The Loaves and the Fishes

I did something recently which I found great fun! It was so effortless that I know anyone can do it if they have a relaxed mind, strong belief, trust in the universe, and a sense of fun.

I was completely out of my contact lens saline solution with no other bottles as backup, but it was not convenient for me to go to the store at that time to get more. Plus, I needed solution to cleanse and add  on the lenses to drive there anyway!

I thought to myself "Why not create more", (just like the "fishes and the loaves" scenario where Jesus had only a small portion of fish and bread to feed a very large group. Yet, the limited portion kept duplicating or cloning itself to amply feed the crowd).

I was a bit surprised, but thrilled, when my dry bottle started putting out a couple of drops, then more and more---exactly what I needed to cleanse the lenses and place them in my eyes!

It gave me a good lesson in the power of manifestation, faith, and trust that the universe provides what we need. And I am sure that there is a quantum physics principle in there which I am overlooking!

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