The Gold and Silver Rays

The gold ray is used for balancing masculine energy in a person, because gold embodies the masculine aspect of the Source. When infused in the body, this ray adds additional masculine energy that brings the recipient back into balance.

The silver ray is used for balancing feminine energy in a person, because silver embodies the feminine aspect of the Source. When infused in the body, this ray adds additional feminine energy that brings the recipient back into balance. Males and females should have 50% gold and 50% silver in their auras. One can achieve this balance by wearing gold jewelry if gold is needed, and silver jewelry if silver is needed. Also, there are specific techniques for bringing the gold and silver rays into the body.

I have learned the hard way about wearing certain metals. Gold energy used to be scarce in my auric field. Unfortunately, I also liked silver jewelry; wearing it often unbalanced my energies.

This is an excellent technique for channeling gold and silver rays into someone else:

~ Stand at the head of your client as he/she lies on his or her back. Place your hands at the crown chakra as you channel the gold ray. The color will travel through the body, down one side and up the other, for at least one revolution. Three revolutions is best, unless it isn't needed. Follow your intuition as to how long the gold energy should be applied.

~ Next, place your hands upon the feet of the person. Send the silver energy up through the feet. Like the gold ray, the silver also will travel up one side of the body and down the other as the gold does. Do the same amount of revolutions as the gold.

~ A variation of this technique is to have one person send gold energy through the crown, while another sends the silver ray through the feet. This is done simultaneously. As the gold is sent down the body, it is met by the silver traveling up the body. The two rays blend together as they balance the masculine/feminine energies in the person.

~ You can also apply this technique to yourself. In your meditations or as you are relaxing, visualize each ray as gold comes through your crown chakra while the silver ray travels up through your feet.

The next exercise involves the innermost parts of you, your guides, and your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the spiritual part of your essence. It links you with your other-dimensional selves and connects you with the Oversoul. Your Higher Self is like a computer terminal; it links the rest of you to the mainframe or Oversoul.


Merging the Gold and Silver Rays

~ Balance the male and female energies by turning the chakras.

~ Bring the gold ray through the crown chakra down to the heart chakra only.

~ Move it at the heart in a clockwise direction.

~ Bring the silver ray through the feet up to the heart chakra. Move it at the heart in a counter-clockwise direction.

~ Feel your heart chakra open and expand.

~ The two rays will begin to merge within your aura as they create a ley line grid of energy.

~ Visualize the masculine aspect of your being.

~ Visualize the feminine aspect of your being.

~ Ask your Higher Self or spiritual guides what gift can be brought to the masculine or feminine aspects to balance the two energies.

~ Thank your Higher Self or guides for the answer.

~ Release the ley lines into the earth for its healing.

~ Bring your heart chakra back to its to normal open position.

~ Balance your chakras again.

~ Ground into the earth.

©1995 Emerald Star Publishing. From the book: "Healing With The Rainbow Rays" by Alijandra.  Duplication requires permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.