Balancing the Chakras with the Double Tetrahedron

A tetrahedron is a 4-sided figure (polygon) composed of three triangular sides and a triangular base. It is similar to a pyramid but has one less side. A double tetrahedron is a figure where two tetrahedrons join at their bases, with one pointing upward, and the other pointing downward.

The sacredness of the tetrahedron geometry in our spiritually progressive work is this:

According to Gregg Braden, ("Awakening to Zero Point"), the tetrahedron is "one of the most fundamental patterns that energy uses to align itself into crystalline, 'solid' matter". He states that common quartz (silica) makes up over 90% of Earth's composition, and that tetrahedral patterns bonding together form quartz. "The physical aspects of the human form are composed primarily of carbon compounds, the elements of carbon and oxygen account for over 99% of the body, in the bonding form of the tetrahedron." It is my speculation, and I am not alone in this, that we humans are gradually turning our energy bodies, (and perhaps it will be physically as well), into crystalline forms. This symbol has appeared often in the crop circles, a powerful message collectively understood.

Double Tetrahedron Technique

~ Place your base chakra within a double tetrahedron. Spin the double tetrahedron as rapidly as you can without losing count. Turn the geometric symbol with the chakra in it 22 times to the left and 22 times to the right, and repeat again.

~ As you rapidly spin each chakra, imagine old debris being flung away from the chakra and transmuting into light. You are speeding up the frequency of your chakras as you spin them in the double tetrahedron.

~ Go through each chakra and do the same.


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