Chakra Links to a Lunar Eclipse

There are usually a few lunar eclipses a year, according to the calendar. However, as with the solar eclipse, they may not be seen in your viewing area very well. You can still do a link-up at these times, however.  

What are the metaphysical reasons behind the lunar eclipse?

The purpose of linking your chakras to a lunar eclipse is to connect deeply with any shadow or unseen energies which not only lodge within the chakra system, but throughout all of your bodies: cellular, physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There is a special emphasis on the feminine energies during these celestial events. What is the state of your feminine energy at this time? Is it in balance with the rest of you? Does it have free expression? Is it clamped down or dominated by male energy—be it your own and/or the male energy as it is expressed in your personal universe?

~ Just prior to the expected event, balance all of your chakras using whichever number of rotations you wish. Just keep it the same for each chakra. See Major Chakras article for instructions on where the chakras are located, and to balance, turn each of them 13 times to the left and then 13 times to the right, starting at the base chakra and ending at the black ray chakra.

~ Run silver energy from Mother Earth up your feet chakras along the outside channels or meridians of your legs, continuing up the sides of your body, passing through the armpits and along the inner length of your arms and out your palm chakras. This particular channel opens up the kundalini flow in your body, with an emphasis on male/female alignment. Continue the stream of silver energy, feeling the female energy being anchored within you.

~ Next bring forth the gold ray from Creation through the same kundalini channels as the silver. Allow it to run for a time until you feel balanced in the male energy.

~ Starting at the base, use the red color of the chakra and braid in gold and silver. Send one braid of these colors to the sun, and another braid of the same combination to the moon.

~ Proceed to the spleen chakra. Use orange, silver and gold to braid to the moon and one braid of these colors to the moon. Go through each chakra this way.

~ Ask for your higher self to seat within you.

~ Next, ask for all aspects of you at all dimensional levels and all parallel realities to merge as much as it is comfortable.

~ Then request your oversoul to overlight or merge with you.

~ Next, ask your monadic self to overlight or merge with you.

~ Call your galactic self to overlight or align with you.

~ As the lunar eclipse moves into alignment, feel the braids to the two celestial bodies combine into one space.

~ Bring the eclipse into your body by overlaying the phenomenon over your essence. Feel also the Great Central Sun as shining through the lunar eclipse, exponentially increasing the intensity of the experience.

~ When the eclipse is complete, dissolve all braids and release the higher level alignments and merges. Ground and clear.
Know that you will undoubtedly clear much debris following this experience. Be prepared for much processing, particularly in the arena of male and female issues.

©1999, revised 2002 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved.