Integrating Your Inner Child

Children generally understand (better than adults) how the healing process works. Unless there has been great trauma, children simply have fewer blocks, more openness to bringing their bodies back to a state of health. Children carry a greater acceptance of multiple realities. They don't question, as adults usually do, that we are capable of multidimensionality, many levels of consciousness. Often, they carry memories of other dimensional experiences.
Jesus said that unless you become as a child, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. This is a very important point.
Today, integrating your inner child is a very popular therapeutic method. People are obviously beginning to realize that they have become fragmented beings by isolating, ignoring, or even abusing the "little child" within them. This fragmentation, whether mild or severe, leads to a myriad of adult dysfunctions, such as, difficulty feeling emotions, including joy or love. Some find it hard to related to children; others carry abandonment and trust issues that are decades old. In severe cases, adults complete an ugly circle that began when they were youngsters; they are abused children who grow up to abuse children.
To fully experience healing, transformation, and illumination, it is imperative that your inner child be aligned within you. This is best facilitated by a trained psychotherapist or specialist in this field. It is not my intention to venture deeply into this subject. However, color healing can help you work on your inner child integration.
Children tend to like very bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow. That is why popular toys come in these colors. These bright colors generate a lot of energy and happiness for little kids.
On the other hand, most adults are drawn to muted pastels, or calming colors such as rose, green and blue. Colors such as red, orange or black may even frighten adults; these colors can be equated with danger, as in the case of red fire engines.
The average adult hides from his or her inner child. One way to connect with the child you were is to discover what color palette you enjoyed as a youngster. See if you can locate some old photographs of yourself wearing certain colors, or artwork you may have produced as a child.
Using paints, crayons and/or your memory, see if you can recreate your old, childhood palette of colors. (It is easier than you think.)
Next, produce your current palette of colors. This should be easier for you. (If you have gotten this far in this color therapy book, you must have some idea of the colors you gravitate toward by now.)
Merge the two patettes physically together, creating a third palette. Allow time for yourself to experience the child's palette, as well as, for your inner child to experience the adult's palette.
Begin to use some of the child's colors. This might mean that you wear some of those colors, or that you surround your environment with decorative items colored with the old palette.
By implementing your "inner child's" palette, many other cellular memories will come to the surface for rediscovery and self-integration.                                          

©1995 Emerald Star Publishing. From the book: Healing With The Rainbow Rays by Alijandra.  Duplication requires permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.