A Special Message from Alijandra

Greetings to all of you,

In  light of the recent horrific events in the U.S., I felt it appropriate to respond with some ideas which I hope will provide some guidance or inspiration.

Allow yourself to experience whatever negative emotions come up for you, but make sure that they are not built up, acted on, and/or sent out. It is imperative that we all find that calm, compassionate and loving place within and live what we all have espoused. This is the test of that willingness to act in a different way than allowing our negative feelings to feed the fuel of an already large amount of darkness. It will not help the poor souls who have passed in so violent a manner, and it will only escalate the hatred and negativity already present. We have built up centuries of patterns of discord that in recent times many of us have actively worked to eliminate. We have wanted to create new way of being, expressing love-based not fear-based feelings and actions.

Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. It is to lose our humanity. If we react from a place of hatred and revenge, we become no better than those who have chosen this path. This is when all of our inner strength, what we have developed in terms of our ability to love and operate from our soul selves rather than our ego selves "becomes due and payable". Can we live our truth even at the most difficult of times? I say, "absolutely!"

We can begin by praying, meditating and sending Light and unconditional Love from our compassionate hearts to the recently departed. It can be a very difficult kind of transition to make as it is (1) so unexpected and (2) so filled with terror or pain at the last moments. Having had little or no time to prepare, the souls can get very confused about where they are, and if they do figure it out there are often regrets at things left undone or unsaid, concern for surviving family and friends and many other concerns. A fair amount of these souls may be caught between this 3rd dimension and the non-physical planes.

Spend the next week--at the very least--offering your services to God, the angels, ascended masters and other guides. Believe me, you will be tapped for service by the Universe should you volunteer. Pull the Light through you, ground it and give it to all you meet. Send it to the disembodied souls, and please also send it to our Mother Earth to balance out the accumulated negative energies.

With peace and love, Alijandra.