinity Itself. At this level, whatever you wish will manifest. To do this, balance your chakras. We will do them 44 times, not necessarily for the dimensional connection of the 44th (although, this will certainly enhance the process tremendously), but for the 44 light years to reach this constellation. Picture each turn of the chakras as one light year.

~ Now, you will move all of your major 13 chakras to one point, usually the base, crown or heart chakra. Select which one appeals to you the most. This is also called collapsing the chakras.

~ In this second method, you will send chakra braids from each of your chakras from base to black through the Andromedan constellation in our galaxy. This is the constellation, not the galaxy. Recently, scientists discovered at an observatory near my home, a new solar system in the Andromedan constellation. This solar system consists of three very large planets circling their sun called Upsilon Andromedae, considered one of the brightest stars in our night sky. This star is approximately 44 light years away in the Andromedan constellation.

~ Send a 13 ray braid to the Andromedan constellation sun and a braid to each of the three very large planets in this system. (There may be more planets not discovered yet.) This braid is sent out from the center wherein you have combined all of the other chakras. Allow your intent to take you there; do not be mentally concerned about the precise location.

~ Allow a few minutes in which to experience the energies. You may choose to only go this far with the exercise. Or if you desire, we can add some more linkups which involve the subtle chakras.

~ Bring all of the subtle chakras that you are aware of to another collapse point than the major chakras. A good place would be the bridge of the nose, as it is easier to "see" here.

~ Again, send out a 13 ray braid to the heavenly bodies in the Andromedan constellation from this combined subtle chakra point. See how this shifts your perceptions.

~ After you are completely chakra linked, allow yourself to accustom yourself to the quite different energies compared to our earth. After a few minutes, begin to look around for an interdimensional doorway, or a wormhole with the intent that it leads directly into the Andromedan galaxy itself. Make sure this intent is clear so you don’t end up in another location of the cosmos--which is easy to do. There are an enormous amount of interdimensional portals scattered throughout our universe. Just as it is easy to turn down the wrong street in a new city (kind of like our microcosmos), so it is to make a directional error in the macrocosmos. While it may be entertaining, we do want to keep you on track for this technique!

~ Now, allow your intent to take you into the Andromedan galaxy. (Andromeda is our galaxy’s next door neighbor. 2.5 million light years from our solar system, it is a spiral galaxy with approximately ½ trillion stars. It is migrating toward our Milky Way galaxy.) You will feel a shift--a further expansion of your being. Ask for Quan Yin to grace you with her presence if it is in divine harmony and will. If it feels appropriate, ask her to blend her energies with your own. See how much of her you can merge into your physical self. Stay conscious of your 3rd dimensional self. The more you can bring this cosmic experience into yourself, the more you ground it in and make it real for you here.

~ When you are complete, thank Quan Yin for the blessings. Begin to release all of the braids, and check your grounding cord. Re-ground if needed.

Andromeda Galaxy. Quan Yin is connected strongly with the Andromeda galaxy.

A bodhisattva is a self-realized being who has pledged to remain on the earth to serve until all beings have been freed from the cycle of death and rebirth. Quan Yin has become a universal being, enormous in spiritual magnitude.
While embodying the divine feminine principle, she is not limited to gender. She has committed parts of herself to stay incarnated as the bodhisattva.

This technique is an example of one of many new extraordinary processes that are a part of the new Transfigurational Matrix Healing classes. A year in the teaching, there have now been 30 rotations taught, and many more to follow. If you feel ready for this material, give us a call or e-mail us.

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