Living in the Present Moment

When we think of the term, present, we probably come up with the words--"now", "at this moment", "today", or "current". This may conjure up different feelings about the concept. Perhaps pleasant feelings, or even uneasy ones. We may hear our parents or teachers warning us to not live for the present, but to be thinking about our futures. It is as though it is not enough to "be here now", as Ram Dass popularized. Their warnings of being prepared for whatever the future may bring often have created a fear in us of being unprepared to meet that future. Or perhaps the present is one of difficulty for us, so it is not really where we wish to be residing. Perhaps the past of pleasant memories and experiences, or the hope of a future of wonderful adventures is more appealing to us now than our current time.
There is a Being who does live completely in the Eternal Now, and that is the Source. This Source has many names: God, Goddess, All That Is, Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit, and Creator to name only a few. It is the state of existence wherein there is no time, no space, no separation, no judgment--only Consciousness, and Unconditional Love, Light, Balance and Oneness. The Source is the state of being we all yearn to return to, whether we are presently consciously aware of this or not. The Source, of course, penetrates all of Its Creation, but specifically has a inner-dimensional assignment as the 13th plane.
I am a great believer in consciously merging Spirit and matter, in bringing Source energy into our daily lives and anchoring It in as much as we are able to do--"in the present". Too long have we seen Spirit as being separate from us as "out there", or "above us" in a heavenly place. It has always been within us--in fact, It has always been us.
We were originally not just a part of the Source, but Source Itself. That is what is so hard for us to accept, as we think we are so unworthy to be thought of as God, Goddess, All That Is, expressing Itself in created form. But it is not ego, but Truth, for there is nothing that is not Source. The All That Is wished to experience Itself, so movement occurred and creation was formed. We beings went out from this pure state of oneness into the unknown, experiencing many adventures! In duality, or the separated state, the illusions of pain, parting, death, fear are only that--illusions in this great experiment.
The majority of the inhabitants of this earth currently do not live completely in a state of timelessness, or eternal nowness. If we shift our own perspective to this state of awareness, how will this apply to us in our daily lives? How can we begin to live in the present moment in this body residing on planet Earth without being out of step with the majority of people?
When we live in the present moment fully with all parts of us (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) being "here and now", this naturally clears and grounds us, and aligns all of our bodies.
We become more accessible to others as we begin to access ourselves. Because we honor who we are, we are able to then honor others for who they are, whether or not we particularly resonate with them. We still accept them as being a part of us. Being present honors our presence, as well as the presence of others.
What our Creator has done is provide us with many wonderful "presents" to use as tools in many different ways; one of these gifts is the "rays of the rainbow" which originates from Source and is reflective of the full color spectrum. Color is frequency of light. Each color hue and shade vibrates on a specific frequency. Certain rays of color can be used not only for enlightenment, attunement, and communication with intelligences beyond our five senses, but also for healing the body, mind, emotions, and aligning them with our spirit. Our physical eyes would not see these colors, but our inner psychic sight is capable of perceiving this luminous brilliance. These etheric rays of light, may be channeled for an intense healing experience. In an ideal world, or if we strive for this through the alchemical process--we would have a perfect balance of all the colors in our auras, and within our chakra system. Using the rays or the flames for our healing can begin to bring the perfect balance of all the colors to our electromagnetic fields. The state of our chakra/aura system has a direct impact on our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health. It influences absolutely.
There are two ways to work with the color. One is through the color rays--whose home is at the 12th dimensional level, with each color ray having a guardian essence. The color flames are emanations at the 13th dimensional level (Source) which have a powerful co-Creator essence within each one. They are a bit quicker to alchemically transform than the 12th plane rays, and may be used when we feel ready for a more intense metamorphosis.
We will be using a particular flame to bring us into the present moment.
The goldish yellow color keeps us in the present moment. Because it is the solar plexus color, which is in the center of our body, it best represents the present. The center of our body (navel) is the midway point in the body, and between earth and spirit.             
As a flame, the transubstantiational yellow flame changes one substance into another; it transmutes. In theology, "transubstantiation" means to change the substance of the eucharistic bread and wine into the true presence of Jesus Christ. This flame represents the powerful energy of the Central Sun. The one known as the Christ (or Son) when he walked the planet showed the greatest of courage, the deepest of self-love and love for others and the purest of the power principle in the most testing of times. It is the courage, love and empowerment of our third chakras. We use this flame when we need to understand our own power. The yellow flame helps us to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the created world. This flame provides warmth and physical validation. We use it to clear issues of disempowerment, abuse of power, self-hatred, resentment of others, and separation.
We use the transubstantiational yellow flame (with a touch of the alchemical gold flame in it—which provides extra movement) to clear and bring us into the present moment. We obviously do not use an actual physical flame (for that would be quite physically lethal!) We imagine or visualize the specific flame. We just state our intent of bringing forth the yellow flame, which then must manifest our desire. Intent is our soul making a statement or choice. Picture the flame moving through our beings, cleansing every cell and aligning us in the present moment.
The following is a checklist to help us on a daily basis to monitor our present moment consciousness.

Ways to tell if you are in the present moment

  1. Chakra examination. This is an intensive procedure wherein you take one chakra at a time, going through it meticulously. You would be looking for emotional and mental patterns, memories stored within. See what patterns and memories pull you out of present time.
  1. Sense examination (sight, hearing, feeling, touching, smelling, tasting). Tune into each sense fully. Are you in touch with each? Some people are numb to various sensations. If you are in touch, do they continually drag you back into your past experiences, or make you move forward into some anticipated future event?
  1. Examine the next thought you have. Is it related to the present, past or future? Journal your experiences.
  1. Are you fully in touch with your present physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being? Being in a negative or positive space is beside the point. Being in touch with each bodies’ state is being in the present moment.
  1. Use the transfigurational yellow flame to cleanse you and facilitate the above 4 processes.
Remember, there is little that is mastered in doing it once or twice. It takes much diligence and clean-up work to bring you into present moment more than a few "moments in time."

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